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  1. According to her description, Coca specifically is three feet from muzzle to tail.
  2. 4) Assuming that all adventures take place (Main Adventure, Cloudy Skies, Carnage on the Fields, Aultrine Order, Briardi's past, and whatever else happens that I haven't gone through), the level of events is almost certainly abnormal, although the amount of things taking place may not be. Particularly not for first-years. 5) Doesn't it say in his description that he is far more hands-on than most Legates are? Although I don't know if that's due to tradition or if the Legate's really aren't supposed to interfere that much, so .... 8) Piggy-backing off of this, how fast are the Red Ships? They're supposed to have been built to outrun Dragons, and they move fast enough to exert gravitic pressure on their occupants .... 17) Pamela is too awesome for the player's mind to encompass! (More seriously, she just doesn't really give off the vibe of someone who could actually 'do' an Adventure ... at least until she gets more confident.) 23) There haven't been 27) I think the Legate mentioned that they were used in all pillars. Edit: And beaten by ten minutes. :/ Ah, well; Legate, do you know how fast Red Ships are?
  3. Where, where! I've been looking for one to ... uh ... do something important with. I really need one. Where is it? Did I miss it?
  4. Amusingly, there isn't a (first-year) spell to summon Fireballs actually in Incantation .... I mean, there's Fire Shards, sure, but according to Grainne you actually need to delve into some kind of Forbidden Magic to actually call forth a Fireball. No clue what she's talking about though, maybe you should talk to Lambert about it? I mean, he tried to foist forbidden magic onto me when we were rescuing Pamela ... (BTW, I just *love* the 'failure' for the Revision option - Pamela can't affect the physical world except in minor ways my left foot!). But no, the idea was to Enchant my nostrils to Revise any ejecta into (nonmagical) fireballs, as opposed to creating a swarm of Fireballs each time I sneezed.
  5. By Year 5, if I'm not kicking out a cloud of Fireballs every time I sneeze, I've been wasting my time learning Revision and Enchantment!
  6. So it's more "Fail the last skill check in an incredibly dangerous situation" than "accidentally set yourself up to fail"?
  7. On the one hand ... I need to get that spell. How do you learn it? On the other hand ... I will always refer to it as (Correcting the title) "Inexplicable Hovering and Hen Noises."
  8. ... I can't find "Inexplicable Clucking Sounds" in the database
  9. Alright, so ... another question. If my memory serves, Legate, you said something about death being a possibility as early as Year 2. Is that only going to be a result of failure of skill rolls (or whatever), or can a player get themselves killed through bad decisions (IE, taking a certain path through an adventure gets you killed even if you Pass all the checks, like in Carnage on the Fields or Cloudy Skies if the player hadn't been saved by a griffin / sheer dumb luck)?
  10. Is Freespace correct in that there won't be any additional difficulties casting other spells unless the wand itself is flawed? Also, would the appending be always on, or would it need to be triggered? From the Legate's replies earlier in the thread, it seems that Orthography is more suited for one-shot effects, and that general Enchantment more suitable for lasting effects (or perhaps it's simply easier to create a durable Enchantment than an endurable Orthographical inscription). It might be that if you simply have a wand that is always "on," you would only need Enchantment, while having one with a triggered effect would require Orthography.
  11. Preloaded? I assume that means it comes with spells on it ... I think I've seen it before, and I'd assumed it meant that the wand functioned like a D&D Wand - aim, trigger the wand (however you do it), and it fires off a specific spell. Is that the way preloaded wands work, or is it different?
  12. Okay, so another Enchantment question (sort of): So, the Wands we have access to in the game (as first-years) just increase Chance of Success and/or apply a skill boost - so a Wand of Incantation gives +20% CoS to Incantation spells and +1 to Incantation, or whatever the exact benefits are. Is it possible to enchant a Wand to automatically append a Pheme or even a finished spell onto a spell that is cast (in lore, more than WRT game mechanics, since this would probably be difficult to handle). So if you have a Wand that you want to turn into a Wand of Lightning, could you enchant it to stick a Lightning Pheme to any spell that's cast with it, or even the Throw Lightning spell? If it is possible, would it increase the difficulty of the base spell in the same way that adding Phemes manually does? Increase Chance of Failure?
  13. Personal Head-canon: That fortune-teller in Catherine's Adventure is not a quack, and Catherine will become the next Empress of the Empire of Man United. My Enchanters are all going to have so much fun examining all the buildings Ohhh .... I have no idea how that happened. I hate trying to learn new forum behaviours :mad:
  14. Hello, all! I spent ... a week, I think? ... reading through this thread; it's been very informative! I do have some questions, though: 1) Does Pamela have an official last name? If so, will we learn it or has it been lost to the centuries? 2) Would it be possible to enchant a teddy bear to move and fight for Pamela, and would this be possible before the end of year 5? Would it be possible to buy one? How much would it cost? 3) Are there any plans for a Raven familiar? 4) Any word on Catherine Chard's real eye color, or is it still [redacted]? 5) At what level would a Revisionist be capable of creating the changes in a human body required to let the human purr? 6) Am I correct in understanding that Enchantment, while 'weaker' than the Pillars of magic, is capable of surpassing them with time and money? I mean, that a less-skilled Enchanter can create effects as impressive - or more impressive - than a more skilled ... say Negationist - so long as he had enough time? 7) Does Enchantment require grounding in a Pillar to create similar effects, or is just the Phemic knowledge enough? So if an Enchanter wanted to make an Anti-Magic Cage, would he also need a strong background in Negation, or would just knowing the right Phemes be enough? 8) I guess related to #7 ... if I wanted to Enchant a Wand of Lightning Bolts, would I need to Enchant it with the Throw Lightning spell, or could I just use Lightning Phemes? If both are capable of generating the desired effect, is there a difference between the two methods? 9) Are the Chards Nobility? Royal Descendants? Or "just" filthy, filthy rich? 10) Pending the results of #9, has it been specifically confirmed that Catherine Chard has no possibility of having divine heritage? 11) Is it really that easy to create a flying pirate dorm (room), or does the PC/Zoe utilize pre-existing enchantments on the Hedi dorms? If the latter, do the other dorms also have ... interesting ... Enchantments on them? ... I think that's it for now. Thank you for any answers!
  15. Greetings to the most honored Legate of Mineta (from the purring cat in my lap as I type this); hello, everyone! I have, obviously, just now joined the forums, and while I will probably be busy improving my Infiltration, Hide, and Move Silently (as well as some Negation ...), I may pop in from time to time. My first introduction to Academagia was actually about a year ago, when Bobbin Threadbare's LP showed up in the Archives. Since then I've played the game a bit with a friend's computer and composed some truly terrible fanfiction that will never see the light of day because I haven't written any of it down! Anyway, after going to the wiki and noticing that Year 2 is going to be released soon, I've gone ahead and bought the game for myself. You learn so much more when you can take your own time through the beauty that is this game. Good fortune to all, may the weather ever be on your side, and to the team: take your time!
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