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  1. Now all we need is some genius that can whip up a Academagia book!
  2. Worship me, you non-Elumians. I am one of the Old Gods. (Really, who would know the truth ?)
  3. My favourite (and still playing) is Penne Bell, in Hedi. She is your typical social butterfly with a touch of helpfulness and overbearing friendliness. She flatters the proud, hugs the bullies, study with nerds, and even make pretty twinkling stuffs for aspiring artisans classmates - and she is still looking to "expand the variety". Still, her friends wonder why they are so eager to help her when she orders them about occasionally. Must be all the favors they own her. (Super-duper-social-butterfly plus Power Word and Mastery. Muwhahahaha!)
  4. Maybe one of the possibility is through Gates Magic. You try to learn from a master of Gates, but he was trying to create a soulless clone of a student you know, intending to bind his dead child's soul into the soulless clone. Or maybe this is an origin of a pair of twins student.
  5. Oh, how I wish Hedi teach Power Word Die...... By the way, are students treated by outsiders different based on their college? Like "Oh, that one's from Hedi. She used her Power Word Mastery last week and convinced the Thieves Guild to disband!" "Uh-oh, that one's from Mordivus. She managed to grow a pack of faux dragons from lizard-size to warehouse-size, then make out with an satyr for 10 hours straight." "Aranaz students are mean! That one told me that only people who score 1234 on their Incarnation exam are worthy to speak to him!"
  6. Heh. You should really try to write that dreams of your into an adventure - the duplicate student bit might be a bit too hard to implement, but maybe you can say he got hit by a stray Gate spell and disappeared before you can enjoy your time with him. As for my dream, I wonder will Flattery get my a bunch of merits if I succeed in some epic rolls? Let's just hope I won't found myself seeing the consequence of casting Mastery in my dream >.>
  7. Eh. Mine's shorter and simpler. Apparently I was held hostage in the Great Hall by some sort of evil mage that spawn gazillion of creatures with Gate magic. And there was a few adventurers (an armored dude, a female mage with a pig for familiar, a satyr) plus Knoht and Sido getting stuck in a stalemale with the mage. And while I am suffocating from the mage's grip on my throat, I was thinking of solutions that come in colors (all green!) Piety. Pray for divine intervention! Dating. Give the villain a big smooch to distract him. Storytelling. Distract everybody with a fanciful tale. Familiar Kinship. Your familiar shall heroically save you! Befriend. Call out to your fellow schoolmates to swarm the villain. Flattery. Make your professors and the adventurers feel that saving you is EPIC! Mastery. Force the villain to let you go, then force him to jump out of a nearby window, headfirst. I choose Mastery, then see the guy jump out the window, then realize I casted Mastery in front of half the school, and woke up. Yeuch.
  8. If I am not wrong, satyrs LOVE flattery. Might be fun to have a flattery option, like - (Might requires investigation first, like an Character Study?) Flattery. Flatter the satyr into teaching you something special. (Should be a hard roll I guess.) SUCCESS - You open your mouth and gently stroke the satyr's ego with your sliver tounge. By the time you are done, you found yourself attending the Advanced Lute lesson....with a shiny GOLDEN lute. +2 Lute, + 1 Flattery, +Golden Lute FAILURE - You open your mouth and gently stroke the satyr's ego with your sliver tounge. By the time you are done, you found yourself in the infirmary, with a shiny GOLDEN lute and a painful back. Seems that you are a bit too flattering and he hugged you a bit too tight. OW! -4 Vitality, +Golden Lute Item: Golden Lute Rank: Rare I guess? Encumbrance: 0 / 1? Concealment: 2 (I guess, you got it as a gift from an offical school visitor after all) Description: This is a pretty golden lute made of solid gold, to complement your silver tongue. It makes you feel really smug when you play with it, and really worried because somebody must be plotting around the corner to get their hands on it. +2 to Lute Subskill when equipped, +1 to Confidence, +1 to MINIMUM STRESS What do you think, guys?
  9. Uh......sounds like incredible fun to be evil, but I think causing earthquake isn't gonna earn you expulsion. More like death penalty. Or an early ending where you just ditch school to become an evil overlord. Still, might be fun to Induce Coma on a teacher. Or "Forced Farting, Permanent".
  10. Compared to the studetns, how skillful/capable are the townsfolk? Like, in terms of skill level? (I hope it isn't like these RPG where the regular peasant can't even kill a cockroach or have trouble breathing.) (Especially considering the fact that most townsfolk I met seems very non-magical.) Are there competitions for Academagia - as in other large-scale school? (I love school rivalry. Hopefully I can pit the bullies toward external victims.) Oh, and by the way, a question from my friend. Can you have a satyr as a familiar if you try very hard? (Weird I know LOL)
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