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  1. So I just bought Academagia a few hours ago and so far it's been a lot of fun. The only problem is, it is very overwhelming. I think after watching some of the tutorial videos I have a decent handle on it but I have a few questions that I'm sure everybody here but me knows that I would love to get answers for! First of all, I've been trying to cast the spell Personal Chariot to help me explore as I don't have the explore subskill unlocked, and apparently there is no easy way to unlock any given subskill. This has been extremely frustrating as I want to use the Sphinx but I don't have Wit unlocked to train either so I need to take a sort of roundabout way by finding the courts first and leveling that to unlock wit (or at least that's my plan, please tell me if its a stupid plan). The only problem is I have tried at least 5 or 6 times to cast Personal Chariot and they've all failed. I don't understand as my Incantation parent skill is 6 and my incantation skills are all 6 except for methods which is 7. Furthermore, when I tried to cast the Wand buff spell that according to its text has no rolls required, I even failed that. What am I doing wrong? Secondly, I've been wondering if there is any easy way of unlocking the mastery/gates subskills as all the methods detailed like buying the scrolls (which is super expensive and I can't figure out any good ways to make money) and getting research to 11 (can't because I don't have any research subskills except for library knowledge...) are quite annoying. Finally, on the Academagia wiki, it lists Alice's Tavern as being automatically unlocked with 1 School Survival point that you get automatically. However, while I do have 1 school survival point (in the parent skill) I do not have the ability to eat at Alice's Tavern nor the ability to help out there. Why is this?
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