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  1. I haven't played for a while (as in, ages ago, maybe 2-3y now? Real life lol) but Vernin was my fave. I have a vague recollection of loving my Vernin peeps lol. XD
  2. Note: I wasn't quite sure where to put this, so I posted in this part of the forum. Sorry in advance if it's not the right one! Hi everyone! I was worried that when I bought my new Windows 8 laptop, I would be unable to play Academagia. Those worries were unwarranted on my part. To ensure I had no problem, I went to: Control Panel -> Troubleshooting -> Under Programs, click Run Programs made for previous versions of Windows -> Select Academagia -> Test the program to make sure it's working (for me it was) -> Save -> Enjoy! I encountered none of the Save problems I had with Windows Vista (yay!) but I must confess that it crashed 3 or 4 times as I was playing (mostly towards the end of the year and when I wanted to reload my saved game because my character got suspended several times). That didn't really bother me because there were no saved issues and for the first time, I actually completed the entire game (the ending of which was rather anticlimactic but overall I still loved the game). *tears of joy* Now off to play yet another game! XD
  3. Hmmm... To buy or not to buy? But the fact that Academagia will not work makes me sad. So if I want to play Y2, I won't be able to transfer le saved games to the new one? :/ Thanks anyhow. I'll do my inner debate thing and see what comes out. Worse comes to worse I'll go back to lurking and see if anyone else has the same problems. Anyway, take care!
  4. Gosh! I HAVE been behind! I've downloaded and played the demo... Based on that alone, I'd totally go for Nigel. I'm probably romanticizing the Professor, though. Not too sure about Felix. :/ Then again, I've only played the demo, so... Anyway, it seems pretty awesome buuuuut, out of curiosity, will there be a Windows 8 version of Scheherazade? I am considering buying it, but seeing as I'm retiring my Vista and I have a new laptop this may be a problem. Sorry if this had been asked elsewhere on the forum or if it's a common sense question or if I should ask this somewhere else (Support? But then I haven't bought it yet). P.S.: Also, hahahahahahaha, I love Sadie's name, for obv reasons. Lol.
  5. HAI THERE Y'ALL! It's been a while, I must say, and I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but... I still have this problem. Patch up to date and everything. Uninstalled the .NET4 and reinstalled the standalone, but when I tried to save, I couldn't. I wasn't using the selective focus modifier; I was Studying at the Library of Longshade, Visiting Sabinu's Grotto and Adventuring. It was jarring because I was able to save one day, and the next (after I finished adventuring), I couldn't.
  6. Right. THAT's the name of the adventure. Excuse me while I bury my head in shame. (And thanks for the explanation. Sorry!)
  7. So, after I got over all the failure to save issues on Vista (it still happens to me as of last night, which burns), I decided to play again. I applied patch 68 and created a new character, fully intending to become a gates' master, so I clicked on the family heritage which allows me to meet Euneycia. Unfortunately, after following my parents' instructions, nothing happened. No adventure where I meet Euneycia. Has this happened before? I've been off the forum, so yeah...
  8. Vincent E is a player. JUST KIDDING. Haha, I seriously thought there was something wrong when my characters' (not one but a few) kept on maxing the relationships. I sometimes ship Vincent E with my characters. XP
  9. I haven't finished Year 1 of my character (I keep on making new ones and I'm not exactly free now), but what about a background with a relative at the Academagia for Year 2. Like, younger sibling or something, with parental approval bonus. XD (Oh, and just wondering, has there been any fix for the Vista thing where you can't save your game? Because the latest patch still has that problem for me, and I'm saving every 1-2 days! =S)
  10. When exactly do we press it? When we see the event? Is it possible to see which event we've done already by pressing it? (I should really take this into the FAQ section. =S)
  11. What about Calligraphy vs. Mastery? I mean, there's an action via Calligraphy allowing you to send some invitation and thus controlling another character for a time period, right? True, everyone needs to learn how to write, but I should think it's more difficult to control Calligraphy (since everyone HAS to learn it, and that people end up wanting to do whatever you say) vs. Mastery. Then again, I haven't ever studied Mastery in my character (she happens to be Euneycia's apprentice only), so I don't know. I may be wrong here.
  12. On a slightly off-topic, I've always been curious about how you managed to figure out which Random Events you've gotten. Please tell how you got them! =D (I'm presuming it was by means of mods?)
  13. Haha, I think there are many ways to interpret that, but the description does imply there's something between them. Anyway, what I met was ADDITIONAL info that is not on the character description but is alluded to in the game. For example, Zoe and Milena's rivalry (rather one-sided on Milena's part). There's nothing about Zoe on Milena's page or vice versa, but Milena has a special 'Stress Zoe' action. That implies that Milena and Zoe aren't good friends, right?
  14. I beg to differ. Phillipe gives Joana a run for her money for that title (and this being Joana, she probably would run in and beat him up - or, in the random event, gives him a kiss that knocks him out). He's been a pest in all the games (Joana not as often, heh, especially when I have Emilia P in my clique). Mer-stuff... I can see there being lots of mermaids, but not many that we meet. Which would make meeting one a great honor! Someone should write an adventure on that! BUT WE CAN STILL HAS SIRENS?
  15. Legate: OK, CP38 did not work when I tried to load the same game (as the one I added before for ). It works on the game I created in CP37 and that opens perfectly (created while I couldn't access the game). I did everything, the 3 steps + admin running. =S
  16. Ugh, I should have clarified. I'll post it to the Troubleshooting section instead. =)
  17. What about things that we come across in random events? I remember one random event where Carmine Sturzo (or is this just random? I can never tell!) and Legate Orsi look at a picture of a woman and a bear drawn by Carlo Gerrardi. Turns out back then, Gates was popular and the bear was supposed to attack Seba Malek (some regent, can't remember which School - Avila or Aranaz?). Vincenza (that's the name of the woman, in this adventure she was Carmine's Sturzo's mom) wrestled the bear (I think). Carlo Gerrardi had a major crush on her and painted her (no worries, he ended up outgrowing his crush and marrying a woman from Caitta). Then there was the 'A Matter of Avila' where some random student (in my case it was Cinzia Ammacapani) had a brother named Severiano. And the random event where Llarina de Avuel was annoyed that people had spread rumors of her kissing Eduard Solov'ev (sp?). I wonder whether this is canon or all these are @randomcharacter@ only (I don't think ALL of them are, especially the Llarina one, which I got twice and both times the names are the sames). Would be cool if some of them were canon. So far (off the top of my head) we know Phillipe Marchant has brothers (for real), Olivia <3 Cyrus (may or may not be unreciprocated), Joana and Phillipe may have a thing, Mahdi is from Alesfan, Lambert Cobo and Aymeri are bitter rivals, but Laziosi and Vincent Eins will get into trouble when they meet each other, Magalda has a crush on some older guy, Caspar MAY have a crush on Magalda (seriously, he paints her a lot?), Eliana Carosi and Beatrix might be good friends... I want to explore the relationships between students in the Academagia, lol. May make adding people to cliques easier! =D PLUS, more fun when writing adventures! XD
  18. Um, it's not working for the same game. Works fine for the game saved with the previous patch though! =D
  19. CAN WE HAVE SIRENS? Haha, I imagine they'd stop boys from following Neta, Emilia P. and Olivia! Also, merpeople are awesome except I can't imagine the hassle of incantation to make sure water's always around! XS HOW ABOUT LEPRECHAUNS? (Then I wouldn't need Isabeau in my clique! =P)
  20. YAY MODS CORRECTED! XD (Erm, sorry about seeming too overenthused. Hopefully now I can continue my game! XD)
  21. I personally scour TV Tropes for fun. I find a lot of interesting stuff while I'm there! Too bad I'm not a contributor.
  22. I think it was Consolidated Patch 28. I thought of that, and wanted to download the original one but it was taken down (because I deleted the original files for Patch 28). Hmmm, if that's the case, I'll wait for the next patch before trying the same saved game and see what happens. Thanks!
  23. I didn't rapidshare it, but I put it on uploading (I hope it's not a problem, because it was easier for me to put it there instead of rapidshare). Here is the link: http://uploading.com/files/a369bfb4/Suri%2BZhianfar%2B-%2BVeranix%2B3.ams/ ANYWAY, I did try out a new game, and lo and behold it works fine. Even when I save and quit and then reload the game (post-DLC7 and most recent patch). It's only the games saved before I kept getting the error messages that can't load. I think it's a problem I have with deleting the cache. Every time I try to reload, the cache and GCC files immediately come back.
  24. Yes, those were the three steps. Unfortunately, they don't seem to work now.
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