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  1. True, but that turned out to be something completely different in the end (at least if I remember that adventure correctly it was more "kidnapping" than "choosing to leave"). That said... Could you elaborate?
  2. Has an Academagia student ever left the school entirely, unannounced? Basically dropped out of their own accord, but without any official due process observed on their end?
  3. So, wait, Durand having Negation as a core class hasn't been locked in yet ?
  4. AI students don't respect such restrictions, remember? Like Cyrus flirting with boys, for example.
  5. Big Dreams of the Small Familiar, stage 14: And that, for now, is that. Why, yes, a Y3 continuation is already in the works. It'll be out hopefully sometime before I die of old age .
  6. Big Dreams of the Small Familiar, stage 13: Another one of my attempts at being subtle. "Attempts", key word .
  7. Big Dreams of the Small Familiar, stage 12: This stage and the next one were recently overhauled, so beware issues. This is why I usually "finish" an adventure before starting to post it, but things happened as they did.
  8. Big Dreams of the Small Familiar, stage 11: I really should stop trying to solve problems through Speaking Quietly of Riddles, because I have no idea how to make it work...
  9. AI in general can use another pass, if such a patch is ever made. For one thing Cyrus should maybe stop flirting with boys...
  10. Phases, not stages. Put another way: Can a Y2 RE have multiple, sequential exit options in one...well, technically multiple depending on how you look at it, but from the player's perspective can a single RE have multiple sequential exits? You know, without resorting to investigation options -> set memories -> unlocked exits shenanigans.
  11. Forget if I asked this before: Can Y2 random events have "phases", akin to Y1 adventures?
  12. Big Dreams of the Small Familiar, stage 10: Quick filler stage to help set up the next one, which is, eh...not finished yet. Honestly at this point we're reaching the part of the adventure that is, shall we say, not finalized yet, so updates may slow down at this point. (Also because I may or may not have internet/notes access next week, for Reasons, but...details...)
  13. Big Dreams of the Small Familiar, stage 9: There is a reason behind these stages, or at least an intended method behind the madness. Per usual we'll see if it works out .
  14. Big Dreams of the Small Familiar, stage 8: This stage was brought to you by at least four yawns. Yeah, I might need to reconsider my schedule a bit...
  15. Big Dreams of the Small Familiar, stage 7: If this adventure feels a little all over the place it's because it kinda is.
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