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  1. Melum

    DLC 17 Bugs

    Tried it with a new game and yes, was able to do it again as soon as I unlocked it with Test-taking. Using Steam version, Touch of Summer enabled. Took a screenshot with the inspector thing. Same conditions as the no "Three Suns" problem.
  2. Melum

    DLC 17 Bugs

    I'm able to use the Cite Authorities action repeatedly; the description indicates it should be only available once a month, and has a Duration of 180.
  3. Melum

    DLC 17 Bugs

    Yes, started games with and without the DLC to make sure it was enabled.
  4. Melum

    DLC 17 Bugs

    Did the Omen: Three Suns background get changed in the 3.0.8 patch? It appears to be missing from my character creation. Nothing after Omen: The Storm. Tried reinstalling/deleting everything etc. not sure if this is an actual bug.
  5. Melum

    DLC 15 Bugs

    Received a Snow Fish (and inform Snow Fish) as a random event result. Supposed to give the ability "Give the Snow Fish to Professor Pachait", but am unable to Use it as an ability, item, or action, and cannot equip it.
  6. Melum

    Unable to Explore

    Oh well. It's surprisingly manageable, I just need to wait for locations to unlock due to skill levels.
  7. So I downloaded Academagia from GamersGate, installed the new patch, and begun a new game. A few, actually, while I decided on a build and play style. Anyway, I did not possess Explore at game start under the actions list, which struck me as odd but I continued. I thought perhaps it had been tied to a higher level of the Explore skill, or Curiosity. After building my clique and getting my studies done, I leveled Curiosity and all the Explore sub-skills, and still cannot Explore. This hasn't been as bad as I would've thought since I have Beatrix in my clique and use Helpful Guide every week, but it's still annoying. Is this a bug? If so, how can I fix it?
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