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  1. It got a bit too pale for me, so I edited it to the original color (which is somewhat pale already) to fit better with the other Academagia characters.
  2. Well for the plot to be consistent if there are no dropouts in this year 1, then previous first years must have had dropouts be at least rare. In a way there has been no specialization yet and nothing has been learned that couldn't have been learned on our own (at least with access to the libraries), perhaps it is too early to judge who would be unfit to continue. Also unless you actively sabotaged a particular student I think they should all have passed most of their classes, and what is the requirement to actually be expelled? Probably more than one failed hybrid distribution class.
  3. Are students expected to devote themselves entirely to a single pillar of magic, or is it common amongst the more ambitious students to perhaps study two or even three pillars in detail with perhaps a primary focus on one?
  4. I expect someone who hasn't learned any negation to be poor at duels, incantation is more optional though still highly useful. I suppose with a bit of finesse other schools could be used to parry magical effects. Like incanting a wall of cold to parry a fire strike, or revising the texture of your skin to counter something else or glamouring an illusion forth to make them miss. Still I think some students will fall through big time when it comes to magical combat, some already do.
  5. Sounds good. So a duel will be more of a "fire spells, attempt parry with negation" than the present "you hit, I hit" fight to see who loses most hit points first?
  6. Well I imagine much of year 2 is set in stone by now, but I'm wondering if the combat system has been redone significantly? While there are several issues I'm wondering about the way high fitness leads to very high vitality which means you are extraordinarily difficult to defeat. Perhaps even an epic (teen) hero should not be able to sustain quite so much punishment? Again any issues may have been fixed already, but in terms of balancing as of year 1, I'd suggest after the first 3-4 fitness any further points give only 1 vitality and 1 stress capacity each. It's not overly difficult to end year 1 at around 10 fitness, and 20 vitality makes most challenges trivial (except events where it is ignored of course). Has this issue been looked at for year 2?
  7. Good question, although he IS the regent of the college supposedly best at incantation, and amongst the low level favors you can call in with him, he will teach you some incantation. Maybe Knoht was sick and he was filling in?
  8. Awesome. About familiars, some events about them assume they can move around freely, but can the plant familiar do so as well? Does it uproot itself and travel about the academagia? A carnivorous plant skulking about the hallways at night does have a certain charm to it, I admit...
  9. Will they need hands/mouths to perform magic or will my cat potentially be able to perform some minor tricks?
  10. So you can get private tutoring from someone who isn't affiliated with any college (for instance Contzel Ringraeyer), but not Polisena as she will reserve her time for one of her own students? Or are the extra classes solely college-related?
  11. It sounds like it'll be more effective than regular school attendance if there's a teacher doing 1 on 1 tutoring.
  12. I assume extra classes will be just one more class taken from what's available for the six primary classes; then will extra classes only be some days in the week? Otherwise I don't understand how it'd take 1/3 of a time slot normally but a full slot if it happens to be an extra one.
  13. There is more than 3 time slots now? Otherwise getting another class would seem a bad idea. Will there be a time slot for each class already? Or will it be one time slot for 3 classes like now and then an entire time slot for just one extra class?
  14. Ok, are there any techniques that can hide such an aura or perhaps shorten the duration? Otherwise if one of all the academagia gates students (not sure how many that is, but at least more than yourself if you choose that path) messes up and makes something obviously gate-derived the professors could just try a detection spell on each student in turn and catch all. Maybe a skilled mage might use some trick to evade detection if the inspector isn't truly exceptional himself?
  15. So if i'd used gates magic within the last month but wasn't currently using any and whatever I'd used it on was never found I could still be detected if a professor decides to check for it just to be sure?
  16. I'm wondering how easy forbidden magic is to hide, if no mastered persons or any direct effects of the spells are discovered is it still somehow possible to detect if a mage has used minor mastery/gates spells recently? Will it somehow taint your aura or will actual effects need to be discovered to detect lawbreakers?
  17. I'm not sure if this is described in the lore entries but if so I missed them: How did people know that the new gods were real gods as opposed to just really powerful magicians? How long did the gods live in their mortal forms before ascending?
  18. I've a few questions that I'm not sure has been answered, if they have I don't remember the answer: 1) How many usually make it to graduation out of a typical first year crowd? Most? 2) Does the school have a limited quota deciding how many they are willing to accept per year or is it mostly a matter of how many students have sufficient aptitude/talent? 3) If a student is doing poorly enough that getting expelled is a possibility would familial wealth/influence be able to prevent that or would that go against the Academagia's integrity? 4) On that note would going back a year be an option for some? Maybe we might meet new students who are redoing the year because they hadn't learned enough yet? 5) Lastly I've been thinking about how everyone is equally able to learn magic; is learning to perform basic magic harder than it seems in the game (meaning the player is just talented) or is there some reason there aren't many people with minor magical ability? I know high level magic is complex and difficult, but it doesn't seem that the lower levels of incantation for instance are all that difficult to learn. Unless the students are just really talented?
  19. Ah, right it mentions pass/not pass. It doesn't say anything specific about the exact rating required to not fail with the distribution rating. It just says 75+ means First Class Honors. Edit: Nevermind I missed part of it for some reason.
  20. Nice, I think I'll try filling it out when I get that far, it's almost the same classes I have. Out of curiosity what ratings are required to avoid failing when it's Pass/Not Pass or Distribution? As I understand it the effects of each rating is set in stone with those rating methods. It seems the cut-off point is 40 for distribution in your document, was that stated somewhere?
  21. Is spell grading and level different things? Or does level 20 spells exist yet only up to 5 is taught at the Academagia? Then how is more advanced spells learned? Private tutoring? I take it the most advanced magic we've had opportunity to learn so far is only level one/two?
  22. Hmm if body swapping is possible that just gave another reason why mastery is forbidden and an essentially unlimited way of life-extension for those lacking in ethics. You'd think it would have to involve several school of magic like revision/gates, mastery is mostly about mind control after all. Right? On that note, does the concept of "souls" exist in Academagia? I suppose the existence of ghosts means they do.
  23. Maybe he asked the professors for permission to drop of a scheduled delivery, unless all access is forbidden period, no exceptions? I don't really mind getting detention, you usually learn something. I wonder what the professors would say to my excuse for very frequent absence from classes: "You had nothing new to teach me at all." or at least it wasn't getting taught in that classroom. My character just wants to learn!
  24. 1) Will there be any negative effects from being deemed a failure by the grading system? I thought around 50 would be good enough for all classes. 2) Does this also mean that your exact grade is irrelevant if you are placed 1st in the distribution system already? 3) I read on the wiki: "You are supposed to score a minimum of 50 in the Cheimare mid-term examinations and have hence archieve a study level and parent skill of 5 for every subject." When I played I was given the impression that study level acted as a multiplier so that 5 study level would be graded 50% of your parent skill, i.e. 25 in the above example. This is wrong?
  25. Ex-College: Kazus (Offer Mastery): King Kazio the Lesser was the King of the Bryzech tribes, and was famed for dominating the Dragon who ruled Brysia. Icanyke (Offer Gate): Icanyke was the Queen of the Zsolta, and her cabal of sorcerors were famous for Gates. At least I think these former colleges were situated at Academagia. Edit: Oops I think I responded to an old load of the forum.
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