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    Just had a bugged random event I can't find the exact name of. It concerned a situation where a student ran in class to announce the professor (possibly random, if so I rolled Briardi) is sick, and that both this class and possibly the next one was cancelled. The options were goofing off, studying Zoology and an investigation that lead to a Brew skill check to brew up a potion for the professor. I managed to brew the potion successfully, but the end-of-day text didn't rapport anything changed by that event.
  2. Metis


    Found more typos, this time in VR's Pop Quiz 1: "Every, sloppy line or inappropriate mark“ and "...doodle on this one. I dare you.” [Character]Character/Selection/Vernin/Everwine von Zoedorf gulps nervously...". I don't know if the first is just a speech thing that von Rupprecht has, but the character name shouldn't be in italics I don't think. The end-of-day text also says "You tried to increase your Study Level in Calligraphy Study Level, but you are already at maximum". BTW, does skipping class to go on adventures that specifically take place during class count as skipping? I assume it does due to engine limitations.
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    Okay, although speaking off, quick confirmation: Visiting the Sphinx means you're trespassing, since (s?)he's in an off-limits location, unless you both have the Certificate Of Imperial Favour and have it equipped, correct? I got reprimanded before, but with the Certificate in my inventory and not equipped.
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    Two more things: 1st: Does being informed of a Mastery or Gates subskill count as having "learned" forbidden magic, or do you need to actually have a skill point in one? And does this distinction really matter in year 1 if you're not planning to ever actively raise either Gates or Mastery and are never planning to cast a spell of either school? I'm asking mostly for role-playing fluff - somewhere my character picked up Mastery Methods, but I planned on learning no forbidden magic. Speaking of which, actually, where could my character have picked up Mastery Methods? I didn't choose any character creation options related to it, and I don't think I gained it randomly from Longshade/Sphinx because, well, I'm at skill level 0 with 0/1 skill steps. If I gained an actual skill step, I should have gone up a skill point. BTW, it'd be nice if it was possible to choose whether or not to learn Mastery or Gates from random skill ups. Yes, I could just reload - I will if I do - but I it'd be a nice option to have regardless, especially for roleplayers. 2nd: I ran into a bug with Rui da Casga's first random event, where he hands you a mayonnaise bomb (I just realized how silly that sounds). The skillchecks for my character were a wall of purple so I just handed the thing off, but the game didn't generate an actual student that I passed it on to. The text read I handed it to [?], and the end-of-the-day text didn't rapport any relationship drops with anyone, even Rui.
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    Huh. Yeah, I just checked The Everard Equation's skill description and it says "It's known in academic circles in Numerology". Figures, the one block of text I didn't reference has the answer, I get that allot. That explains, but it seems confusing to have a skill called The Everard Equation and have stuff call for Numerology. Are there any other skills with more than one name like this?
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    I seem to have a bit of trouble with this skill not existing, as far as I can tell. I did indeed get the patch from this topic and I also checked The Third Interlude before playing the game. I know that was successful, since I do have DLC skills like Field Medicine, and I do have the Marat Deck item. In game I abused the Mantle Of Stars quite badly, to the point where my 2 Luck character has at least 4 in all Astrology skills. That was so I could get The Everard Equation up for Calculate The Familiar Equation. Admittedly that would have matter more if I wasn't in Zoology and, thus, didn't have Improved Familiar Handling, but that's neither here nor there. Nevertheless I noticed that CTFE's text claims that it calls for Insight/Numerology v14. The mod tools claim that it actually requires Insight/The Everard Equation, and the latter is correct - ingame I have 7 Insight/7 TEE, and CTFE is coloured black. Actually, the mod tools don't list Numerology as existing, even though it does show both Field Medicine and the Marat Deck, and a quick check reveals that while rolls have been replaced with TEE, the text hasn't. What's going on here? Also small point that may or may not have been pointed out before, there's a small typo I noticed in The Edge Of Nowhere adventure: "As you stare at the luminance, it seems to me moving closer to you".
  7. I'd be surprised if they did. I wouldn't mind, naturally, but I'd be surprised.
  8. Ah, copyright. The ever vigilant fence to keep creativity and money in it's proper pen. Well, no matter. That just meant I had to go with the HTML approach and honestly, it's probably for the best. I imagine that there's plenty of little details that I'd trip over if I were to actually mod it in myself, and my coding skills? Not up to snuff last I checked. Any opinions on the writing, or the poor man's attempt at it?
  9. The Main Text section of Adventures, among a few other things, refuses to add/remove text in any way. I've read...somewhere on this forum that it's apparently a problem that was introduced with a Windows 7 update, and neither compatibility mode or running as administrator fixes it. For me, at least. See if I can find a link... http://academagia.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=2253. Apparently it's been an issue since early 2012 and it's never been fixed? I'm not sure I believe that, but I wasn't able to find a fix for it regardless.
  10. Here's to hoping my past three days weren't wasted. All the text is too much to post on the forum, and the mod tools are bugged (will that be fixed at some point?) so I can't make a proper .amm, meaning this adventure will be given to you in .html form. My apologies for the no doubt temporary link, but I'm worse at Sifting Through Internet Nonsense than I am at either Writing or HTML. And I'm not putting money on my skills with either of the latter two, so yeah. Nevertheless, here's the link: Link (www.filedropper.com/wheredeathreigns) Just unzip anywhere and double-click on master.html. Failing that change all of the file's extensions to .txt and read it in Notepad, although than you'll see all of the HTML tags as well. I've run it through a spell-checker and I've proof-read it, but there's only so much one person can see so expect a few things that slipped through here and there. What I want to know is this: -Any obvious problems? Text too long, text too short (my sympathies to the game's writers if that's the case), skill checks nonsensical, roll difficulties schizophrenic/lopsided/plain ridiculous, rewards (particularly the end-adventure reward) too generous/skimpish/useless/random/in violation of an unwritten holy commandment that would cause Zeus to fry me alive has I committed it to a .amm, that sort of stuff? -Are there are problems with in-adventure continuity? I've tried my best to make sure everything fits together and makes sense, but I'm quite terrible at doing so. If you see some things repeated several times, this is probably the reason why. -Any problems with out-adventure continuity? I don't often Research or read Lore, so my knowledge of it is...lacking. I've tried to reference the mod tools/wiki but, well, turns out there's a lot of material to go through and not allot of clear answers, at least that I could find. Maybe I didn't try hard enough, but eh... -Is the adventure decently balanced, difficulty wise? I intended for this adventure to be available since pretty much day one, and serve as quiet mention that "yes, things may be available since day one, that doesn't mean you should use them on day one". -Any issues with the NPCs not showing/breaking character? For reference, I intended for Mathew to be "Been there, done that" incarnate, for Sir Huvrest to be a very friendly and plain-spoken man for the head of a noble family, and Ujis to be a stoic that shows and reveals nothing unless you either show him respect or greater knowledge of his craft (which is duelling). -Any issues with the tone of the adventure? Minus one or two points it's pretty cheerful for a first-hand look at what (supposedly) can happen when a Gates spell goes belly-up, but, well, that has a reason unrelated to the game. For reference, I wrote this adventure because A) I noticed around the forums that apparently forbidden magic was pretty popular, so I thought maybe a show of what may (supposedly) go wrong with said magic would provide an interesting perspective. And I wanted to make the reference in stage9c, see if you can find it. So, what do The People think, what do they have to say, and what do they have to maybe ask?
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