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  1. While my favourite college is Aranaz I also like Morvidus a lot, and to lesser degrees Avila and Vernin. Interestingly my Aphrael Dreamweaver currently has 3 Mordivus students with -5 or worse relations, so I guess there is more rivalry with them than the traditional Aranaz vs Durand (I don't even have negative relations with any of the Durands). I suppose that'll change in the following years. I've a few more questions: About familiars, the bond skill poems are awesome. I read half the familiar skill level applies to help in adventures, but does it apply in all situations, anything? Like events? Only thing it doesn't apply to is the exams? I just noticed that getting planning to 2 gave my familiar 1 insight and 1 intelligence, this is intended yes? It seems I can get my familiar's stats quite high that way. I think I remember reading there was some sort of limit on glory with 10 points, is that true? I'm not just talking whether there are further effects, I mean will the game forget about any further increases like it does with other maximized skills (not that glory is a skill really)?
  2. Well, glad you like it. I think she looks very aristocratic, I was wondering if she was made too pale, especially as she is now the most pale student around, but it fits an aristocrat at least.
  3. Hmm I always thought Joanna was pretty stupid (1 insight, 1 intelligence), but I suppose she just appears that way by comparison to the student average then. Most players must be genius level then. An attribute point on a familiar, does it mean less than on a human? It's pretty possible to get 3-4 intelligence on a familiar, would that make it human-level? I take it this also means all humans have an amount of luck/pure luck? Is that usually held by people with a natural inclination for magic, or anyone? I imagine a non-magician with great luck would find success nearly anywhere, and if everything happens just right might be quite the threat to just about anyone. For that matter, how common is it to have a great amount of luck? My current character started with 5 and is accruing more as she goes along, she seems able to consistingly beat the odds. On the matter of luck is it magical in nature or more like a law of nature (though I suppose magic is as well in this world)? I find myself making comparisons to Matrim from the Wheel of Time or Teela Brown from the Ringworld books. If everyone has luck then the concept of "random" must be very fluid indeed, not to mention a scientist trying to prove his theories on chance, he might get very different results than one of his collegues.
  4. Absolutely anyone could learn magic? Then I don't understand why there are so many nobles without at least rudimentary magical skill. Some of the npcs don't seem particularly bright/talented so if it wasn't for any spark of magical talent I don't understand why they seem to achieve at least mediocre skill at magic, I mean even Joanna usually learns an amount of magic useful even by adult standards. That's with just one years schooling no less. So you could just hand a peasant a wand and give him a month or two of tranining and expect him to be able to call fire?
  5. Thanks for the answers, this lore is really quite intriguing, I have to say I love the details. I've a few more questions: 1. I picked the noble background for my character, how noble should I consider myself, just lower nobility, or every bit as good as the likes of Corradin d'Alfi or Catherine Chard (not sure if those really are the most prestigious or if they just have the most bloated sense of importance)? I also have a few questions on magic in general and familiars: 2. How rare is it to be magically talented, and is it more of an off/on switch or are some much more talented by nature than others? 3. Does magical ability manifest at some particular age and how important is training in that? I'm wondering if small kids just spontaneously cause incidents from time to time. Or indeed how the player character might have been discovered as capable of casting. 4. Is magic sufficiently rare that even relatively unskilled wizards (like some of the npcs are bound to wound up) are considered a prize for some noble to hire? 5. Is the Shade familiar an undead human or some sort of creature born that way? 6. Is a familiar as fragile as it appears? I mean if you have a spider familiar and someone accidently steps on it, that's just that, it's dead? I saw an event that implied something I fell on (a rabbit I believe) didn't get squashed because it was a familiar. 7. I read there are reports of familiars living for a very long time, even dying with the wizard, Does that include surviving as long as those few wizards with truly extraordinary lifespans (like wizards still alive from pre-proscription times)? 8. The tecniques used to extend life to such lengths, are they relatively common knowledge or would they be considered "something better not spoken about"?
  6. Now that we are talking about wealth and nobility, I'm curious about Corradin d'Alfi I found this beautiful map (why not included in-game!?), under the Island that I think is Mineta is a small island called Alfi, ruled by the Republic of Alfi. Is Corradin related to the ruling family? Or just a prestigious family originating there? Also judging from the names I'm getting the impression that the big island north of Mineta is Merril, is that so? Are they comparable in population density? I'm wondering if Merril is vastly more powerful than the other nations. Oh, and it appears Mineta is ruled by the Empire of Man, I read there was currently no elected emperor, but I'm wondering are all islands on that map considered part of the empire, officially at least? Lastly, if a student has no picked background where are they assumed to originate from?
  7. Hey guys, I decided to make a portrait as well, a fairly simple edit, but I like it. It's just a switched head with blue eyes, a degree paler, and slightly redder lips. I think she looks nicely arrogant and dispassionate which will fit my Aranaz student perfectly.
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