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  1. Back in the founding days of the Avilla College, were women also allowed in the other colleges?
  2. Sure, but maintenance wouldn't be such an issue with good enchants that lasts decades (centuries?). Probably still too expensive to put on everyone, but on an elite guard or officers perhaps. Making armor tougher than the material would suggest can mean a lot of different things though. Twice the strength of normal clothing won't stop a knife. Something like transforming your cloth into spider silk, however... It's elastic and tougher than kevlar. Theoretically you could use magic for the fabrication process, so it wouldn't expire like an enchantment might. Basically use magic to guide and modify spiders to produce lots and lots of silk and weave a nice bullet-proof vest. Perhaps with an enchantment on afterwards for good measure. It makes one wonder how powerful a trained assassin garbed in magical artifacts could be.
  3. This talk of hiding armor under your clothing got me curious. It seems even chainmail is sort of noisy although apparently the japanese used a method with patches of chainmail sewn in between two layers of clothing which could be rather silent. This got me thinking about our fair world of Academagia. Enchanting weaponry and armor would be a way to make an army more effective without requiring costly wizards on the direct payroll. So: 1. Would enchanting clothing to be about as impenetrable as chainmail or even platemail be doable? Very difficult? Costly? 2. Does the material used have a large impact on what's possible to add in magical protectiveness? 3. Do armies make use of enchanted weapons or armor on a wide scale or is it too expensive/rare?
  4. Wait, the girls and boys live in separate dorms? I could swear my Aranaz character was woken up several times by shenanigans from students of both genders. So basically Aranaz is all about ambition, and probably comes closest to a "dark wizard" college, Morvidus only contends because some might be creeped out by them aside from the two bullies who are more individuals than college material. Vernin has Rui da Casga and Cordelia Troublepot along with several other non-snobby characters. One of the hard things about playing them is that my Aranaz days makes me read their name as "Vermin" because I always imagined that would be their callname from rivals.
  5. An event referring to a "Gasparo Vasari" as if I was supposed to know who that is, came up. It was quite confusing. Why would I help that kid? Anyway the player was referred to as "&Player Name&" repeatedly. Screenshot:
  6. Just started playing again, the new interface is awesome. On the subject of luck. 3. Is it rare for someone to be lucky enough for it to be noticeable? 4. Does "normal" people sometimes exhibit unusual luck or does it mostly cling to wizards? 5. The pure luck skill seems magical in nature, is it considered to be such by wizards? And if so, has it been studied as a magical discipline? 6. Could an untrained person teach himself to be lucky (as per the pure luck skill) or is that mostly viable for people who are already "chosen" or some such (like the player character). 7. Can a very lucky person be measured to be that, sort of like the aura practicing wizards develop?
  7. If you don't savescum then Page is only moderately useful, if you are willing to load until you get the reward you want from the professors then it's one of the best. I didn't know there was an adventure associated though.
  8. So I got drawn back in, and decided to play as a Vernin character as I've yet to complete with any College save Aranaz. I spent a few hours editing my new character: She's a mix of these two: I restored the transparent edges and did a face/hair swap, eye color change and a nose job. I think it turned out quite well.
  9. Wait the Steam version is censored? Won't that remove something the producers thought was important for the story?
  10. Right, but if the mechanic itself is fixed then it means it's possible for an ability to grant "x random skill step" without having a possibility of getting Gates/Mastery/Synchronicity. Right?
  11. So you are saying killing them is okay because they suck a bit of blood like an overgrown mosquito? It sounds like they lead to fewer casualties than lions/tigers/hippos.
  12. I always feel bad when exotic animals are killed because they kill a few people now and again. If dragons hadn't been so intelligent and a genuine threat to mankind I'd probably also be opposed to killing them..
  13. @1)Surely animals are allowed to use the forbidden arts. What about that poor Mastery lizard are they just going to kill it?!?!? If by related you mean just summoned, like the Platypus then they definitely should be legal. I mean Gates-related artefacts are perfectly legal, so long as they were registered as being pre-ban. @4) The event certainly suggests as much. It'd be pretty crazy to have a professor actually show up angry at having his time wasted collecting a lost student. I wonder what the punishment for the pirates would be?
  14. Isn't Calligraphy a misnomer? Surely it's Orthography? Or is it Calligraphy due to the illustrations?
  15. Well the Legate previously said that it was possible to disguise the residue but that it would depend on the difference between your skill at that and how skilled the tester was. I think the impression was that hiding it was harder than testing it so you'd have to be a fair bit better. Negation can in theory negate pretty much anything and yet some things are just too demanding for mere mortals. An especially intricate spell designed to avoid getting negating might be very difficult to negate or even detect, though of course still possible.
  16. If you say yes: If you say no: So I guess your choice decides whether she noticed or not?
  17. This is what I mean: I did it earlier before I got that accidental Mastery Pheme skill level and no "Mastery tricks" was mentioned, so the adventure at least noticed I'd learned something, but it seems Leene didn't.
  18. No I mean if the "a few Mastery tricks" option was visible but that I chose to say no thanks to training. Leene certainly made no mention of having discovered anything so I'd assume she surely didn't notice? Does her dialogue change if you have trained heavily into Mastery?
  19. I don't think purely academic study works past a certain points, you'd need to cast some spells to progress and be sure you are doing things correctly. It could however be made illegal to use the magic unsupervised, so it could be fairly ceremonial like how Schohanwicht is right now. I think Gates should be conditionally legalized, where you'd need to be approved both for studying and practicing it and accept a fair bit of supervision while creating the school itself in one of the lowly populated islands. While the Academagia could be an excellent learning ground for Gates users like in the past, it also has a tendency for dangerous things to happen constantly. Probably the worst place for something inherently dangerous, unless people are willing to tolerate not just a risk but in the long run a certainty of occasional casualties. At least it's also the location with the most people capable of dealing with the problems it creates. As for Mastery it's probably not really a good idea to legalize it without restrictions, but if every practitioner is registered it should be easier to limit the abuse and it's not like the ban has actually eliminated the use of Mastery so it's essentially just society denying themselves useful resources for no real reason. I'm sure they'll regret it when the dragons invade... About An Outing I just tried it with my newest character and questioned her on the skill but declined training, it gave 11 skill gains (one of them Mastery Theory.. ) in one action so it's actually pretty economical. Here's the thing I already accidentally gained 1 Mastery Phemes skil and my "accept" option mentioned I had learned "a few Mastery tricks" so does that mean Leene would consider me a Mastery user or would that be too little to notice? If you are very high Mastery can you still say no?
  20. Yes I wonder what criteria the gods use for their favour, if indeed they are responsible for luck. People getting blessed with luck seems unfair, but it's even worse to be cursed with bad luck! Maybe they foresaw that you deserved it, but it still seems a bit unfair. I tend to play my characters a-religiously but I guess someone who has been blessed with unusual luck all her life would be cautious about outright offending the gods, just in case.
  21. What if the spell loses a key ingredient but the ingredients fulfil the requirement for another spell? Does that spell then happen?
  22. Sounds logical given that you are completely dominating a fight if you can both destroy his spell AND throw a spell at him. You can essentially shut him down completely, though I guess you still have to be better than him comparatively speaking. Still it's probably the best school for magic duels. Incantation is referred to as the school for war-mages but I think that's more for it's usefulness against non-magician combatants.
  23. You mean does it turn into a regular fireball or fizzle because it was a key component of the desired spell? I guess that relates to this: If you remove a pheme from the spell and that makes the ingredients fit another spell does that spell then happen instead of the whole thing fizzling?
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