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  1. I'm sure that's a totally safe idea with no possible negative consequences at all, no sir. Actually I guess you might end up duelling a Schohanwicht student at Schohanwicht itself at some point, than it'd probably be fine, but beyond that...
  2. [spoiler]Test to see if regular spoiler tags still work[/spoiler]Just for reference, since this is my usual way of doing things. Maybe shouldn't be, but... Well damn. Guess I'll be dropping text bombs until I consistently remember to use the eye icon
  3. Fan-written stuff that, at times, ends up being added into the game. The Writer's Corner should have plenty of examples to look at.
  4. I see a new forum update. Am disappointed because the alphanumeric blocks where icons are supposed to be issue is still around. On the bright side it only took one adblock rule to make the website look like it was designed by someone with greater qualifications than a baboon, so...progress .
  5. Sounds like the key words there .
  6. Might be worth a check anyway, since it would be interesting if the play's plot would end up touching upon those ulterior motives intentionally or unintentionally. And Sima strikes me as the kind of character who'd both be willing to play with fire in that regard and who'd succeed in (ab)using that situation mostly to set any potential problems alight.
  7. In hindsight, yes, that does make sense .
  8. Quoth the raven Wikipedia: Mind you that as far as I'm reading further development of these suits started in the mid-fifteenth century, with both German and French speaking areas adopting their own variants (French notably putting together the well known hearts/clubs/spades/diamonds variation). Also as far as I'm reading the original inspiration for the coins/clubs/cups/swords series is, in short, based on Chinese currency denominations brought over to Europe by way of Muslims who had contacted china. In short I've no idea how a seventeenth century Mineta would have settled on the cups/coin/wands/swords...in fact I'm not having much luck finding the origin of those four (I recall them being the traditional Tarot suits, but, eh...*shrugs*). So how did those four suits end up being the predominant ones in Mineta, and how have other variants not taken over? Assuming other variants exist, of course.
  9. *Gets a mental image of Yoda thinking "technically correct, that just barely is..."*
  10. Could you aim a book on that subject at "general readers"? What is a barber supposed to do against a Gates mage summoning undead other than run to the nearest guard in abject terror?
  11. 1. How odd would it be for someone to not know/believe that magic exists, assuming they were born and raised in the most isolated, backwater farming community the former Empire's territory has to offer? 2. Does the Academagia ever get exchange students, even if only temporarily? I know guest speakers/lecturers are a thing, but does the same go for students?
  12. 1. How much authority/autonomy/control/etc. do the various neighbourhoods of Mineta have over themselves? Do they have mayors that act as mayors (at least to some extend), do they have a Golden Council figurehead/bureaucrat that handles day-to-day affairs and nothing more, are all neighbourhoods directly controlled by the council, what's the score? 2. How would the Academagia react if it turned out that, say, there's a random out of the way room room in it somewhere in which there's an old spirit who's happy to talk shop about Gates/Mastery? Would the faculty immediately do large-scale aura testing, would they only target students who are at all likely to ever be in that general area, would they say anything about it at all, etc.? 3. Is soybeans/tofu as a plant-based meat substitute (spoiler: this is my modded Minecraft knowledge talking moreso than anything else, so if that question makes absolutely no sense...) known in Mineta, even if it isn't grown there? If not is there anything else similar, either known about or told legends about?
  13. True, but that turned out to be something completely different in the end (at least if I remember that adventure correctly it was more "kidnapping" than "choosing to leave"). That said... Could you elaborate?
  14. Has an Academagia student ever left the school entirely, unannounced? Basically dropped out of their own accord, but without any official due process observed on their end?
  15. So, wait, Durand having Negation as a core class hasn't been locked in yet ?
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