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  1. Who acts as the tiebreaker? I'm assuming there is one if there's an even number of seats.
  2. How many seats does Mineta's Golden Council have? IIRC both of Catherine's parents have a seat, how many others are there?
  3. Was the "and if so, could you tell us about it" not implied there, Legate ?
  4. Meta-wise Sync was introduced too late for any NPC student to have been designed with a direct interest in it, though it might end up indirectly falling within the wheelhouse of a few of them one way or another. I'd also like to note that Sync isn't designed for mind-control, as such, but whether Sima would realize that fact and/or have a different definition of the term than I do...separate questions, perhaps. Question of my own: How are homunculi, referring to artificial humans created by alchemists (brewers?), created/viewed/treated/utilized/taken care of (maintained?)/look/etc.? And if their creation is banned under the heading of Gates magic in the current age, what answers to the above questions, if any, could an Academagia student in the history section of the Academagia's Venalicium dig up on the subject?
  5. There's an RE in Y1 where Joana goads Uliva into sending a snake to try and spook Professor Pachait during Zoology class, so if it isn't in character for her in general than at least it's in character for her to be talked into it.
  6. Makes sense for the PC, but I was wondering if Y2 will attempt to simulate Y1 with the NPC students or if they're all going to start with no cliques formed and no higher/lower relationship values (student-specific exceptions like Cyrus/Olivia aside) like they do at the start of Y1. I'll admit that the latter would probably be more convenient for new players, but it's also kinda...really boring? I think some randomization like that could go a long way to make the game more interesting on future playthroughs, so maybe it's worth it.
  7. Random Y2 question: If you don't import a Y1 save into Y2 do the students start in randomized cliques like they realistically would if you did import a Y1 save, or do you get a Y1 situation where everyone starts as a free agent?
  8. 1. Is a foreign criminal, be they from Meril, Alesfa, Pievre, Oursook (insofar that they still have a recognizable/interpretable legal system?) or wherever else, automatically considered a criminal in Mineta? 2. Can foreign criminals be granted some kind of pardon for their crimes in Mineta, at least insofar that they're no longer considered a criminal in Mineta itself? 3. What would it take for someone to be granted such a pardon, assuming it is (was?) possible?
  9. Metis

    KS Update 193

    And I'm pretty sure I said exactly that a year or two ago, Legate. Do take care not to end up with another Freespace quote .
  10. Can Y2 process a situation where, say, an adventure stage features a random professor, and the options change depending on the PC's relationship with that specific, random professor? To the point where if a player were to reload and get a different professor they might see entirely different options/outcomes?
  11. *Attempts to inconspicuously write down a note* *Fails miserably at the "inconspicuously" part *
  12. And if not that at least the count of minimum new students? Because given how many new classes there could (though might not) be in Y2 I'm not sure what to really make of the number given earlier.
  13. To clarify: Is Corradin alone in trying to stay on good terms with Catherine Chard, or is that something his entire family is working on (the latter probably not focussing on Catherine herself so much as the Chards in general, of course)?
  14. Metis


    The DLCs contain both fan-made content as well as content made by the Team. And the former goes through the Team's checking and editing before being added, for what that's worth. As for Academagia's story, in it's current form it doesn't have a defined story (nor a defined ending) so much as it is a narrative sandbox - you can take your character as far as your imagination is able to take it, or only as far as you're able to get until the game ends after Kaliri 28th. If you expect to see a full story about what happens to the major players in town and what effect your character can have on them, don't pick up the game. Y1 contains nothing of the sort. Y1 contains the introductions for said major players and rest of the setting, and a whirlwind of stuff for you to play with/off against in the sandbox. In short: Academagia requires you to write about as much as it requires you to read, in it's current state. If that means no deal, just skip the game. There's plenty more out there.
  15. Metis


    Plans, yes, but ultimately Y2 would only be the second year out of the planned five, so if Y2 not being out is a problem for you than chances are once it comes out Y3 not being out will be(come) a problem, and than Y4, and than Y5, and by that point if my grandchildren (well, grandnieces at any rate) are still alive I'd be surprised. Basically, ask yourself this: Can you play something like a Bethesda game without ever touching the major questlines at all, beyond what part of the main questline constitutes the game's intro sequence, and have fun without feeling like the game (insofar that you played it) was missing anything resembling a coherent and engaging story? If yes, chances are you can enjoy Academagia (although whether you will is of course a completely separate question). If no, I'd recommend skipping it.
  16. Because Y1 still has errors like the Prodigy: Incantation thing, and it wouldn't do for Y2 to inherit them. For example, it'd be very awkward if a Y2 adventure assumed a Y1 Incantation prodigy would have the increased skill max...only for that background to still be bugged. I imagine there's at least a few errors like that.
  17. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Realistically I don't see Y1 -> Y2 importing happening without one final patch on Y1's end. In the meantime things like Prodigy: Incantation and whatever other final bugs were found can, hopefully, be fixed.
  18. I didn't specify any requirements for the adventure, and I don't think the Team added any beyond a time gate for...a mysterious reason (actually the first or second stage does benefit from it being a warmer season, so as minor a point as it is I guess it makes sense to be a post-winter adventure?). Since the latest modbase can't be opened with the outdated mod tools you'd need to ask the Legate as to what specific requirement(s), if any, it has.
  19. ...Remind me where Lambert openly casts a Gates spell? Pamela's adventure?
  20. Would I be correct in thinking that, with the Gates ban and the subsequent loss of exorcism magic, the bar for which ghosts haunting the Academagia actually getting removed rather than bricked up and forgotten about (see: the two duelling ghosts in the one Aranaz adventure) has been raised?
  21. Trying to phrase this question in a way that it doesn't get answered with [REDACTED]: Are, say, legends of people having out of body experiences while still alive a thing? Like, someone gets knocked the hell out and (only briefly, I imagine) wanders around as a ghost, not knowing that their body still lives?
  22. I thought you allied yourself with the Costers (insofar that a main adventure allowed you to do so) through the Pirate's main adventure?
  23. If it's not in C:\ProgramData\Academagia than I've got no idea, I don't have the Steam version.
  24. I believe deleting the cache and the corrupted savefile should fix this issue? IIRC the problem is that the corrupted save file corrupts the cache, which other save files use to quickly load, so the effect of the corrupted savefile occurs with other saves as well?
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