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  1. 'Cool'? Really? Aww, now I really want to finish his route... >.> But I already tried three times, did all of his capers and he still betrays Sadie in India and she does not forgive him on Chritmas... >.> I swear, that boy is driving me up the wall T-T
  2. (Yeah, he might even be too tricky for me xD Too much bother for one guy xD) Thank you again!
  3. Well... The Wiki wasn't all that helpful, but thanks anyway... I guess I'll just have to shove the guy aside, seeing how it's impossible for me to succeed... Anyway, thanks again.
  4. Well, hello there! I am new to the forums and yet I already have a question: is there anything close to a walkthrough for "Scheherazade"? I mean, I love this game (very very much), but seeing how I have already tried about three times to 'romance' Sterling and failed, I am getting kind of frustrated... I mean, I did every caper with him I could find (so, unless I am blind and stupid, that should be all of them), searched the map over and over and yet, when the Christmas party comes, no dream change... I understand that there is already a topic like this one, but (I don't want to be mean) it wasn't very helpful to me. (Also I am selfishly using this opportunity to say 'Hello') I know I am like a pit bull on a pant leg, but I just need to get through this. Thank you! (sorry for the double 'about'... I fail at the simplest things)
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