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  1. Hey Schwarzbart I was the one who mentioned Tale of Wuxia a couple years back in another thread. Really glad you liked it! I've probably played through that game a dozen times. Unfortunately, as you noted, the pre-sequel is more of a typical RPG rather than a RPG/simulator hybrid like Tales of Wuxia was but it's still a fun game if you've played the first one. But still if you liked it you may be interested in the current game being worked on by that developer; like the pre-sequel I think this is more of a typical RPG but it also seems to have much more of an open world feel to it if that's your thing. The trailer was released a couple weeks ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XvlVLS3NwQY While I highly recommend Tale of Wuxia I feel like I should warn you that the "official" translation was actually a community effort done with the devs approval and then uploaded to steam. What this means is that hundreds of people volunteered for it and as such the quality of the translation varies immensely. Some parts were done by people with an excellent grasp of both chinese and english while other parts are quite obviously google translated and barely edited. But if that doesn't bother you then go for it! There's currently a modding effort being done in the english community to improve the UI for the english version as well as to translate the free expansion which never got translated into english so hopefully we'll be getting more content for it soon. On another note it's funny that I haven't checked this thread in years but I've literally played every game mentioned. Birds of a feather flock together and all that Let me see if I can offer some more suggestions. -Choice of Games: Was mentioned back on page 1 but this company has really come a long way over the past couple years. Their games are also now available on the google play store, the apple app store, the amazon app store, and on PC through steam or you can play the games online directly through their website. Here's the full list for anyone who wants to check it out: https://www.choiceofgames.com/category/our-games/ And here's a few recommendations from me. -Choice of Rebels Uprising: My personal favorite, Choice of rebels is maybe the single best choose your own adventure novel I've ever played and I've played A TON of CYOA novels. It's incredibly in depth and if you wish to you also have the option of playing a mage character. You play as a rebel in a tyrannical magocracy ruled by nigh immortal blood wizards who've enslaved the populace. But if you wish it you can learn their blood magic and use it against them to lead your rebellion. Or don't, if you don't feel like it. The amount of options in this game are baffling. https://store.steampowered.com/app/748890/Choice_of_Rebels_Uprising/ -Psy High: Ok this one's definitely a bit more in line with Academagia so I need to throw it out there. Your a high school kid with psychic super powers at a super powered psychic high school. I can't really explain it any better than the official description. "Interactive teen supernatural mystery! You and your friends have developed magical psychic powers. Solve the case, save your school, find a date for prom!". https://store.steampowered.com/app/339510/Psy_High/ -Choice of Romance: Another one more in line with Academagia. You're not a teenager in this one but instead a young nobleman/or noblewoman who lives in medieval fantasy setting. In the country you live in all the nobles are mages so of course you can choose to have a magic focused character if you please. The plot involves you getting shipped off to the royal court by your family in an attempt to help you find a suitor or possibly increase your family's standing by playing court politics. https://store.steampowered.com/app/492370/Affairs_of_the_Court_Choice_of_Romance/ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Winter Wolves: Was mentioned earlier in the thread but I don't think anyone linked any games. Winter Wolves is a small indie company that makes very high quality games. His games tend to be a mix visual novels/RPGs or visual novels/simulation. My personal favorite are his visual novel/rpg hybrid games set in Aravorn, his own medieval fantasy setting. Gonna forewarn you now but I'm a huge fanboy of all of the games Winter Wolves makes. Here's the home page if you want to browse the full collection: https://www.winterwolves.com/ And here's a list of games set in the Aravorn setting: -Loren The Amazon Princess: Visual Novel/RPG. The first game made in his Aravorn series, anyone whose played those old Bioware table top inspired PC RPGs will enjoy this series. A long fantasy epic with the option to play as male or female with multiple romances for both genders and sexualities, a large cast, different endings based on your choices and relationships, and turn based battles. As you'd expect from an epic fantasy game it involves saving the world from an ancient evil. Also comes with the free expansion pack Castle of N'Mar. This game also won several awards for an indie game. https://www.winterwolves.com/lorenamazonprincess.htm -Tales of Aravorn - Seasons of the Wolf: Visual Novel/RPG. A spiritual successor of sorts to Loren so it's recommended to play that first. Also set in Aravorn and after Loren although not directly related to the story of that game. Like Loren it's a long fantasy RPG with the option to play as male or female with multiple romances for both genders and sexualities, a large cast, different endings based on your choices and relationships, and turn based battles. Unlike Loren which has a more "epic" plot Seasons of the Wolf instead has a more down to earth and focused plot; you're not heroes trying to save the world, but just two elf siblings who were captured by slavers and are just trying to get back home half the world away. It uses an improved version of the game mechanics of Loren since it came afterwards. Also has an expansion called "Bad Blood" that needs to be purchased in addition. Game: https://www.winterwolves.com/seasonsofthewolf.htm + Expansion: https://www.winterwolves.com/SOTWbadblood.htm -Cursed Lands: Visual Novel/RPG. The newest game in the Aravorn setting that just came out a couple weeks ago. This one is a direct prequel to Loren the Amazon Princess so it's necessary you play that game first; and personally I'd also recommend playing SotW before this one as well. Uses the same game mechanics as Loren and SotW but even further improved. Like the previous two games this is a long fantasy RPG where you can play as male or female, features a large cast with several romance options for both genders and sexualities, different possible endings based on your choices and relationships, and turn based battles. I actually haven't played this one yet but I'm expecting it to be amazing just like the previous two games. https://www.winterwolves.com/cursedlands.htm -Queen of Thieves: Visual Novel/RPG(lite)/Dating Simulator. A spin off game in the Aravorn setting. Unlike the main titles which are lengthy RPG games this one is actually a dating sim set in a single city and its surrounding environs that exists in the Aravorn setting. It also has some lite RPG aspects like turn based combat, equipment & loot, skill trees, etc. but it's toned down in comparison to the main Aravorn titles above. As well as some thievery themed mini-games. In this game you simultaneously play as three sisters, all renowned thieves, who are the daughters of a legendary female thief called the Queen of Thieves who vanished when they were children. Romance options include both straight and lesbian love interests for all of the sisters. https://www.winterwolves.com/queenofthieves.htm -Amber's Magic Shop: Visual Novel/Dating Simulator/Shop Builder Simulator. The only Aravorn game that doesn't feature RPG features like combat. Like Queen of Thieves this is a dating simulator set inside a single city in the Aravorn setting as well as its surrounding environs. It doesn't have combat but it does have a neat crafting system which you use to manage and stock your very own magic shop. There are still some RPG aspects in the form of quests that require you to utilize the crafting system to craft very specific items and fill requests. In this game you play as a young dark elf woman named Amber; she's an aspiring alchemist and has moved to a large city to try and start a successful business. Romance options include both straight and lesbian love interests. And that's it for the Aravorn titles. Keep in mind he has a bunch of great games outside of Aravorn, I just personally am a huge fan of medieval fantasy RPG and simulator games. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Hanako Games: Ok I don't think I need to explain her games since she was in the thread earlier and all . Suffice to say, all her games are QUALITY. My personal favorites are Magical Diary, Long Live the Queen, and Black Closet, but really they're all great. To anyone who has played her games before but not for awhile go check out the website! She's had some great releases recently. If anyone wants more in depth rundowns on her games just let me know I've played almost all of them. https://www.hanakogames.com/ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Speaking of Visual Novel/Stat raising simulators there's been a few releases on steam the past couple of years. To anyone not familiar with this genre they usually involve you mentoring a young girl(s) in order for her to grow up and become a successful adult and use a combination of visual novel storytelling combined with RPG like stat raising and schedule management simulation They tend to include various romance options for your "daughter" as well as multiple different endings based on your choices and her stats. To anyone whose played the amazing Long Live the Queen from Hanako games that would also fall into this category. -Littlewitch Romanesque - Editio Regia: Princess Maker was mentioned earlier in the thread so I think this deserves a mention. It's more of a visual novel in comparison to that series but it also features some simulation aspects such as stat-raising and mini-games to influence said simulation aspects. You play as a powerful reclusive wizard who's been tasked with mentoring two very talented but naive young witches. Raise their stats through mini-games and managing their schedules and lessons, send them on quests etc. https://store.steampowered.com/app/349300/Littlewitch_Romanesque_Editio_Regia/ -Princess Maker series: Way back in 2011 someone mentioned in this thread that Princess Maker 5 was being fan translated. Well that fan translation got picked up and made official and was released last week on steam. Over the past few years the developer has been trying to get the entire series translated and released on steam -Princess Maker Refine: An updated verson of the original game from 1991. https://store.steampowered.com/app/583040/Princess_Maker_Refine/ -Princess Maker 2 Refine: An updated version of the second game from 1993. This one has stayed a fan favorite despite its age. https://store.steampowered.com/app/523000/Princess_Maker_2_Refine/ -Princess Maker 3 - Fairy Tales Come True: Third title in the series. Originally released on playstation in 1997. I haven't actually played this one so I can't really comment on it but the general consensus among fans is that 2 was the better game. https://store.steampowered.com/app/650110/Princess_Maker_3_Fairy_Tales_Come_True/ -Princess Maker 5: The latest game in the franchise from 2007. If the other games in the series feel to dated for you this one is your best bet. I haven't played this one yet but the game was very well received on launch. In comparison to previous titles it's noted for being a much longer game. Some people liked that aspect while others didn't; it's up to you to decide. https://store.steampowered.com/app/724250/Princess_Maker_5/ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Stardew Valley: I wouldn't really consider this one similar to Academagia but Harvest Moon was mentioned earlier so I think this deserves a mention. Obviously inspired by Harvest Moon and the genre that spun off of that this game is a combination of a farming sim and a dating sim. It also features some very RPG lite features like a bare bones action combat system. Start a farm, cultivate your land, harvest your crops, raise livestock, expand your farm with more buildings, explore the neighboring town and meet its extensively well written denizens. Find love and have a baby etc. I feel like much doesn't need to be said about this game since it's one of the best selling indie games of all time I'd be really surprised if anyone here hadn't heard of it. https://store.steampowered.com/app/413150/Stardew_Valley/ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And that's it for now. I've actually got a lot more to recommend but it's 2 AM and I've got class in the morning . I've got a whole list of games inspired by or similar to King of Dragon Pass as well as some very well written english visual novels for people who really liked the storytelling aspect of Academagia so I'll try to list those tomorrow when I'm free.
  2. I'd second this as being a very similar type of SIM/RPG hybrid, just mystical kung fu themed instead of magic school. And while that 2001 version you linked hasn't been translated, a greatly enhanced and improved remake of the game has been translated and released on steam recently, called Tale of Wuxia. http://store.steampowered.com/app/377530/ I'd highly recommend this game to anyone looking for a similar title to hold you over until the DLC 17 release. Also on a positive note, despite Tale of Wuxia being foreign, having an overall poor translation, and being in an extremely obscure genre, it's actually seen a decent amount of success and has been met with a mostly positive response. If an obscure Chinese game with an engrish translation, hardly any fanbase, and no advertising can do decently, a game of Academagia's quality should easily make the Steam best seller list
  3. I don't have any items so I guess it's a bug, but I do need to patch my game so I'll do that. But thanks for the speedy reply! This game and the customer support for it are both top-notch.
  4. My Theory Of Incantation skill maximum is 12, but it says Skill Level at Maximum even though I'm only at 10. And no matter how much I train it doesn't level up to 11. Any ideas?
  5. Hi, I'm new to this game and was introduced playing at a friends house. It's seriously addicting, honestly the best game I've played in years! But the lag on his computer was a bit unbearable at times(it's a pretty old pc). So before I purchase this amazing game I'm going to upgrade my computer so I don't have to worry about that. I was hoping some experienced users would be kind enough to reccomend me some computer specs that can handle this game with minimal lag(or none if that's possible). Or if you want to tell me your computer specs and lag times when playing I'd be very interested to see how other comps handle this game.
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