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  1. Has anyone who was really lucky ever lost it due to disrespecting the gods?
  2. If you absorb phemes from a spell cast on you, what happens to the spell? Does it fail or change? Or work normally and you just absorb the energy after?
  3. Well Synchronicity and Mastery both belong to the Mastery Pillar as far as I understand it. Synchronicity is just focused in a different direction, but it will leave Mastery residue when used. Just like Enchant isn't actually a Pillar but a skillset for applying other Pillars in a permanent fashion. Also I think Negation is a lot better for applying it blindly, if you want to heal with Synchronicity you need to know exactly what you are doing. That's probably also what makes it potent as it's a more direct way to attack the problem. So logically you'd definitely need knowledge (instinctual understanding might suffice, but it's hardly optimal) of the Mastery Pillar to heal Mastery-caused mental damage with Sync, but it may be that the needed parts are already included. Then again, the Sync skill doesn't actually have a Theory skill does it?
  4. You are right that the whole innocent until proven guilty probably isn't adhered to all that strictly but Synchronicity isn't a public and respected field of study and their authority is limited. As far as I know no one in power actually practice Synchronicity themselves. If there is reason for suspicion then surely checking for residue would be sufficient, if they demand an embrace then it's hardly much different from regular Mastery anyhow and I think the local populace is too fearful of abuse by zealous wizards to allow that. Once an actual embrace is underway I've no doubt they could detect the Mastery more easily than most other things, but not if they resist as like you said an embrace would then fail. If you stubbornly refuse and then get cleared in a test for residue they couldn't do more then and there but it would be very foolish to continue Mastery studies as you'd probably be watched closely.
  5. Well resisting the Embrace entirely would be ideal, that way she has no way of knowing for sure why you resisted, maybe a mundane secret you had was just that important to you. It would have to be a pretty damning reason to make them assume you must be a Mastery user just because you refuse to cooperate. For all they know you just loathe and detest something even remotely tied to Mastery and won't submit for that reason. Acting really suspiciously also isn't illegal, though the scrutiny would probably force you to lay low or move elsewhere. Detecting the residue from Mastery isn't Synchronicity it belongs to other Pillars and it doesn't detect knowledge it detects recent spell use. If you were suspected of using Mastery and refuse to get your head examined then they'd have to get a wizard to check for residue if none is found then you must be declared innocent. Edit: I guess we could ask for a comment from the Legate in the question thread.
  6. Oh sure but there is a difference between noticing that you are "hiding things" and noticing that you are hiding being a Mastery user. She has no real authority to mess with anyone's mind against their will without a good reason anyhow. I'm sure you can dodge a thorough read without actual Sync skills if you don't mind being obvious about it, stuff like stubbornly thinking about certain subjects and avoiding others. Like you said Sync requires empathy but avoiding someone trying to empathize with you shouldn't require any empathy. The better you are at resisting being empathized with the higher roll would be required for it, so essentially it would be some kind of contested roll. They might just get the reading that you seem to be a cold and unpleasant person, but that isn't illegal. There is an event where someone uses Mastery on you to get information and you can dodge it by stubbornly thinking about other things. You've managed to convince me a Mastery user has no real use for Sync though, as he can accomplish everything Sync can do more easily with regular Mastery (as long as he don't care about the well-being of the subject at least). Aside from Instinct that is, which is universally useful. Your quote on Serenity doesn't state you must be serene at all times, just that you are capable of being serene. "With serenity, you can set aside pain, you can focus your thoughts, you can control what you can control and you can forget about the rest." as a skill it's something you can choose to utilize or not, it may have a degree of effect on your personality but it can't be defining because then it's not a skill. Also already at 10 Instinct you get +3% chance to succeed at anything you attempt to do. That's not something a regular person could achieve. So already at Y1 I think it feels like a supernatural ability.
  7. Well surely desiring to be more powerful by any means necessary is softened somewhat by the desire to use the power for the "good of mankind" and such? I said the Lie skill because of the dishonesty involved, basically you avoid thinking certain things and present half-truths and ambiguous answers to remain technically honest while actually misleading without saying something that's false. Also good liars can often convince themselves they are speaking truth of sorts. Also isn't Serenity the ability to enter "a state of mind" as per meditation, as opposed to a personality trait (not desiring power)? Beyond that it's possible to use Mastery on yourself, then you can segment your mind to trick a casual examination. Is Mastery able to provide thought-reading? If it is then I guess there's no point learning proper Sync for selfish reasons, but if not then I don't see why you shouldn't combine Sync and Mastery. Surely someone doing an embrace doesn't experience the subject's entire life in seconds, they may have access to examine and understand all sorts of things about the person but there are limits to how fast a human mind can process that information and I don't accept that it's always a flawless process. It must be possible to miss things, especially if the subject knows how it works. Maybe a Y1 student wouldn't be capable of tricking Leene but it must be possible for someone more experienced, at least to the point where all she can determine is that something is off about the subject, not details. As for instinct it'd be difficult for a mundane person to learn to be prepared to react swiftly to "anything", usually you gain that ability by training against specific scenarios. So by that logic I'd be more comfortable thinking of high level Instinct as leaning on magic like Pure Luck or Danger Sense.
  8. Right, at any rate you are quite unlikely to get past 2-3 in any skill from randomness alone, but any random skill I gain that doesn't fit the situation I just pretend the Sphinx told me instead (usually she did). Anyway despite "knowing exactly what you are doing to them" some people just aren't going to care much, many of the most heinous real world crimes are committed by people who experienced the exact same thing in their own childhood. You are right though, that a person like that probably would experience great difficulty with the Empathy skill at least. Ideally an event should fire when you get the skill then depending on your picks you might get maximum Empathy skill reduced to 5 or something. On the other hand it's not like I choose to learn it anyhow, so I guess barring that it can just be left to roleplaying. About Synchronicity, while I'm sure the official users wouldn't want to teach it to you I'd be very surprised indeed if it wasn't possible, either through correct application of Sync itself (mixed with high lying/dispassion) or through mixing it with proper Mastery, to "close" parts of your mind to scrutiny to show a fake facade and perhaps to limit the impressions you get in return as well. Naturally not against another more skilled Sync user, but if you were going to use it on a more conventional target. Maybe it would also be possible to do a stealth semi one-way bond to avoid notice (at least from an untrained person). Probably strictly forbidden, but then so is the rest of Mastery. My character despite being an aspiring villain/anti-hero would not constitute "evil" if she undertook An Outing. She does mostly learn Mastery out of curiosity or perhaps more accurately to be "more powerful", without any specific goal in mind more than "just because". I guess an accurate reading would reveal her to be arrogant, selfish, prideful and vain with a sprinkle of envy and hatred. It would have to be a pretty loose definition of evil for that to qualify, however, and it's not like she's beyond redemption, she's just a kid. She'll probably turn out to be more anti-hero than villain I'm sure... Still, I avoid the adventure as I prefer the scenario of my character going unnoticed through year 1. Oh and as for instinct somehow with the bonuses involved I can't help feeling it's a tad supernatural just not specifically from a spell, just more in a similar way to how Pure Luck works by semi-unconsciously altering reality a bit.
  9. I guess what I mostly had in mind was a bad person using it to spy on someone and get "a read" on him, not actively torturing him meanwhile! So sure I've no doubt sharing the feelings of someone you are hurting is going to be most unpleasant and something only a hardened, deranged fanatic could reliably do; I mainly took issue with the notion that having learned the skillset inherent to Sync you'd automatically be disinclined to abuse it or subvert restrictions on Mastery. Especially as the adventure basically means you are forced to comply, which doesn't say much about your true motivations. Heck, you might study Sync obsessively in some vain hope to get better at regular Mastery, or better at hiding what you do. I guess it would provide an excellent excuse for having Mastery residual energy on your person, making it more necessary to actually get caught red-handed. As for random skill gains some of the particular moments don't really make sense but I don't see any lore reason why you couldn't learn Synchronicity on your own when you can learn other banned magic, I'm sure a book makes mention of it somewhere. By the way is Instinct supposed to be a supernatural ability or something you could learn by yourself? I noticed that you can max Sync without learning Empathy at all. My character just learns Instinct because it's powerful, but as for the others only Serenity has some use and the others don't offer much (unless you want the spells at least). Which means learning to be an accomplished Sync user is probably of debatable usefulness if you don't want to use it for mental healing or some such, but many elements of the skill can be quite useful for an aspiring wizard of questionable morals.
  10. But we can learn Sync against our will from randomness and besides I don't agree that someone who can empathize with people can't choose to ignore that part of themselves. Empathy just means you have an innate understanding of other people, not that you have to like them or be nice to them. I can empathize with, and understand bullies, doesn't mean I don't hate and despise them. Someone less moral than me might understand people quite well, yet choose to be selfish, or suppress their empathy "for the greater good" as part of some ideological scheme like I'm sure Communists, Nazis and other fanatics have done in the real world. After all, the vast majority of people are capable of a fair bit of empathy and yet a sizable part of the population are jerks. I don't really like when possessing a skill in the game makes assumptions on my characters personality, like when you've learned "ethics" (which I'd say is knowledge) you sometimes behave more ethically correct. Otherwise reaching a certain level of Sync should trigger an event where you can clarify your personality and get a skill malus if it's appropriate. At any rate I've avoided the adventure as I resent being controlled and spied on, especially as I tend to unlock Sync randomly anyways. Lore-wise surely only empathy would be a problem at all, the other 3 sub-skills are either instinct or knowledge. As for empathy, it only signifies instinctual understanding and only forms an advisory part of your conscience which is really quite optional to act upon. Just like having deep knowledge of ethics and law doesn't mean you have to act in accordance with it. Anyway is it confirmed by the devs what the exact lore and limits are on the subject? As I understand it you suggested the skill, but they might have used it as inspiration for their own take on it.
  11. Isn't it just a limit on allowance, not the approval itself? If it's all rolled into one it should be renamed to allowance instead. I remember it as supposed to be a multiplier (maybe with a max) based on station/wealth onto your approval rating. I could be wrong I guess.
  12. I always liked black cats so I decided to try editing the Academagia one to fit my preference, I think it turned out alright: In case anyone wants a black cat as well the file to be replaced is: 273784fa-1c85-4a03-a19f-c082c30509e1
  13. I spend my favor roughly every 3 weeks, I'm of the opinion Page and Elegant Service is one of the best backgrounds. Favor is easily gained so if I need it in the future I can always regain it. I tend to maintain high favor with Sixt von Rupprecht as I read it protected against detentions a bit. Not sure if that's actually true though.
  14. Right, so non-humans can then. What about regular animals though?
  15. Thanks Legate, that's very interesting. 1. Is luck as common amongst non-magicians as magicians? 2. I know familiars can be lucky, but what about other non-humans? 3. Would a lucky person be seen as favoured by the gods and worthy of a degree of respect for that alone? 4. If a bond starts unusually strongly would it typically be because you were somehow more fitted to that particular being or because you were unusually lucky/magical or just completely random?
  16. Thanks. 1. Is it feasible for a brilliant child to have learned simple magic from self-studying magic books without a teacher? 2. Can magic linger in a family line, causing a familiar to bond with you? 3. A familiar with an unusually strong bond (as per character creation), is it permanently stronger than other bonds or do normal familiars catch up later? 4. If all glass and mirrors shattered at your birth would that be considered somewhat unusual or a spectacular occurrence? And would it be considered a magical event or an unexplained mystery? 5. When a person is unusually lucky can it be measured magically? 6. Is luck studied by mages, and is it considered somewhat superstitious or commonly accepted as a real phenomenon?
  17. 1. How easy is it for a wizard to determine if an animal is a familiar at a glance? Do they vibrate magic or is some kind of testing required? 2. And how much magic do you need to do before a familiar might bond with you? It occurred to me that most students has a familiar before they show up, so can familiars actually bond with you before you've even begun to use magic? 3. Do some people exhibit the ability to use minor bits of magic as children or only after study and use of a wand?
  18. I guess at our year 1 level of competence we are capable only of creating subtle sub-conscious commands that he will believe is something he chose to do of his own volition. I'm wondering at the difference between Total Control and the spell Master, do they know the spell was cast on them? And is Total Control a form of hypnosis requiring no actual spell? If they do lose a relationship point, does that mean they are compelled to forget but retains a subconscious dislike of you?
  19. I was wondering, in terms of lore, when our characters use Mastery on a student no one finds out or suspects anything right? Because in the description of Total Control it states: "This is, of course, a fairly hostile thing to do, and one should expect reprisals once their puppet regains their own mental facilties." We don't even lose relations do we? Somehow I'd imagine even getting suspected of such a thing would be hugely dangerous.
  20. Interesting, I actually have yet to fully master Mastery although I always dabble in it. Maybe my current character should. What about Total Control (Action) it states "complete control" where the other one says "full"? This also makes Mastery awfully time-consuming to master, though I guess it makes sense given the difficulty of acquiring reading materials. You have to do 10 research sessions to get the Order Pheme and 10 research sessions studying the Theory of Mastery, to unlock 11 for the other three sub-skills.
  21. To be fair, isn't the sanity of dragons questionable by human standards? Also I think the question was technically asked before. So I guess the mad/crazy type of insanity. Possibly questionable morals as well. On the other hand, Caligula may not have been as insane as history claims. As I understand it he only threatened to name his horse senator, as a way of mocking his fellow aristocrats by comparing their intellect and importance. Essentially flaunting his absolute power with a cynical joke at their expense. By that standard most dragons are quite insane as well. They do arrogant power-plays and typically delight in cruel plots for plain amusement. So the legends claim at least.
  22. You make a compelling point, I'm still not quite willing to discard my theory but you are probably right that it is just forgotten knowledge. It would have to be advanced knowledge to get forgotten, so instability must have been present for novice mages. The Spatio-temporal Barrier responsible for keeping the islands aloft may well be the interfering element to Gates magic, but if it IS, then it's still possible to circumvent the problem if you are sufficiently skilled as the ancient mages who could were living after the exile. So it's not an inherent dragon ability as such, just that all the dragons are skilled enough to compensate. I'm pretty sure the Monteon mages were capable of controlled Gates magic (I feel like I've read as much, but I'm not sure), until they blew their island out of the sky that is. Maybe whatever foolish thing they did affected the barrier to some degree, worsening the instability.
  23. Well it's not specifically mentioned, but it's vague in a way I interpreted as implying it. Examples: It does not address the Oursoukan mages, who appear to use a modern solution of some kind but clearly the ancient Elumian mages, like the founder of the Gates college were able to do fairly reliable spells, also I seem to remember reading a lore entry about Gates where it's implied to be stable (done correctly at least). It may indeed be a skill that is simply lost, but I figured something as important as that does not simply get forgotten while the the rest of the skill is remembered, unless it was reserved for only an elite few (and the students still had instability). So it would make sense if "something" happened that people didn't understand and over time it's boiled down to "we forgot how to do it".
  24. There is the slight issue that Gates magic used to be fairly stable in the past. It doesn't rule out that some sort of extra-planar sight might allow you to compensate for whatever is causing the issue however. I subscribe to the theory that some sort of seasonal cosmic event (spanning decades/centuries) interferes with gates magic to varying degrees, which is why it will suddenly be safe to use again and legalized but then become increasingly unstable and eventually banned again. Over and over again. How much Gates-related chaos/instability does the player have the chance to encounter anyway? As I remember it was surprisingly stable, maybe it's no longer as dangerous as when the ban was placed.
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