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  1. The latest links are broken - would it be possible for you to upload this again? It's a really great creation.
  2. Will there be a magical pastry shop? There's nothing quite like good pastry after a morning of calligraphy study... I am sure the wealthy eat a sumptuous cuisine, but overall, how is nutrition in this world? Are famines very common? What is the typical peasant diet - bread, beans, dairy and very small amounts of meat, or are things a little better than that? Do many lowborn people show physical signs of malnutrition? (Also, thank you for answering the tons of questions everyone has!)
  3. Regarding the summer (if you can say): will your character be forced to return home if home is nearby, or can they elect to stay on their own in the city and work/do other things anyway (especially in the case of a black sheep)? Will we see more calligraphy actions? Not that forging checks isn't awesome. What about the items - the inks and quills, which seem to be unequippable. Will we be able to use those in the future? I admit I am intrigued at the idea of making and using magical inks. How are divorces handled in Elumia, especially among those of wealth or the nobility? Are they readily available, or only with special dispensations? I imagine the potential for terrible and drawn-out litigation if it's primarily a matter for the courts. What about arranged marriages - are they common in the upper ranks of society? Is descent most commonly determined through the matrilineal or patrilineal line, and does this differ significantly between regions?
  4. I think random events tied to an emotional state would be interesting. For example, if you were feeling humiliated, you might have a chance at getting one of a certain set of emotion-related events; maybe depending on the exits, you'd have a chance of removing the emotion, or gaining/losing a skill step depending on how you chose to handle the situation. Perhaps for a good emotion, you might have a chance at extending the emotion a day beyond where it would normally wear off due to stress, etc. I remember reading that there will be a map in year 2, but what about some smaller maps as attached to, for example, a few certain lores you get when you delve deeply into some research topic? It would be interesting to find maps of the world or regions in the course of your studies in-game. Of course I don't mean totally accurate maps, especially for less-known areas. Many world maps from the 1400s-1600s and before look very strange compared to what we know about the continents today, but still have interesting and informative elements despite their inaccuracies. Disregard this if there's already a clear and concise in-game understanding of the geography of the whole of Elumia; I don't remember that being the case, but perhaps it is. This would be nice from a flavor perspective. That said, I understand that art is expensive.
  5. Hi, I'm Lapis. I've been lurking for quite some time, but finally decided to come out of the woodwork. I've been having a great time with Academagia - I love the sheer amount of choices and skills available. I just started playing around with the mod tools as well, and I'm so glad they exist; it's nice to be able to create personalized adventures for my characters. I think I might be addicted to reading lore, so hopefully there's lots more coming...and I am of course eagerly anticipating Year 2. Nice to meet you all!
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