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  1. I'm trying to write a guide of the capers and the obstacles checks, but I can't quite track the relationship between the stress levels and the difficulty. Anyone has an idea of the formula, at least approximate?

    Failing that, a reliable way to adjust stress so I could do my own testing will be immensely helpful as well!

  2. ...Who Gated in the flying pigs?

    Hold your lore-appropriate-horse-equivalent, it's still entirely possible some unforseend delay will move the DLC to the shifting dunes of Next Week.

  3. Jackrabbit I think you need to wait at last 7h more for a update.

    Wait, is this a freemium game? Can I pay to skip the wait? Or do I need to collect stars to reduce waiting times?

  4. So it's now Monday in many parts of the world. Can we get un update on the next delay, please?


    (The books are now open, so place your bets, folks! I'll give you good odds on "next week", or you can try for the dark horse, " another couple if days".)

  5. I thought its a so obvious April Fool that no one will fall for it as I even used April Fool backward in the text.

    That's why it's cruel. It mocks our pain, and our struggle to maintain composure in the face of repeated delays! It's the Academagia version of a Half-Life 3 announcement.

  6. Wow this Adventure I just stumbled upon when testing the DLC 16 was just great!

    Especial when we meet the saint after I tricked this Lirpa Loof what sounds like some kind of demonic force was really special.


  7. Freespace you have some days to finish your old game and then start a new one after you installed the new DLC :)

    Assuming this DLC will come out before Y2. I am beginning to suspect it is merely a red herring to divert our attention from the slow development of Y2. In a a couple of months, it will turn someone in the team took off to the Netherlands with all the data, or something like that ;P.

  8. Eh, what's another week to wait, after all those months? If it means more content to coast us over to the mythical Year 2, I'm all for it.

    That said, I'll have to pay special attention to that adventure, to make sure it was worth the delay *pulls out grades sheet*.

    Soon, though, not to worry. ;)

    I hope it's not the trademarked Academagia Soon? I'm not that young anymore, you know.
  9. I sorta doubted we would see Year 2 before Q3 2014, but then I found out Ender's Game is actually coming out this year, without spending another decade in production hell. I am now a believer! This is the year of miracles, and anything can happen!

  10. I was wondering, is there any concept art showing a the characters fully, or something along the lines? It's just that my friend asked me "what kind of shoes do you think Sadie wears?" and now I can't stop thinking about it. Also she wondered if Felix wears trainers, but that sounds rather anachronistic to me.



    /Checks the Wikipedia artical for "Trainers".


    So, em, any characters art that can be shared?

  11. My games skips when I press CTRL~ Just saying~


    Sometimes there's this tiny little changes in the scene, but that still counts as 'new' and can't be skipped. That mechanic is very confusing.

  12. So, a biiit late for the party, but what the heck!


    Is there any way to edit the file, so to add a lesser amount? Say, a +20 rather than +90? This way you could skip the frustrating early adventures, and still have a challenge later in the game.


    Tried googling this, but it's one of those things that falls into the noob catch-22 (if one wants to speak with hackers, one must be a hacker).

  13. OK found one problem the Shade Bond Adventure 01 the Investigation 01 is wrong flaged for Familiar Story. But I still don't understand why the Str+Brute Strength roll vs 3 show red and fail when my Char have Brute Strength 4


    Edit: Chimney Crows First Adventure 04 Exit 2 probably miss Success and Failure Continuances

    Edit2: Chimney Crows First Adventure 06 Exit 2 after successed at this step I miss the follow up Adventure (I'm at Aruit when looking for "Finding the Crows" and so the requirement should be fulfilled)


    Oh, I remember reaching a point in this adventure when I felt it ended suddenly. I thought "that's it? No follow up?" but nothing showed up, so I figured maybe that's that. I loved that adventure chain, too.

  14. Hahaha! Holidays in the U.S. means from Thanksgiving to the New Year.


    Our KickStarter, though, should be launching very soon, perhaps at the same time as DLC 15!


    That's yhe famous trademark soon, yes? Good, by then I should have like 7 years seniority, so I should get paid enough to help fund the kickstarter! Smart move, team (I have a kickstarter problem anyway, it's a bit addicting. Have you guys seen the Obsidian campaign? it's mind blowing).

  15. Pretty much all of it since the last DLC will be in.:)


    That's... Alot. I mean, the writer's corner is quite active, and it's been about a year from the last DLC. That's a whole lotta stuff to squueze in, but hey, I suppose sleep is over rated as far the team is concerned XD

  16. Hah, I feel like Felix is the OTP too! I feel like he's the only guy that really knows her,you know? I'm a sucker for best friends romance. His route kinda lack drama tho, especially if played after Roland. I was so looking forward to the different classes angst, or to see them trying to have an awkward date, but they mostly had a Card Captor Sakura thing going on, blushing and missing chances to say what they feel, and I was a bit dissapointed. Still, he's really cute, and beside Sterling, the only guy who seemed to be into Sadie even if you don't pay him any attention. Poor pup.

  17. But if you click on the portrait you can repeat the action you just did, am I correct?


    Yes, but if you had an event, or rested in between, you now need to hunt for that action again. Took me a couple of play-throughs to remember where most actions are in NY, I had to highlight *each and every* location every time I wanted to do that particular obscoure action, ugh.

    and in the exotic locations I'm completly lost, esecially because many places share the same icon. What's the deal with that, really? Did the team run out of time? It's kinda confusing, I think in Peru or India you got like 4 spots using the same icon, all in the same general area... Rather confusing.

  18. This is less of a suggestion and more me picking a bone with you guys, but here goes: sometimes you're on this long caper/event, and during the narration part, before you get to make a choice or have a skill test, you gain stress. More stress = higher diffculty. Sometime you'd gain like 8 points of stress, so by the time you get to the skill test, instead of a diffculty of 26 you'd have like 34. That's really annoying, considering your base skill is 10 at most. Sometimes I'd look at those "+1 stress" flying around and just groan, and then try to caculate wether 10+14+8 is 34... It can be pretty frustrating, nintendo hard style.

    I think either the skills should go higher then 10, the stress have less effect, or the insparion have more effect (execpt for the rare +13, most give, what, +9 to a skill?). Basically, if you end up with a skill check of 48 even though you didn't fail any checks before, had zero stress when you strated the caper, and picked all the "right" choices, something is kinda off. It takes a whole lotta cards to get from 10 to nearly 50.

  19. Aaargh, now it's even worse! I'm going to find a way to play the game at work while my boss isn't looking, it's driving my crazy! It's academagia all over again. I feel like you guys are that boy in the school yard that torture the girl he likes >_<


    I love you guys as much as I hate you. Well done.


    By the way, is it possible to get a full 100 dream of any kind? Do you need to do every caper possible and choose all the best answers? If so, you should seriosuly consider doing a walkthrough for the game.

  20. OK, I don't have as much time as I'd like, so I can't replay the game 156,557,32 times to see the ending varients, so I'm just gonna ask: How much, exactly, does the dream score affect the ending? If I have Roland dream at 60 or at 90, will there be a difference between the endings? Or is it about other attirbutes? Are we talking about "two lines phrased differently" or a whole different resoultion? (getting married vs. kinda having a fling, for example. Although Sadie is obviously too classy for flings, darn her. In Kepher words "KISS! Don't make me bite you!").

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