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  1. Okay will do. Also thank you again for your help back on the other thread Schwarzbart. I will post back here if her adventure begins to glitch though.
  2. Ye so according to the wiki Pamela's image is supposed to be the spirit picture but both in this and a previous test game it is the picture that matches the shade instead. It still has the same stats and has the name Pamela (most of the time, some times it is blank but rarely) and during a random event it referred to her as him (when she/he got cornered in the kitchen and you had the several options, one of which was to whistle for him/her to come do you, which I did.) I know certain sections of the wiki are still a work in progress and wondered if the images had been changed around at all. I suspect that the name thing is down to my own computer (it does that sometimes with other programs as well), so I am not worried abou that as it seems to have no effect on the game. But is the image thing a bug or is she a shade now? Because I have yet to find out if it will affect her story line at all. I am also curious if that random event was meant for the shade and not her as well.
  3. Thank you. It took me a short while to figure out you needed to use that place as an ability rather than just do normal study there but I managed to get through my mid term. I re did my character to have zoology rather than history and managed to get a 90 in my botony class and a 100 in my music. My lowest was incantation at 46. That being said though I have't got a clique yet and aside from random events and the request a meeting with your mentor haven't done much adventureing. I have been too busy tring to get the Spinx to show up xD. I think I might have to replay so my characters life isn't as dull. Poor guy he always tries to help and often ends up failing. I think I might have book wormed on his subjects to much and not enough on his personal traits. I seem to have all the libarys now though. I have also seen Longshade mentioned alot but my tidy option for that seems to be blue still and I don't have a study ability option as I do for the others. Do I need to try and tidy there first? Or is that the option for the study effect? Edit: Never mind I just did it. Now I know for next time.
  4. I may try this. I have done a test game where I basically did as said above but instead of adding the extra points to my direct stats I also got Aptitude: scholarship, Prodigy: negation and Prodigy: incantation instead. It isn't going well. I am having to book worm in my room because I am too low to complete any adventures. Most of my options are always purple. Which would be fine if I had unlocked the learn from mistakes ability already. But I haven't. Is natural philosopy a year 2 subject? Plus you know gates
  5. What subject do I pick to make use of natural philosophy? The reason I ask is because I am going to go for the following: Astrology: the commet, Omen: Islandquake, Family: Graverobbers (hence the natural philosophy question), Family: descended from traitors, deed: a singers gift, deed: the town's pageant, Academy Vihuela of music and magic. Obviously from that I have four points spare to spend (I think) as well and music class is a must for this character. So should I just put the rest into direct stats or no? I'm thinking to put one directly in insight so I start with 3, one in luck so again 3, picking up the bitter hatred for an extra point to use on my choice of familiar then maby the last two in fitness and finesse so they start at 2 along with intelligence that gets a boost from graverobbers. Is this a good idea or do you think this is over kill on the music? I guess I could pick something other than a familiar based on what other subjects I want to go for. But what? I noticed art wasn't an exam subject either even though music is.
  6. Ok still a no go. Like I said before the error is fixed but I can't seem to overwirte it. What do I have to delet before a copy the new files in. I no longer have a saved game so? Yay I did it! Thank you.
  7. Ok thank you I am downloading the latest one now. (Goes off to try). Edit: OK I fixed the error by making the game an administartor and I have saved the file and tried extracting the latest patch/dlc over the old one. But for some reason it still hasn't updated. I know this because there is no platypus or family heritage still. But the good news is I have music now and no errors.
  8. Hi I just game across this game today. I like games that involve character development and I came across this when trying to find games in a magic school setting. My username is a combination of my two zodiac signs, I also like playing don't starve and have mixed tastes when it comes to music.
  9. Hi I just brought the game from the main site and every time I click to play it I get a System error occured. "Aplication will be terminated." If I ignore this and click on the second window (two open for some reason), I can play the game however so long as I don't try and close this other one. Also I don't know if the version you buy is up to date on patches and such but I noticed that I don't have a mods folder or anywhere that it will accept patch files after extraction. I also noticed that when you start up your character creation the "secret family heritage" which I am guessing has to do with the gates, option isn't there which makes me think I don't have the up to date version. Could someone tell me what to do when you don't have a mod or exe folder you can add these up dates to? I am on windows 7 and it seems to have saved the game in my programs 86 folder.
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