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  1. Gorkan;


    "Sorry guys but you are no Rowling or Martin."


    I'll have to tell you the writers you said that. :)


    But seriously, we're a small Team and this is hobby time for everyone. We love what we do, and we make progress every week, but that's the reality of our development. Do your best to wait patiently, we want you playing almost as much as you want to! :)

    well perhaps kickstarter would help after Finishing year 2. it would allow you to make year 3 even better.


    and even if kickstarter will fail. atleast you will gain some customers ;) and more people will know about this awesome game

  2. i would like to ask because you started developed year 1 about 3 years ago now it seems that by the beginning of 2014 you will have year 2 completed and basicaly you will have so basicaly 2 games in 4 years.


    eee Sorry for being kinda chaotic bad basicaly nobody wants to wait 15 years to have this Amazing Saga completed

    Sorry guys but you are no Rowling or Martin.


    sorry if i seems arrogant i just realy enjoyed game.

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