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  1. Thanks. Well 20+ days delay (Jan 12th for patch 22) on a monthly updating game is a bit rough. Guess I should've been more patient and read through Spoon and ditched my hardly started 30 min trial character and bought from your site.
  2. I've used research level 1 (using scholar start.) Also Music - Notation 2 gets the study cube which 1 round there unlocks the Ven. library. Or Language 1 to get the Linquistic section to visit and unlock main.
  3. Here's a note here: Spoon Thread Mention http://spoon.net So, you can buy the software there and run it through their virtual engine which runs locally on your machine. But Academagia isn't installed directly on your machine.
  4. Thanks, actually clarified that for me. I misunderstood bond to be the maximum level for skill transfer.
  5. So, I didn't read close enough that Spoon is a local virtualization machine... Which creates two questions? What will keep Spoon in Synch with patches (I get 1.2.1) And have only the Downfall of Tyrants for DLC. Can I use my license to have Academagia local; that way I can goof with Mods and keep it current myself? Thanks, Corsaier
  6. My monthly "game like life quest" google was successful.
  7. Howdy, Another old paper and pencil and text adventure player (TRS-80.) And since games led to my career in application development... good stuff. Had the game for a week or so now. Not quite hitting the same space as My Pet Protector, Cute Knight, Life Quest, or My Life Story... But engaging enough for someone who used to spend hours and hours just making Champions characters. Wish there some more gamish elements (e.g. Mid-Term summaries) to get a feel for progress or a non-paper way to track embarked upon adventures and skill holes/goals. Cheers, Corsaire p.s. Some of the strongest/readable writing out there!
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