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  1. Thank you so much for answering my question! Installing it manually worked perfectly, and now I can finally play the new adventures! (Not so great news for my real-life academic studies, however...)
  2. Hey, this may be kind of a stupid question, but if you play Academagia on the Beamdog client do you have to wait for updates or can you update it manually? I've been interested in playing the new content since DLC 14, but there hasn't been any update prompting from the client since I bought the game. Have I doomed my chances at playing the new content by buying the game through Beamdog?
  3. Thank you for the answers Legate, they're much appreciated. I'll look into the skills you mentioned. Out of curiosity though, what counts as "incredibly atrocious" for Elumia excluding defecting to the Dragons? Is it the same general ethical/moral "don't cross the line" with our society or is there specific acts considered atrocities by Elumians that would be unique to them? And are Elumian!Russia and Poland near Staade in terms of geography?
  4. Heya, new to the forums and just recently introduced to the wonderful splendiferous thing that is Academagia, and I had a few in-game questions for the Legate. 1) How do the major regions of Elumia, let's say Auncsey, Meril, Vilocia ( or just Staade), Renaglia, and the Strozzan Islands view each other, or what stereotypes they believe about the others? (fake!ex. All Vilocians are hosers to the Auncish) 2) Is there a fantasy Slavic equivalent somewhere? Because if there's a fantasy!Ukraine I will cry tears of joy and happiness. 3) What is Morvidus's attitude towards students who are into being artsy, considering the rivalry with Vernin? Would a kid in Morvidus that expressed an interest in art or architecture be mocked and bullied? Or is the hate for Vernin just for their opulence and snobbery? 4) Where are Prudence Cossins, Iustus Venture, Emilia Picotti, and Durand de Thiomenes from? I'm guessing Prudence is Auncish, but I'm not entirely sure about the rest. 5) I'm in love with Oan as a character (she'ssocooool), is she going to appear and have adventures with us in future years? 6) Where is Sae'on, and what culture is it's real world analogue? I don't see it on the map of Elumia, and I'm deeply curious about the bubble-volcano city. I've been operating from the impression it's either east or south-east of Elumia. 7) Have there been incidents where an Elumian defects to Dragon-controlled lands? If so, how many? 8) What are the grounds for charges of treason in Elumia? Does it differ from nation to nation, and/or is it possible to get branded as a traitor to Elumia as a whole? ...aaaannnnddd I think that's all for now. If the answer to any of my questions is in the in-game lore, could I get a nudge in the right direction to uncover it, please? I'm still flailing around trying to comprehend all the options and paths there are to take. @.@
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