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  1. I guess Astrology can't be involved if it was created by dragons. So is Gates magic known to be involved or is it entirely "legal" magic driving the process? Or is it somehow impossible for modern mages to even sense the types of magic? Also like Freespace notes, does dragons have innate magic that can be considered "Draconic Magic" or is it just regular magic with a whole lot of skill and insight?
  2. Do the people believe that the islands are being held up partially by divine interference or solely by conventional magic? I imagine it's the work of many schools of magic, but is it believed to be mainly the use of gates or astrology (tapping into great forces for energy supply) or perhaps just negation affecting gravity?
  3. So if a pirate ship loses a chest of gold coins just off the coast of an island, will it reform as a blob of gold or as coins? And how far away from the island can you be included in it's field?
  4. Right, I think my character is going to qualify for almost anything relevant to magic then. It'd have to be really obscure and probably outside my range of interest otherwise. Like music-based magic or some such, awesome enough in a way but not necessary to my own little omni-mage. I'm fine with not being able to master everything, from what we've heard lorewise I hope it'll be really difficult, though I will definitely give it my all! I'm having trouble imagining what I wouldn't qualify for, but I guess we have the entire summer vacation to study what we need to sign up. Right?
  5. Well if it is for your final project by which your merit in your education is judged it might not be a bad idea, especially if you plan on doing all sorts of other spectacular deeds later as well. ------------------------------------ Anyway, I finally read through all the questions from where I left off a while back, took some time Pretty motivating for my game though, reading about rules usually get me in the mood to play again. 1. I know you won't release a class list, but will most of what you want be handled by having merely the parent skills at say 8-10? Or can it require specific skills like Everard Equation? 2. Would lower knowledge sometimes be enough, like 5? (For a secondary requirement, if that is a thing?) 3. Also how long will our characters have available for them to rectify any skill shortage in a particular skill if it turns out that they need it for something else? 4. We've heard research will be much more important in later years, but is it the same things as from year 1 and will knowledge researched in year 1 potentially give different rewards in year 2 (I.E. will Research be retroactively more useful)? 5. What is a wellspring? 6. Does living things survive being "reformed" after a fall? 7. How large is the largest island it happened to? and is it a sudden or gradual thing?
  6. Fugitives? That's only in the event of discovery...
  7. In some ways getting taught by a powerful authority figure is more risky than a fellow student as you wouldn't be in quite the same boat. What if the teacher asks you to do something you don't want to do (something truly evil or risky) and threatens to expose you if you don't comply. He'll probably be able to prove you are guilty while he might have taken steps to avoid easy identification combined with it being your word against his and the authorities might just shake it off as desperate accusations. Maybe I'm just overly paranoid... Anyway one way I could see my character getting involved with another would be if one of them somehow succeeded at discovering your nature and asked to be included. You'd have to either comply or kill them, both things being risky.
  8. I wouldn't like sharing, it seems risky. You need to be sure that they both have sufficiently questionable morals/ethics and that they are loyal enough not to betray you if they have second thoughts or are discovered. People with questionable morals aren't usually loyal by default. Also, you are risking getting discovered due to their negligence/incompetence which is probably far more likely than the player messing up (who tends to have genius-level competence). There is something nice about having a henchman though...
  9. Well it's tricky to summon a specific creature, not something you can do just because you know their name or even have met them a few times. The legate also once mentioned that almost all gate-summonings are drawn from some mysterious "other place" presumably an alternate dimension so if you summon a cake there usually won't be one missing from this world. No guarantees of course. I also think it IS possible to summon a human, just difficult. I mean they can teleport right? Summoning is an involuntary teleportation... At least it should be possible to summon an item and all it touches, which could be a human. If it truly isn't possible I'd support the notion of divine intervention. The slave to the ancients thing is for the most part just whining, I mean sure it sucks but if you are not going to try to take over the world personally you can carve out a nice life for yourself without too much trouble. It's mostly a problem because they are hoarding all the power and using it to keep the world in a perpetual state of crapiness with little hope for improvement, but that doesn't mean you can't personally benefit. You may end up dying eventually but many vampires survive for centuries, I wouldn't worry about the eternal damnation either. It's a pretty crappy world and if the setting's god operates with automatic damnation for something you had no control over you'd probably be damned for belonging to the wrong specific sect or some such anyway. Considering how crappy that world is being mortal is usually worse than being a vampire (unless you have the wrong maker of course), and sure other creature types may be better but when considering the curse vs benefits I was comparing to normal human. Personally I wouldn't care about losing the sunlight and I'd get used to the blood need fast enough, you don't even need to kill anyone really. You are actually supposed not to. I agree with your Mjolnir theory as well.
  10. Well vampires don't lose access to magic do they? Whether it's a good idea depends on how much of a curse it is in this setting. Even the best mages eventually succumb to age (and will spend the final part of their life visibly aged) while a vampire would need to be physically killed. Often the only curses are a severe case of sunallergy and the need to drink a bit of blood. Depending on your personality that might not be much of a problem, selfishly speaking. In VTM the benefits vastly outweigh the curse, the main problem really being longterm emotional damage. In Twllight there are no true disadvantages at all. What's bad about vampirism in this setting? If it doesn't cut you off from magic you could even rely on magic to mitigate some of the consequences.
  11. Becoming a vampire by own choice is insanely stupid when you are still a kid. The main advantage is the no aging, but being stuck as a kid forever has got to get depressing.
  12. Right, but I like one-college cliques and I'm pretty particular about who I have in my clique. So if an NPC I'm determined to get is friends with one I don't want I will still need to use schism to get rid of the unwelcome element (which risks splitting my own clique). Bodies starting to decay also reeks of mortality, going away to hide their demise (or fleeing to a location where age doesn't apply). Sounds like mortals of god-like power, who accessed power that weren't generally known. Probably through Astrology.
  13. So, I'm playing again but don't have your excell sheet, could you or someone who downloaded reupload the 1.71? The file is expired.
  14. I didn't know about the Common Ground spell, it is indeed pretty useful, but I don't like having the "wrong" people in my clique. I usually use Schism to split their clique up then befriend to recruit whomever I wanted from that clique. I might wanna try Common Ground first then split the wrong guy out from my own clique. That just carries the risk of a desired member leaving with him. As for the gods my definition requires them to either be an inherently different "god-race" or able to ascend to some sort of energy state or similar which clearly separates them from humans. Otherwise they'd "just" be demigods. Perhaps even former humans who had discovered a special source of power through tapping astrology. The new gods just mysteriously went away right? I assumed that they aged to death. I suppose if the new gods didn't die but ascended to a higher state of being and are still around (and able to affect the world) then I'd include them as true gods, but that still means my character could dream of joining them!
  15. Mantle of Stars unlocks the skills just fine, then you can finish them through cozy discussions with the players' best friend, the Sphinx. Or the Longshade if it's still early game. Anyway it makes sense that the best spell for semi-longterm buffs/enchants is an enchanting spell. I do wonder how it stacks, and if you can just keep adding casts of it (flawless pheme that is). The description of piety sounds like what I assumed, something about willingly placing yourself lower than some unknowable power and accepting your hardships as somehow being acceptable. My characters are usually arrogant megalomaniacs who would need hard proof of a god's existence to treat it as a factor and even then would prefer not in any way bowing down. Excessive pride doesn't really mix well with piety. It doesn't help when you have the theory that the gods were really just powerful wizards and that one could aspire to one day become one. It'd be a great irony if it turned out luck was really a direct manifestation of the favor of the gods. Though I suppose the help wasn't directly asked for in any case.
  16. Well I guess that makes attributes twice as good as I thought they were. Hmmm, interesting. I make it a point to study all magic so enchant does tend to be something I've got reasonably high. Sometimes higher than if I actually had the class (I wouldn't want to waste time training what I'd get free from classes). Anyhow you could do Improve Negation which runs on concentration and lasts 3 days. Pretty easy to get levels enough for a few points. I suppose I can see the use of C&R now, but I'd still prefer to make do without. I find it to be unnatural for my character to pursue enough religious study to get the spell in the first place. I mean piety isn't theoretical knowledge on the subject but actual piety and belief, right? Doesn't fit my character concept.
  17. You finish more than one adventure chain in a day? Then if one of the three fails you have to reload and redo all of them. Unless you don't reload but I don't view that as terribly feasible for adventures. I guess it depends what kind of character you are RPing but I just like the whole "chosen one"/"semi-evil mastermind" thingy involving an unusually talented/lucky up-and-comer and in that case failing something important completely just isn't an option. Setbacks are tolerable, total failure is a no go. As I read the spell each casting of it will give you 0-3 bonus to a roll (that's the attribute effect) and then subtract one. So essentially you get either -1, 0, 1 or 2 bonus to the roll. It allows you to reach for an otherwise impossible roll, but it also makes you fail things you shouldn't and to me seems awfully risky. Especially if you are not into reloading. I generally improve the skill to 8+ and perhaps train my familiar a bit in it and then I can do most rolls. Counting in stats/items and such. Also I get 1% success at everything from both "Shattered Mirrors" and "The Comet", I could swear something I've forgotten gave me another 1%. Anyhow it might not seem like much but I'm pretty sure it has something to do with why I occasionally surprisingly succeed at a purple roll at the end of an adventure. I've sometimes just played through it with the intent of reloading after I figured out what I needed to train, only to randomly succeed. Have any of you tried spamming the Flawless pheme? It's only difficulty 3 and gives 1% success at everything. It seems very powerful to me. Maybe I should give it a go in my impending playthrough. I wonder if it stacks by adding the percentages together so it could in theory be 100% or by doing 1% separately a bunch of times. Anyone know?
  18. I don't understand what makes Cleanse and Remake so great, it seems inefficient to me. You are wasting time casting that spell so it really shouldn't be used unless to directly enable you to do something you couldn't otherwise accomplish or perhaps enabling it to be done earlier. I'm just not sure which situations truly merit that, and at any rate I've done fine without it so far. I guess that it does rank among the most useful spells as there are situations where it can benefit you, but usually making use of it seems sub-optimal compared to finding another solution.
  19. Yes I've studied that map extensively... Like you suggest, some of the baronies are bigger than some of the duchies, I'm just wondering if that mostly speak to worldly influence or if that size is reflected in Prestige/status as well. I also assume some baronies are too small to feature on such a map, especially vassals to greater nobles where they'd simply be included in; like "Duchy of Ritzelin" that has two markings which I'd assume to be the duchy proper and a County but there could a score of baronies within it as well. Is this too great an assumption? Otherwise it seems nobles are not all that numerous which would make the player even more special I suppose. Frankly in such a world I'd consider barons to be high nobility along with the others. The player character is child of nobility from the Isle of Man (well I assume that's what it's called: the one with Mineta on it) which seems to have seven divisions, do our parents run one of the named areas or are they below that level? I always assumed they ran some minor estate with inconsequential land area tied to it and was vassalized to someone greater.
  20. A player character with the nobility trait is pretty well placed in the social hierarchy of the Academagia then, it seems most of the nobles are children of barons/baronets and are those not the lowest nobles? Maybe I'm just colored from playing Crusader Kings but those are not all that prestigious titles right? Unless some of the titles carry more significance than the rank itself would imply. A player noble is the child of a baron (count?) I assume? I always imagined having only the noble trait signifying an old albeit no longer significant family that's down on it's luck financially, fits well with descendant of both heroes and traitors. Is this way off and will your social status be closer defined in year 2 (on vacation) or will that detail be left to the imagination? Also, slight question, does baronets even have land? They seem like a slightly more prestigious version of knight. In the British system they aren't even included in the peerage.
  21. I previously fixed an image's white border with photoshop, a free program called GIMP can do so as well. Some people swear it's better than photoshop, I guess it mostly depends what you are used to.
  22. I imagine the validity of the will is called into question and potentially invalidated by trial or even entirely ignored if the disinherited heirs are powerful and the desired heir is not. After all, it's hard to enforce your will when you are no longer there to insist on going against tradition.
  23. When you say women inherit on the same grounds as men, do you mean that she can fully inherit if there are no eligible male heirs or that if the oldest is a girl she takes the full inheritance even if there are younger boys? Also I figure with the religion being non-Christian then bastardry might not even be that big of a deal. Then again it might. Are bastards automatically disinherited or do they have same claims as legitimate children?
  24. Wait each god had separate capitals? I thought they were more or less united. Did they squabble amongst each other like the dragons then (less destructively I suppose)? About the new gods, did they require worship of their followers or did people start that on their own, and did they specifically refer to themselves as gods?
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