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  1. I tell you buddy, I'm down to see year 2 in 2014 I mean I don't feel the pain of the long wait since I only picked it up back in November, but I feel you man. Just party on and praise the sun dude, praise the sun.
  2. Having clique members in rival colleges will have some sort of impact I hear, but that might not come into full fruition until year 3. If anyone can confirm or deny that.
  3. Is capital punishment something that still is carried out in Elumia and if so what would you have to do to be broken on the wheel?
  4. Alright thanks mate, one more before I think I'll finally get around to writing this vignette on that Role playing board of yours what region of the world would be considered the steppes if any exist at all and could you explain, or just link me to the response if its already been asked what each region of the world is like.
  5. How about Condottieri? Are mercenaries a normal thing when it comes to career soldiers? are there great companies like The Black Company, both the French company and the fantasy company from the novels of the same name.
  6. Aw you cheeky bastard, alright then. So exactly what is the propulsion systems of the airships? Wind? Steam? Magic? Other? Is airship the preferred method of travel as opposed to ships by water and horses? I assume so as some of the islands are floating.
  7. Hell yeah man always with the Russians and Grunty. Anyway back on topic What is the exact deal with Durand and Aranz's rivalry? how did that start or is this something that's going to get explored in a later game and can't be talked about?
  8. I was going to use the surreal painting of a pipe saying "this is not a pipe," but went with Igor Dolvich from Jagged Alliance instead
  9. I remember that movie, especially the boombox scene and Low Rider (I think it was Low Rider its been a few years) playing for the training. No worries mate.
  10. Actually Free, I am quite knowledgeable on real world feudalism through the ages and I am just looking for exactly how its handled here.
  11. What are the duties of one in nobility? Is it like our aristocracy? Being that the men exist solely to manage the estate and lands while the women exist to do charity work and find a good husband? are arranged marriages a common thing? What kind of nobility is the kind for the player character for that background trait? Like the Crawley family in Downton Abbey, a minor noble family however very rich nonetheless.
  12. Groovy now another couple questions: 1) as our characters get older, how will this feudal-esque (which I only gather is like that due to that map saying there are Duchies, but I assume its more like the Holy Roman Empire, an elective monarchy) society be affecting us? will students of different classes like that Vernin girl, who is of royal blood and whose name eludes me at the current moment, become more condescending towards more common students or is everyone inside the Academagia equal under the Legate's eyes? 2) will we get to know more about our peers beyond the paragraph of back story you get when you click their names? I mean, I completed Katjaa's adventure and I still don't know this character well aside from that she really likes the violin.
  13. Are there patricians in this world? Like the republics of medieval Italy with families like Visconti and with titles like Most Serene Doge. It may have been asked earlier, but I am not digging through 200 pages for the answer.
  14. I feel as if I am missing something here and I'm not exactly sure if I want to know.
  15. You might have a point there. I hope that the worst case scenario doesn't in fact happen. I figure we'll see exactly where the die rolls when the time comes though.
  16. Well Free, I can tell you that Duke Nukem Forever suffered from something called Developmental Hell, being it was constantly pushed back for over ten years. I remember the article after Duke Nukem 3D and getting excited to kick more alien ass and chew more gum, but the engine changed for Duke several times and ideas were kept and lost, so the end product was a sort of garbled mess that didn't know exactly what it wanted to do coupled with its raunchy jokes that passed when PC gaming was a niche audience, but now with the multimedia, people didn't find attractive women hanging off his arms and 80's one liners funny anymore. I personally hope that year 2 doesn't have those problems of having to remake their engine from the ground up several times. I mean, what could go wrong?
  17. I gotta say Irene is a whole level of crazy, beyond most of the characters I've actually managed to get conversations with. It might be because I know people like her in real life and the overprotective friends are, I gotta say, usually crazy. I mean, characters like Prudence, just a girl Jimmy Hopkins, but Irene, damn that girl crazy.
  18. Now I see. I am still relatively new to the game, but I guess it makes sense. You wouldn't want to drag your friend who happens to be in a rival school house along in something that screws over said house.
  19. Ahh okay. I just thought it strange since she instantly befriended me, being in Durand, in the first week of playing and all through that game, people joined and left my clique save for her and Katja. At the end of the year, I had relationship 10 with her and Katja, who also had relationship 10 with each other.
  20. What do I need to do exactly to get this adventure? I have a good relationship with Emilia S, but it doesn't pop up. Do I need to run into a certain random event first? EDIT: crap I posted in the wrong board
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