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  1. Well effects are not always truly temporary a fire made through incantation is temporary until something starts burning then that becomes a normal fire. If a new memory was created and the effect lasted for a year you'd have time to build your experiences around it and it'd become pretty permanent. I guess removing memories would be more difficult then, but it also depends on the potential duration. Can enchantment be mixed with any of the pillars to make the duration of any spell last years or is enchantment only for making items?
  2. Wait, mastery can do actual permanent editing of memories? So a master of the "art" could essentially remake a person into another person? Or at least make them permanently forget having seen something? Or permanently think they remember something that never happened?
  3. Ok I checked in the modtools, it's for some of the monsters "Nugen's Spirit" and some air demons.
  4. I remember seeing it in the mod tools. I think it's the portrait for the Pamela familiar, or maybe the spirit one. Definitely in there at least.
  5. How is that spell obtained? I kinda like stories where some characters get unbelievably lucky, like on the adventure "Pop Quiz" if you pick that path or certain random events. Bending probability is a pretty awesome kind of magic, and I assume the luck attribute is really just subconscious use of a skill similar to Pure Luck. Either that or it represents the favor/attention of the gods, if they are still active that is. I kind of wonder how common luck is amongst non-magicians/heroes, it seems strange things happen to our characters almost like they are some sort of weirdness magnet.
  6. In-game it says folded into Glamour and Artifice.
  7. I thought Orthography belonged with Calligraphy? That'll change in year 2?
  8. What is the long-term focus of Aranaz then? The description says it once championed Orthography which was folded into Glamour and Artifice. Artifice belongs with Vernin and Glamour with Hedi, though it seems Orthography is still taught albeit not as a separate discipline. Is Orthography revealed to be increasingly useful over the years or will it stay a niche skill? It seems to be a specialized type of Enchant/Artifice, does it work in a truly different way?
  9. I imagine most active gates users would be dedicated enough to keep it going by donation of time and resources, even from a selfish point of view you gain access to rare/unique books and some of the most skilled gates users in the world to discuss and research with and it offers you shelter and protection from the authorities. I do wonder though, how many of them are cut off from society and how many lead double lives? And how many people does our characters even meet on the school? As I understood it there aren't many kids there, perhaps even just the two you meet initially?
  10. Yes to replace a player portrait with one of these you need to navigate to the official content folder in your install folder ( \Academagia\OfficialContent\Resources ) and find the one with the correct name (using the search function I'd say) and open it in paint, then copy paste the image from this page into there (just right click and save as) then close paint and accept saving changes that way you don't change the format whatever it was. Depending on college and gender the correct name is: Aranaz Female Portraits 489498b6-c801-44c2-9b9b-842af493b6d9 115bd84c-1b3c-4f92-8098-d4f727acdd05 Avila Female Portraits ce042c4f-402f-4abb-8d3f-a953cc3a79a3 8525b86b-8ca1-46cd-b298-bbc38191c625 Durand Female Portraits 820fead7-8117-4960-95ab-fb67293647e3 e8bff217-814d-4d29-9614-bce866d0bac9 Godina Female Portraits 382cb079-114c-40cb-9535-06e564c3fd9b 2bb9781b-1c39-48d8-af77-3b98b6545008 Hedi Female Portraits cc2164ec-f947-4492-bc33-c692fd0c6513 b3b5885f-939d-48bb-8654-41b6bc58fdac Morvidus Female Portraits fa6c7515-911d-4af7-b357-87910f91f42c d91b66df-8b1e-46ac-bd7b-4ccc65f9f3cc Vernin Female Portraits 26e35025-530c-46a2-a9d9-357e8b4105ed c8053ad5-dd53-4234-baa5-d7db3d58d3b3 Aranaz Male Portraits 4b0130ac-f7f3-4d8d-b5c3-81b8384c8f37 0724936e-1d70-416b-a677-7b794b1c29aa Avila Male Portraits 736175f5-f90d-449a-9a37-673fd6446a89 f294e390-2038-481f-9ebc-7940c5dcf5f3 Durand Male Portraits 7ca6a510-02da-403e-97f5-6d1202e9cb1d b45f9073-c6df-402e-b569-a07de69cb965 Godina Male Portraits 2efcf2c5-38d1-419e-bcf2-f218d3f86892 79676f19-90e8-4baa-932d-e537a86002e9 Hedi Male Portraits f294e390-2038-481f-9ebc-7940c5dcf5f3 5bfe6c45-4b21-4f4b-9364-8ff05469bf2b Morvidus Male Portraits 15d789f1-f256-4b6d-9760-22fb716e71c3 e9c99b20-a383-4274-b32d-b10aa432f1bd Vernin Male Portraits 622163e6-3b1c-4150-89e9-6027933e9162 5f36ca33-fea7-48e7-9f11-1fb4c31c9c6f Finishing touch Once you've done that it'll work unless your game has already loaded the old textures, to make it forget go to C:\ProgramData\Academagia\Cache and delete anything in there. Once it's empty the game will make a new version including your changes. Let me know if you've any trouble with it.
  11. I thought the alchemists were only able to change stuff into gold temporarily. Sure if it lasts for several years that's all well and great but you'd have a problem when they run out. Anyway if gold is undervalued today surely that would only mean it'd be worth even more in a non-modern setting. Your own comparison also alternates between modern and older currency. Regardless I've got a feeling that a pim is worth much more than 50 cents if you were to compare it to modern currency. Has anything been stated on the size and content of pims? Because otherwise it's all pure speculation anyhow.
  12. Thanks. Digging through game lore I just discovered that I am actually at the end of the first month, not the 5th as we apparently started in the 9th month. A thought: 100 pims = 1 malin right? I think a malin is a gold coin, perhaps about the size of a florin or a british sovereign? Those are actually pretty tiny (at least I thought so at the museum I saw them at), but they weigh about 7-8 grams, and according to the wiki a sovereign had 7.3g gold content. According to current gold prices that equals 293.52 US dollars. So by that standard a pim should be worth nearly 3 dollars. That is, if gold on Choris is valued the same as in our world?
  13. 1) I'm curious as to the true value of money in this setting, for a student small amounts of pims might seem a lot, and perhaps also for the common man, but Freespace makes 400 pims sound like a lot, which I suppose it is for a simple test, but it's still small change right? 2) I'm in the 5th month in my current game, I only have 55 parental approval but I've paid Contu's fee and I've got 2813 pims in cash and 11236 worth in items. Does that mean I'm very rich or just rich in the context of a teenage student? 3) Eating at Alice's Tavern costs 10 pims, is this a place the common man can afford or is it for the wealthy? 4) Basically what amount of pims would an average family need to get through the day with a normal living standard? Or perhaps what would an average non-magician/noble earn in a month? 5) For year 2 will merchants be more common? While I like catalogs in theory I hate how I both have to spend a time slot on it and still can't sell items there. 6) How many Regents does Academagia have at any given time? Just one per college? 8) Do dragons come from eggs or birth? 7) Is it known how dragons learned their magic? Do they have an inherent instinctual knowledge of magic from hatching or do they need to get taught by their kin?
  14. Which quest is that? Is it not on the wiki list or does it have another name? Also, does most real world plants exist on Choris as well? Like oak, beech, elm, blackthorn or birch?
  15. You'd think the teachers would repeat the exams if only one student shows up, I mean some parents might suspect teacher incompetence of being at fault rather than almost all students failing to even attempt the exam. Oh well, at least it fixed itself when I went through that day again after loading. I was however under the impression that students were dragged out of bed to attend exams no matter what. Does this mean I could send a student into a stress-induced coma the day before the exam and they'd get a big fat zero on their score?
  16. Just to be clear, the following is a bug in the log right? Only Phillippe got a grade on that day:
  17. I think there is some bugginess with the log. Either that or the only student who attended the midterm in arithmetics is Philippe Marchant scoring at 28, though presumably the only one to get a score. Then I loaded and did the day again, and all attended. Maybe the missing students didn't really miss their exams but the log just didn't show it to us.
  18. Well when you think about it it's a pretty nasty "trick", while it doesn't force them to take a specific action it alters their mental state to make them take an action they think is their own, which they might come to regret later. I suspect skillfully applied mastery will feel much the same (if the victim is unaware of the manipulation). I imagine it's the kind of spell that while not strictly speaking is illegal still might get you punished by the professors. It's not a terribly ethical thing to do... The Amacita pheme it uses is taught through mastery but also from several other skills. "Distilled friendship"...
  19. So I've been filling in the results because I'm a bit curious. Just half-way through the midterms so far, but I noticed you had not included Neta Xemutre in the Botany class, and Sheary Warrington did not show up as having attended exam in my log. I thought the teachers would drag them there no matter what? I assume that means he got a 0 on the midterm, or was it just my log not writing his result properly? Also in Geometry you didn't write Courtenay de Surval, but you wrote Aveline who doesn't have that class. Great bit of work though. I think It's nice to see who is on top in each class.
  20. If you raise manipulation to 10 you'll get an awesome little spell called Schism that temporarily lowers relations between two students of your choice (yourself can be one of them) to -4 for a period of three days. It will fracture any clique typically expelling the one you wanted and unless Cyrus had good relations with others in your clique he'd probably leave on his own. I've used that spell quite a bit, when students I want in my clique is part of another clique this will split them out nice and quick and it requires less actions than other ways to bring relations down. When it comes to your own relations the temporary nature of this spell even allows you to remain friends afterwards. You know, I would have thought a spell like this would be mastery of sorts. It's just a glamour spell though, so perfectly legal... Maybe it would be mastery if it had been more permanent?
  21. But I take it you won't be able to experience them on the same day you are skipping class?
  22. Maybe skipping could earn you demerits and excelling during class could randomly add merits. Excessive skipping could perhaps give a negative class credit as well?
  23. Well the extra required skill steps would be balanced against the increased learning during classes, the only problem would be increased difficulty for self study of those skills, but it probably wouldn't be by much and I'd say it would make a lot of sense as currently you'll probably make as much progress studying on your own as when a teacher is actively teaching you. I just hate how the truly ambitious students are encouraged by the mechanics to actually skip classes in order to learn. Another mechanic that would have been interesting would be filling the "empty" sessions with some sort of automatic compete function where the colleges gain random merit depending on the skills of their students.
  24. I'd prefer if all days counted towards learning something so you couldn't rely on being able to skip at all. Instead of having all 3 classes teach on some days and none on others it'd be better to distribute them throughout the year. Moreover if too much is getting learned because all days teach something then make each skill require more skill steps, that especially makes sense for the magical skills.
  25. Will students be given new portraits in year 2 (or future years)? Also will there be many new professors we haven't met yet? Will any of the new year 1 students be known to us, or are they too far beneath our notice?
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