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  1. Well both Revision and Glamour transformations are temporary and effectively fake food, while gate-summoned food would be the real thing! I assume there is a reason the Academagia has cooks and a kitchen and doesn't just convert blocks of wood into food.
  2. Well if you run a potentially crippling training route at the Academagia Groundskeeper's Office you get 4 points of stress so I'd assume you'd have to collapse from stress.
  3. It seems Durand De Thiomines has the ability to give you 3 random incantation skills as his clique ability. I suppose that would also work, but I've just picked up Ana in my game now.
  4. So a bit like the limit for what you can normally wear to classrooms? Will we need to dispose of surplus stuff or will it be waiting for us when we return the the Academagia?
  5. I will, one of the reasons I picked Astrology was due to the 2 quests mentioned in Mikka's list. It's only doable the once though..
  6. Well if your connection drops out occasionally maybe you should install a download manager. I remember using one of those back when I used a connection with a maximum download pr month (which they enforced by cutting the connection every few seconds for some reason). It should allow you to retain progress each time your connection drops and pick up where you left off at least as long as the connection comes back within a few seconds. Worth considering if you aren't going to get a better connection. Anyway I downloaded it and reuploaded it to another site, not sure how long it stays up though (I think they delete them if it takes too long before next download). Here: AMO.rar
  7. The most profitable use of time I've found involves getting 1 Amphibian skill and 9 Observe, then hunt frogs, you'll get 1 frog per action worth 300 each.
  8. Well I prefer to go unmodded (unless a really cool mod came up) in case there is any troubles exporting the save. Also I'd rather not pay a background point when tuition payment and saving up can be done in 4 time-slots. I like role-playing my choices, but I still can't help optimizing my character somewhat.
  9. Well my initial studies at the Venalicium Library invariably maximizes my research skill and unlocks the Sphinx. Still I think I might include her even though I usually make one-college cliques. I kinda like her passive ability, and I've yet to do her adventure. It's kinda weird that there is no way to be informed of the basic magic skills if you don't take them as classes.
  10. I've made a new character who is foregoing Incantation in favor of Astrology and incidentally will be mastering Incantation in her own time with the assistance of Contu's School. Only.. I need the first step of Incantation Theory in order to know about the school. Logically I'd say my character should have been allowed to look up Incantation at the library but apparently she'll need to randomly stumble upon it. The wiki doesn't mention any way to expand this skill that doesn't require already having it, anyone know of a reliable way to get the first step? I suppose merely entering the Incantation Classroom would be enough, but I don't know any non-random way to discover that one either.
  11. I've got a feeling this was asked previously, but imagine that you've not picked Incantation for a class skill, yet still put in the effort to master it (to the degree that 10-11 skill represents that). As I understand it year two will feature various advanced classes based on previous class skills, will such a student be allowed to pick advanced studies in that field even though he didn't receive instruction it it (aside from Contu's that is)? Also will stuff like +1 Incantation rolls (from the study mastery) transfer to year 2, and "Chance of Success - Incantation Spells +2%" from favors, will all such minor improvements to chances transfer?
  12. So if you only eat food derived from magic it'll eventually wear off and you'll get sick and starve?
  13. I think the prospect of making a rewrite of practically every event/adventure for each possible character sounds incredibly time-consuming and next to impossible in practice. Would be cool if it was there, but pretty impractical and if that much time was being invested in improving variance in adventure/events I'd be MUCH happier with being giving more choices instead and then role-playing my decisions to fit the character I was playing.
  14. The problem is that none of the other students make use of spells to optimize their exam results, which is somewhat reasonable considering that it's the first year and the main character is quite exceptional, but for the next years exams either the other students should attempt to emulate the over-achiever of last year OR the teachers should restrict magical buffs. One problem is that putting much effort into raising the skill maximums has little effect compared to just throwing a powerful spell buffing it five times as much or more, with various artiffacts and perhaps even stacking more on top of it. Then it isn't truly a test of personal ability anymore, in theory another student could have buffed you. Has the Legate said anything the examn mechanics for next year? I really hope either there is a dispel mechanic or using magic prior to exams is acknowledged as a valid strategy that other students also make use of.
  15. I'd be happy if there just were a few in-game depictions, by making animations you are limiting yourself enormously even with a hefty budget, I'd rather just have an awesome description supplemented with images to help the imagination along, than some third-rate graphics.
  16. Considering some mages live for centuries I doubt it's deadly, probably the opposite. This aura was described in an adventure?
  17. What is an aura? An expression of great skill or some sort of built up magical power?
  18. Ok, so we've established that everyone is equally capable of mastering magic if they can learn the skills (though luck seems semi-magical and you can get born lucky). What about when a mage has been practicing for a while, does he become inherently magical in some fashion? I'm partially thinking about the familiar bond, basically it's stated that a wizard will inevitably attract a familiar, but if he isn't BORN a wizard it must be some sort of innate magic he acquires? Also would an experienced, powerful wizard be able to call on some sort of magic without a wand if he needed to? Using his hands as focus or his pen or perhaps without any focus at all?
  19. Thanks. They sound pretty awesome, I guess I can understand why they'd be included in the ban. It's just a tad unfortunate seeing as they strengthen all magic (except negation anyhow), but if their construction requires gate magic...
  20. I know it's a rather specific question, but the item "Pigments of the Airy Void" (sold by that shop Aranaz students get access to, "The Wand and Brush") are quite powerful and also illegal for some reason. Anyone know why they are illegal, perhaps something about how they are obtained? And what do they look like, a small purse of tiny rocks or some such?
  21. Andy Tall as in Andrew Tall from the wiki? If so, thanks for putting in the effort, it's been very useful to me.
  22. Alright, thanks. I know you get progressively more likely to be reprimanded the more classes you skip, but does previous detentions caused by skipping or trespassing by themselves also increase future likelihood of reprimands? I mean, does it make them target you more, because they've already done it previously?
  23. When trespassing or skipping classes, sometimes I will be given detention for the same day as the one I earned it, and I'm not given the option of attending. Which leads to this: (I don't understand how I could even get 4 reprimands with only 3 actions pr day) Or even worse this: It's a pretty sudden escalation from no trouble to deep troubles, so it's hard not to reload.
  24. Thanks. So if I train my familiar to say, negation 10 I'll get 5 bonus to the success of negation spells?
  25. Well in my case it was caused by starting at -5 with Girars (quite fitting personality for the trait description too) and then being confrontational with Philippe and Joanna (in events/adventure) which caused them to bully me (which made me raise my bullying skills myself, so who knows, I might be the new bully at school). I might end at bad relations with Vettor as well. Overall I'm at bad relations with anyone who tries to mess with me, I'm being rather confrontational. I picked the heroic family background with only 1 starting fitness so my stress maximum was 0, I actually restarted as Phillipe bullied me on day 3 and I didn't see any way for that to turn out well. Girars has been pretty complacent though, not that I'll ever forgive him for humiliating me before game start however!
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