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  1. Jojeke

    DLC 16 Bugs

    The marat sequences seem to be wonky. In my game, after completing #1, the game said my cap was still 10 (but I could go to 11) and now that I'm at 13 after #3, it tells me that I can go higher (but I'm capped and it won't go up) The indication of the cap on the skill list and the real cap seem to be off.
  2. I just saw the familiar Rock (that's new right?). That sounds sooooooooo awesome... but I like Pamela too much to trade her =(
  3. Who are the new characters? (can't tell, it's been a while since my last game)
  4. Jojeke

    Mod Tools

    Couple of questions. I think some of them have been said before but I getting confused. #1 I remember reading about a new mod tool. We will have access to it eventually? #2 Will DLC 16 need a new mod base? #3 How about 17? (if it's known)
  5. Most probably because you need a GoG account to vote. People reading this thread may not have one.
  6. I'm waiting for DLC 16 to make my final year 1 character. Otherwise, I'll feel like I missed out on something =/
  7. Jojeke

    DLC 15 Bugs

    Typos are probably the easiest thing to fix, I wouldn't worry about it =P
  8. Jojeke

    DLC 15 Bugs

    People drive badly enough over here that I can't see how a computer could do worst =P
  9. Does this reduce only the odds of casting a spell (the calendar activity) or would it also affect casting challenges when doing random events or adventures ?
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