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  1. Thanks to all, and especially the Legate, for the answers! I just have a few follow-up questions. 1. So the Regents are nominated from among leading citizens and money (unsurprisingly) gives one influence over the nominations, but who makes the final call? The Praetexta Court? 2. Why did Calvius having a child lead to a war? 3. I would have expected any descendants of the New Gods to be honored, maybe even revered. Does the distrust towards Auncesay stem only from bad feelings left over from the war, or does it have another, perhaps religious, dimension? Is this why the King of Auncesay was not chosen to be Emperor after the destruction of Monteon? 4. Since the New Gods physically died before ascending, do they have tombs or burial places? If so, are their locations known, perhaps as pilgrimage sites?
  2. Hello all! I've been playing Academagia on and off for about two years now, and more recently started poking around the forums. I'm really impressed by both the depth of the worldbuilding behind this game and willingness of the devs to answer so many questions on the subject. I've finally managed to make my way through this entire thread and now find myself with a few (okay, more than a few) questions of my own. I apologize in advance if any of these have been answered elsewhere and I either missed or forgot about them. 1. Do the subdivisions of the larger political units on the map have a general name (ex. regions, counties, provinces)? What is their political or cultural significance? 2. Are the students who share a family name with one of these regions from a ruling family, or does it simply indicate that they came from the region, like Leonardo da Vinci came from the town of Vinci? Or is it the first in some cases and the second in others? 3. Are any of the game locations in Elumia Proper outside of the region of Mineta? 4. On which 'coast' of the island of Mineta is the city of Mineta? 5. Just to get a sense of scale for the map, about how large is the island of Mineta? I imagine it being about the size of Great Britain, but I could see it being significantly larger or smaller. 6. What happened to the New Gods? Did their physical bodies die, did they physically ascend to heaven, or did they just vanish in some way? 7. How did the Empire pass from divine to human rule? Did the New Gods have any human descendants, and do any of those descendants still live? 8. Does the Legate of the Academagia serve for a certain term, until death or retirement, or at the pleasure of the Regents? 9. Can the Regents remove the Legate, and if so, does it take a simple majority vote, or are there other requirements? Can any Regent request such a vote at any time? 10. How are the Regents chosen, and how can they be removed? 11. Would becoming a Regent without having previously been a professor be common, unusual, or almost unheard of? 12. Does the widespread suspicion of Pievre cause trouble at the Academagia for any of the students from that nation? I believe Milena, at least, is from there. 13. A couple of the students, (Sima, Tulia, and Magsa), look Indian to me. Is there an India-analogue among the islands, and if so, are any or all of them from there? 14. And finally, just because I'm particularly fond of them, can you tell me where Honors, Neta, and Zoe are from? Thanks!
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