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  1. Thanks Schwarzbart and Torolf for your very detailed answers. Just to be sure I understand: attending the classes actually does raise your training level in those class-based skills over time? I don't recall seeing any messsages to that effect and hadn't realized that was happening, so I was focused on putting almost all my own training into raising those class skills. About friendship: I actually HAD read the text on the mentoring mission about friendship, but it basically just said to use gossip to increase relationships, and then befriend them. And in my case, gossip wasn't working, and befriend wasn't available as an option and I had no idea how to get it. The missing bit for me was the need to put points into Social Skills. I had several points in each of the other school survival skills and thought I was all set. About that cave: I believe I found it just by exploring, so there was no path of other dialectic locations (and I didn't have that class). So I guess that's why it wasn't available. Between this, the unstated tuition requirement for Contu's School, and the numerous not very useful places I found, I'm wondering if there's much benefit to spending a lot of time exploring.
  2. Playing my first playthrough, and I'm pretty clueless about what I should be doing. I watched all the Youtube tutorials and read the manual, but none of that helps with what you should be doing once you actually start the school year. I have the "Work til you drop" action that I've been using, but I get ill if I use it more than twice without resting, so it's not all that efficient. I've almost exclusively been trying to train in my class skills, but I'm getting creamed in most of the random encounters, which don't seem to use the class skills. If I have to train and study outside of class to raise those scores, is there any benefit to actually attending the classes? What stuff is best to train in at the beginning, and how high do I need to get it? When do I need to start focusing on getting the class skills raised? Some questions: I'm about 5-6 weeks in and have no clue how to make friends. My gossip option is purple and I don't seem to have any other friend-make abilities. There's supposed to be a "Befriend" option, but I don't have that. I'm not sure what to do here to increase relationshsips with others and make them into friends. Is there any point in doing Gossip if it's in purple? How many relationship points do you need to make a friend? How do you take advantage of your familiar? What are the benefits? I've gotten my familiar (dog) bond level to 3, but have no idea what the benefit of that is. I also can't seem to make any progress on the Familiar: prepare for the Dog Show adventure. Am I wasting my time with all this familiar stuff? Other questions: I found a hallway location that said "increase an attribute when you spend time there", but I see no action or ability to actually do that. In the abilities/actions list on the left hand side is one to study incantations at some school to gain extra skill points, but I can't actually select that on my calendar. Similarly, there was some cave I discovered that said I could enter to lose leadership but gain a bunch of points in some other stuff. But again, I can't seem to select that on my calendar. I've seen some posts here talking about having Attributes of 6+. How the heck do you do that? Edit: Oops, one more question: how much exploring should I be doing, and where is it best to explore? Thanks!
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