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  1. I agree with a lot of what Mikka said on page 1. Everyone being bisexual works in some games, but might not be a good fit for Academagia. Anyway, what I came into this ancient thread to say is that I'd love gay/bi romance options, either official ones or via mods. But even if there aren't any official ones I'd really like some NPC's to be officially non-straight. You wouldn't even have to make a big deal out of it, just putting it there so that some players would notice would be enough for me. Just to acknowledge that, you know, non-straight people exist. You've got all these actions to influence members of the opposite sex, as well as being able to spend background points on being popular with the opposite sex, and there are some characters whose profiles only describe how popular they are with the boys/girls. When the game mechanics aren't also acknowledging that non-straight people exist, this kind of sends the wrong message. I find Academagia to be a very realistic depiction of a school. Realistic, but depressing. There are a lot of romance-related rumours and intrigue, being popular with the opposite sex is an important coolness factor, there's a lot of bullying going on and, as far as we know, no student or teacher is non-straight. I can understand why no one would want to be open about their sexuality in a school like that. (The students don't use homophobic slurs, though, so I guess in that respect it is better than reality.) Having a few NPCs that aren't straight (at least so that it's notable in the game mechanics or is mentioned briefly somewhere) might improve the school atmosphere. I don't mean to sound like this is the single most important thing to be changed and that if you don't change it the game series will be terrible. All in all, I think Academagia is a school full of wonder and magic and excitement. I'd love to go there. This one aspect of Academagia just happens to bother me.
  2. I'm sure someone in this huge thread said this already, but I'd like more options of skills to use in adventures or events. I hate it when I come across an adventure where the skill level required is really high and all I have to choose from is one or two of the more obscure skills. It's nice that all skills have their uses, but I often wish there were more options. Also, more consistency. Some of the skills are either quite alike or can be used for the same thing and I'd love it if I could then use either of them. For example, a fight could theoretically be won using either Duel or Incantation (as well as some less battle-related options). It's frustrating to be able to defeat powerful mages with my awesome Incantation skills in one adventure only to fail the next one because I must use Duel instead. Of course, if there's a specific reason one skill is more suitable then that's another matter entirely. As for the adventures themselves, I love ones that are long but are still completed in one day. I also love getting to know the characters and the world. I hate needing super high skill levels to be able to complete a series of adventures. (The students' personal adventures are extremely frustrating, since you have to do a gazillion separate adventures with frighteningly high requirements toward the end. What makes these adventures even more frustrating is that I desperately want to see how they end, because they're really exciting and fun.) So, that's my feedback on adventures.
  3. Hi! I just finished my first playthrough. I like games with RPG elements (the more the better) and I just love how much thought has gone into the world and the characters. It's so immersive and so addictive. Since I'm gonna be around for a while, scouring this forum for information on how to be at least moderately good at the game, I might as well say hello and join the discussions. So... hi!
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