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  1. I know the RE you're referring to, though I'm not able to find it. I was able to find Random Event Rumor 17, which has the PC accused of learning a "secret—and illegal for our age—levitation spell", so that's kinda close, I guess?
  2. One issue I foresee with that suggestion is that the other side of the fence would than feel like high Charm/Befriend (or other attributes/skills) is mandatory in order to not make unnecessary enemies, and Y2 is already going to have high Glory, high grades, college rivalries and a few other sources eating away at your relationships. It's a fair point that roleplaying as someone more socially stunted (or however you'd prefer to phrase it) is kinda difficult with all the build-in relationship gains, but it's not like that really amounts to much after the summer vacation wipes the slate clean.
  3. Is them joining or not dependant on PC actions in Y1, assuming a save is imported ?
  4. NPC students can indeed get stuff out of REs and adventure stages, good or bad, in Y1, so I assume the same is true for Y2.
  5. Any special reason an admin suddenly showed up out of nowhere ? By the way Legate, did you miss my PM?
  6. How thoroughly are the various dorm rooms cleaned and searched for hidden/forgotten goodies before a given new year's worth of students move in?
  7. I don't know if the game supports non-Latin alphabets, but I can tell you that, unfortunately, due to a licensing issue the Team cannot release up-to-date mod tools that are capable of modifying all of the game's text. The best you can manage is to set up an instance of Windows XP, which the current mod tools still (somewhat) fully supports and functions within, and make your changes to the DLC 15 mod base, since all later DLC packs are made with too advanced of a version of the Team's in-house tools for the horribly outdated public mod tools to open. Sometime after Y2's release we're supposed to get Y2 mod tools, which IIRC is supposed to work with Y1 as well (and work much better, in fact, the current tools are slow as molasses), but when that comes out is anyone's guess.
  8. Is Pievre associated with a particular animal, like on it's flag or banners hung in it's seat of government or whatever?
  9. How paranoid is the Academagia's faculty about anything and everything that's known to be Gates-created? Even if something is known to be completely benign.
  10. Is there any student or faculty member at the Academagia who is (in)famous for being particularly vocal about Pievre, for good or ill?
  11. Was more thinking along the lines of a cheaper/easier/what have you kinda-sorta backdoor way to achieve immortality...at least, mostly. Or something close enough to it .
  12. Is there a (non-academic) legal difference between magic that turns people into undead and magic that turns people into constructs? I suspect that both would equally qualify as illegal Gates magic, but...just checking...
  13. I can see Station: Merchant and Prodigy: Debate Master, but why Family: Helpful and Attentive? What part of...Pievrean doesn't sound right, Pievran? Pievren? Piev-something culture or something else makes HaA a good fit?
  14. Are there any PC backgrounds, in Y1 or Y2, that should be taken as confirmation that the PC hails from Pievre? EDIT: It's been mentioned before that faculty has been involved in breaking up Cliques and the like before, either at the behest of someone's parents or for their own purposes, but has the opposite ever happened before? Has the faculty ever played matchmaker for any of their students, either at the request of someone's parents or (New Gods knows why) for their own purposes?
  15. What is the Minetan equivalent of the term "holy grail" as it pertains to a major advancement in a given field of research?
  16. Are there licenses or other ways to legally import/own the stuff, say if you were researching the stuff for it's possible uses as a painkiller? And did you miss the edits ?
  17. What is Pievre's view of these substances, both legally and culturally? And how commonly available/known are they in that area, if at all. EDIT: While I'm at it, here's another few that got lost to time (for a time )
  18. Although most adventures only reference the students in the PC's year or the odd older student who has been named (Philippe's brothers, Oan, etc.) are there any unmentioned older students the PC heard something about during Y1? I imagine that at least one older student made enough of a scene at one point, whether for good or ill, that people ended up talking/gossiping about in the Great Hall (of course whether the PC ever learned the full truth of that story is likely to be doubtful at best).
  19. What would happen if someone disguised themselves as an Academagia student and tried to enter the Venalicium Library, and the library (IIRC said to be more aware/sentient/something than a collection of books should necessarily be?) refused to admit the disguised person? What kind of spectacle would that create, if any?
  20. Is 1.0 Y2 even open to new stuff at this point? I forget where but I recall being told...somewhere...that every new addition suggested will be added in DLC packs at the earliest.
  21. Why not, what's the story behind that rule? And if it's unknown/[REDACTED], what answer would a professor give a student asking that same question?
  22. 3. Has a Familiar ever attended the Academagia as a full-fledged student?
  23. Because Free will be able to dust off his old sig and add a new addition added to it ?
  24. Are there legends of valkyries or valkyrie-like...I'unno, beings, people, divine entities, spirits, whatever in Academagia?
  25. 1. Would it be at all possible to change the design of such a specifically designed Familiar after the fact, without resorting to illegal magic? If yes, how much modification can be done? If not, or if it isn't known all that well or whatever, would trying to figure out a method be something that Orsi could be convinced to sink his teeth in? Whether genuinely or only as an excuse to do something other than the worst work that his office has on offer. 2. How advanced, common, cheap to produce, etc., are general and/or local anaesthetics in the game's setting? Since barbers still double as dentists I'm assuming "not very much", and IIRC ingame text seems to supports that idea - the PC's treatment stage during An Outing... in particular comes to mind as one example where if anaesthetics existed they probably would have have been available and used in that scene. But it just sounds like one of those things that every brewer and their dog would have tried to create at some point or another, and surely one of them would have succeeded at some point. So...what's the story?
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