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  1. i really like the idea for this mod. does it work with the new dlc?
  2. so... i downloaded dlc 16 and thought i had copy pasted it into the right place i started playing and thought "hmmm, maybe all the changes are just at the end..." when i didn't notice anything new turns out i somehow didn't do it right. that's what i get for not reading the instructions i was almost at final exams too... guess i get to start a new game now, lol
  3. Awesome, thanks! Can't wait to start a new game!
  4. yeah me too, i've been holding off for a long time now. it's free though so it's not like we can complain that much
  5. i've always tried to live by the maxim that you get what you put in. if you put in a lot of effort you get back that much from the experience. i think that's why i feel like i learned a lot from my university and tried to go to every class. that being said, the last time i played i skipped a class everyday but one day a week. i agree that it's more about the experience and more about feeling immersed but i always try to finish as many adventures successfully as i can. and, that requires a lot of skill building. can't wait for the new dlc, legate!
  6. I think I would admit my guilt to Polisena Briardi first. I get the feeling that she would be the kind of regent that would make you feel really guilty if she found out you had done something wrong but respect you more if you admitted it instead. Briardi and Orsi are also my favorite professors followed closely by Sido. Briardi because she seems like the most ethical... or honorable. one of those. And, Orsi because he's reasonable and helpful. Sido just becuase his class would be really good. A bit odd but I think Orsi would teach a class centered around going on adventures and expanding horizons sorta thing. Like personal growth type stuff. and... potions... maybe... Prof. Rupprecht? Potions seem like a precise unforgiving process and Rupprecht always gives me detention
  7. That's terrific news! I never used 'shop' before but I'll give it a shot now
  8. i think it's last check, it's a choice between a ring or coin as opposed to success on that last check which gives you either gloves or a cloak.
  9. it's from a game started after the update. i actually started a new game after and the same thing happened with Aveline again. strange. i'll get right on the rapidshare thing!
  10. it's always morvidus or vernin in my games. my durand or godina colleagues always seem to have as little interest in competing as i do.
  11. i'll try pm'ing and rapidsharing the save file to you Legate as soon as i figure out how to do it . it took all of my computing know-how just to apply the update, haha. it doesn't appear to be a clique break-up problem because they're all still there and when i hover over the attribute it only shows the clique additions as being present. maybe her friendship just gives my character a mental breakdown or something
  12. a talking spider would be really interesting. i imagine it being all dapper and existential. probably with a french accent. and, maybe a cigarette. i feel like writing something now where a character is trying to study for a big test while his chain-smoking spider familiar pops in and out spouting quasi-philosophical rants on the futility of taking tests
  13. i hope i'm not repeating what someone else suggested, it's a very long thread, but i would really like to see an expanded "exam" event where there are actual questions to answer or things to do. perhaps it could test your knowledge of the skills you've picked up and the lore associated with them in conjunction with skill roll based on your study score. also, i'm sure it will be much clearer in year two anyways, but it might be helpful if there was more information on how you did on them in relation to where you were supposed to be. maybe like a post exam event with a teacher if they were really happy or dissapointed in your performance. 123 pages, i'm sure it's been suggested before
  14. I've run into a kind of strange occurence on this playthrough, Everytime I befriend Aveline, random base states go missing but the buffer stats remained. I lost two points from charm, a point from fitness, and a point from intelligence I didn't go through the modtools or anything because I have no idea how to do stuff like that so I can't say much more about it than that but it definitely seems odd
  15. I'm glad you guys like it! I imagine if I had a familiar like this my research papers wouldn't be nearly as tedious. I would also have a book reading dog familiar so it would be awesome regardless. I remember the hawk adventure. I never finished it, it was so hard!
  16. Mana Khemia: Alchemist of Al-Revis is a pretty good life simulation magic school console game. It's much more RPG focused though with dungeons and what not but it's still fun I'll have to second the Crusader Kings (1 not 2), King of Dragon Pass, Persona 3 &4 games suggestions. Those are all great too.
  17. -I got real close to this last time! Everything was either 10 or 11 except Finesse and Strength which were 6's. Those are so hard to raise... -close a bunch of times with Durand or Godina -nope! No one ever messes with my characters much -while playing straight through the break months and into the the beginning days again the detentions for skipping and what not started to pile up like crazy so i thought i would get kicked out but i guess the bug kinda ruled that out. -All of my characters have the black sheep background. there's just never enough points... -Never used Cleanse and Remake. actually, the only spell I've ever used was Common Ground -I tried and failed as well but I'm glad i'm not the only one who tried! (I wonder if there is any big future benefit to your entire clique doing well academically...?) -I'm trying this last one now!
  18. I never thought she was weird at all until that event with where she wanted used napkins. It definitely made her more interesting though
  19. That's pretty neat! I was wondering what was going on between those two. Cyrus never ends up in my cliques. Him and the vegetarian guy...
  20. Hi everyone, Long time lurker, thought I'd try contributing. Just want to say that I love the game. I was looking around gamersgate for a decent RPG and glad I stumbled upon this great gem. Having such a wide range of options for customizations and characterization is definitely my favorite aspect.
  21. I definitely do this too. For some reason I end up making a Durand one man army type character a lot. Leadership, Infiltrate, Logistics, Interrogation but rarely much magic
  22. I love the huge skill list. It gives the feeling of never being done and picking through them to figure out which ones suit the character really helps immersing in the enviornment. true, it makes a whole lot more sense to devote time to say Observation as opposed to Riding but I think it still works well overall. I'm actually hoping the skill list will get even longer as the series progresses though that may be a given.
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