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  1. Low stat+skill and save scumming is about the only way, I think, to get solid use out of it.
  2. I'm going to assume buffing yourself so that you can buff yourself so you can buff yourself (ad nasium) so you can beat the scores of the rest of your grade combined is a recently added and overlooked rule? :-p
  3. What's the highest anyone in the Lore has scored on their finals? I just got a 1630 in my Enchant final, for example. (Yes, this is mostly me poking fun at the mechanics more than a serious question, but actually might make an interesting question for comparing characters to old legendary people that have passed through.) Edit: If 10-11 is Journeyman, I guess 163 is Super master of superness. :-p
  4. This is a case of less unlucky and more getting slammed with every possible effect if your astrology and luck is sufficiently high. Lol.
  5. "I've gotten pretty good at this whole astrology thing. Wonder if I should check some consolations to see what I'm operating under at the moment..." *Looks at stars* *Goes stark raving mad from suddenly having 15 kinds of completely random effects slam into them*
  6. That's...pretty crazy. Like, the good stuff is pretty decent, but the bad is massive. Getting a ton of effects on a good roll is actually bad in my eyes.
  7. Decided to save scum on astrology a bit to get some relationship maximums boosted. I'd never used it before, so I was a little shocked when I turned it on and it gave me 15 statuses. Figured it must be a glitch, so I reloaded and tried again. 15 statuses once more. Is this normal? Is there anyway to actually control what you get?
  8. Entirely too late for that. I just mentioned it because I happened to be on and I've noticed it a bunch. Might be best to comb through the new content.
  9. Eeesh. Yeah. I've got no idea who my Etiquette bonus went to because I've been sitting on 3+ from the start. Going to assume there's no save game dissection tool? Lol. Thanks Metis!
  10. 1: Most relationships can be increased to 11 through there quest lines. How does one go about increasing the maximum further? 2: I snagged Empathy and Serenity through one of the new quests, and apparently you can snag Instinct via leveling one of the two. Besides randomly rolling on various "Earn a step in any random skill / thing" like the Spinx or doing the Sync quest, is there a reliable way to snag Mental Bridging?
  11. A lot of the newer stuff (Events, quests) refer to the player as &player name& (Or something similar, anyhow).
  12. How's year 2's engine? Does it work better as far as late game sluggishness and crashes upon loading more than once, etc?
  13. The important question: 1:) Is Oan still around? :-p @Metis: If I recall correctly, I was spamming an intelligence + some parent casting skill or another pheme, so I could turn around and nail whatever exam was coming up's parent skill with as many pheme boosts as I could manage.
  14. Having ramped up my intelligence to stupid levels in the process of just to see what zoology score I could get (that 600 one), there's a display error once it hits triple digit numbers. Without looking at the code, I'd be surprised if it's stored on more than 2 bites, so it'd cap at 255. I could, of course, be wrong. But I have no idea why they'd assign a higher number of bite places to something 20 is considered very high in.
  15. So the question is, when I skipped class, who had to write me something like a hundred thousand reprimands? (And then, like, 150k the next time)? Lulz.
  16. Ahh. That's good to know. I wouldn't mind having capped out theory of mastery and nothing else. Knowledge is power and all that. Figure being a master of the theoretical of mastery and a badass negation mage can probably deal with Mastery. If not, I plan to be a Sync mage as well.
  17. Yeah, ran into that with the Synchronicity quest. Shame "I didn't mean to learn it, but the Sphinx kinda slipped it into a toutering session, and you don't say no to her." Wasn't an option. Gates was all me, on the other hand. >_>
  18. *Crosses arms* It's not -my- fault that the faculty is woefully incompetent at teaching and I had to outsource to the Sphinx. :-p
  19. He mentioned that they've already fixed the detention overflow, which is almost certainly what's caused it. Two turns before that, I had so many notices that a solid 3 minutes of scrolling didn't reach the end of them. One turn ago, there was noticeable lag before the report came up. This final turn, it just locked up.
  20. Update on my no (Willing) classes / detention / hall run: I was expelled. Not my character, mind you. Outside of that initial suspension, things never escalated or even hit suspension again. Instead, the reprimands hit such a critical mass that my game became unable to load the turn report and now crashes every time I boot it up to try. Lulz.
  21. Ohh, very nice. So situations where the default story response is "You just barely manage to overcome X super difficult spell" you can instead choose to take a high difficulty check and it's like "Well, actually, no. I have a 20 Negation. This is easy."
  22. @Legate - What level of optimization is year two balanced around? I assume it's not balanced around the upper end that most of the posters are hitting.
  23. Experience so far: Sometime during the... beginning of the 3rd month, I think, I got a suspension after them continuing to try to get me to go to detentions. This forced me to do nothing but sleep, class, detention, and hall sessions for about 2 weeks. After which, I returned to skipping all of my classes and detentions. I just finished up my mid term exams. Despite every skipped detention giving me exponentially more reprimands (I think I got between 2-300 for the last one? Hard to count that many red lines of text) and skipping every hall study now that I'm free to, there have been no more suspensions. I have yet to be sent to court or get expelled. I'm unsure if the coding is working properly for punishments. At this rate, I'm going to finish the year with one suspension and hundreds of thousands of reprimands.
  24. Decided to go in the opposite direction and instead of having perfect attendance, having 0 attendance. What happens if you skip detentions?
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