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  1. Okay So I uninstalled the game and patch, deleted all folders pertaining to the game. Reinstalled the game and redownloaded the patch. I had to copy/replace the original game files with the ones from the patch folder. That was the only other thing I could do. And it WORKED!. So future reference to those having same issues, try this as well. it may just work. So now I get to finally play up from the spoon demo.
  2. I did run the exe as administrator, I deleted the cache and I reinstalled the patch. I still got the system error.
  3. I have windows 7, I followed everything, I ran the .exe not the shortcut and I get system error occurred. Application will be terminated. I have no clue what to do. I bot this from the main sight you have listed on the website (BMTmicro). Iam at a loss as to what to do.
  4. I got a question: How long does detention last? Can't seem to find that answer anywhere.
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