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  1. Do these freight loans ever get split across multiple bankers/houses/etc. (where reputation allows), or only ever the one (if any at all)?
  2. 1. How rare/special is/would it be for someone to have (visions like the PC does in Cloudy Skies adventure (semi-)consistently? 2. Do Mimics, as in monsters that disguise themselves as treasure chests or other assorted items of (seeming) value, exist in the Academagia universe? Obviously traps exist, but are there any "open chest to reveal the many-toothed mouth of a monster" type creatures? 3. Say that someone dreamed of becoming the star of the Academagia's Rimbal team, but to their eternal disappointment wasn't invited to join the Academagia as a student. How would this person best pursue their dream anyway?
  3. I don't think a Kickstarter campaign would go over too well considering how delayed Y2 is, not to mention the fact that your previous KS project is three years over deadline in it's own right. Also, I think it might be wise to actually get said scope itself done before trying to judge what's beyond it.
  4. I'm assuming that it's possible to use weird, uncommon things as triggers for enchanted items, as a (perhaps inefficient and/or roundabout) way of limiting who can activate it - rubbing it with a specific alchemy ingredient, playing a specific song, stuff like that. But how (im)practical is this, in terms of adding complexity to the enchantment? And assuming it isn't limited to theory, are there rumors/legends of items that are (in)famous for only working in downright stupid circumstances?
  5. How tolerated are schools of thought that don't subscribe to the standard Revision/Negation/Incantation/etc. divisions for the different schools of magic, provided that they don't run afoul of any Proscribed magic laws?
  6. So how exactly does being a part of a research project (be it your own or someone else's) play out? Like an adventure, like a Y1 research topic, something else entirely?
  7. How much would the faculty object to someone researching a local legend involving a Gates-created monster? Basically trying to figure out where the myth comes from, how it changed/evolved over the years, what actual events went into shaping the legend, that sort of stuff.
  8. How would the authorities in Mineta respond if a group of unknown people showed up in a weird airship claiming to be on a mission from one of the New Gods, and asked to be, well, educated/brought into the fold/etc.?
  9. IIRC mechanically Gressel's Medications is the location tied to the Sync parent skill research topic, and from there no one stops the PC from researching it and getting information about the Gressel crew p to and including the Master's Mark. So at least mechanically there shouldn't be any issue with that. I'm not sure how much of a secret it really is, either. Worst case I don't think it's unreasonable for Zoe to mention something to them about her wanting treatment for something and being given a surprise offer she simply didn't take. They do freely talk about Natural Philosophy subskills, so there's some kind of opening there.
  10. Are Academagia's college uniforms the property of the relevant college specifically, or of the school itself?
  11. How effective are the various anti-burglary enchantments around the Academagia, and how quick is the faculty's response to them, particularly in low priority areas?
  12. (Alesfa's take was answered, Magic Japan's take was not. Based on what I know I'm assuming this is referring to the colonies in Saarlandstadt and Lauens, and if it isn't than spoiler alert: The answer is [redacted]) And the super special bonus question: How long and how successfully did VR spend kicking out Strom and taking over his position, that he apparently managed to nab a class from Hedi a full three years before he actually became Aranaz' regent?
  13. I noticed . Incidentally,
  14. Who were the predecessors of the current regents/Legate of the Academagia? Some of them have come up before, but not all of them, and having that information in one convenient place would be...well, convenient. And broadly speaking, what are/were they known for during their tenure or afterwards, whichever time frame they're more (in)famous for nowadays? Or if any of that is [redacted] territory, what rumors/gossip about it could our PC student dig up about it, if any?
  15. 1, 2, 3, 4, EDIT, [blank] is totally how you count to six, right ?
  16. If the information train is still chugging: (yes, 2018. I went back far for these two )
  17. So Professor Briardi assumed her position as Durand regent in 1650, unless there was someone who filled it for less than seven years, eh? Either way that puts her as having been the Durand Regent for less than 15 years. Now as soon as I remember why that detail was important I'll be in business .
  18. Hmm...that does not seem to fit the girl's stated ancestral origins in either case, nor does it seem to describe their current appearance/abilities. And I have to assume that their historic knowledge on the former subject, as shaky as that credibility ultimately is, must have some weight to it. In that case I'm inclined to go with my theory that the river girls have a completely different ancestor entirely, and are completely unrelated to the known kinds of merfolk on Mineta's side of the Wall. Which I think can easily work, given the time tables involved and the whole "Exile" thing, but it begs multiple questions about the time before the Exile. Might have to get an historian/archaeologist involved in that discussion, at some point...I at least know one person who'd be interested in digging up that history and presenting it in a strictly historic fashion, at any rate... As for more questions, well, here's one that could be an interesting read: Got a few others, too, but those will have to be PMed as otherwise I'd have to [redacted] like three quarters of it.
  19. Looking back through our PM topic here's one that could probably be useful down the line, if nothing else: But exactly how does your average mermaid look? Disney's Little Mermaid (Ariel, IIRC?) "human with a tail fin instead of legs", basically the same as Xu and Chi are described, or do they have features that are more "monstrous" like a Sahaguin? I'm asking because I'm trying to figure out (more) exactly where the line between "looks human, but isn't" and "looks human, but might as well be human" is - I intent for Xu and Chi to fall into the former category at least a little, not entirely, but definitely not squarely within the latter category either. Of course notice that both categories still starts with "looks human", and as far as the lore is concerned I think them looking perfectly human actually makes perfect sense - neither Iustus or Leopold you can take one casual look at and say "werewolf/half Fey", Neta has been...accused(?) of "obviously" not being entirely human, but again, I can't just look at her portrait/read her adventure and go "oh, part Satyr" or whatever. So I don't see why Xu and Chi would be different in that regard. (Pardon me as I briefly look back on these innocent, pre-15K stage "ending" a six/five adventures saga days with a nostalgic look in my eyes...) Okay that's enough of that. Anyway, recall what I mentioned later about the two girls' ancestry. If necessary there is wiggle-room as far as their looks go when compared to "regular" mermaids, depending on what their ancestors are.
  20. Actually, here's something that might be relevant to my interests really shortly:
  21. Given a bit of diving back into this topic I'm sure you'll be able to find plenty of things. I'd do so myself, but I'm, eh, busy designing flying bricks spaceships, yes. Totally . Actually, isn't there like a list of 20+ questions in our PM topic that haven't been answered since I first asked them years ago? No clue how relevant any of them still are, though. I suspect this topic might yield some more juicy queries.
  22. Hmm...less useful than a more generic tool/downright hostile towards the original owner, or towards anyone? Either way this plan is starting to come together .
  23. Hmm...good info . Do such removed magical bones have a measure of value to them that something like a regular wand given the same enchantment doesn't? In either the practical applications sense or the financial sense (though if the former is a bust I imagine you probably wouldn't want to meet the kind of people who'd nevertheless say "yes" to the latter).
  24. Not quite where that question comes from, actually. The inspiration in this case...eh, honestly it's a great, big mess. Though that's not unusual for me .
  25. Hmm...if the enchantment was placed before the living being in question develops an identity, or at least less of one than you'd find in an average adult, would that increase the chance of the enchantment not going awry? Is it known, in universe, whether or not the odds of success is effected? Because honestly that seems like a rather...unethical thing to test... Regardless, in the rare cases where such an enchantment is placed successfully and stabilizes, what happens if the bone in question is later broken? Does that, as a rule, disrupt the enchantment as well? Or if the bone is outright removed, does that absence cause any issues? Can such enchanted bones be replaced with a regular bone afterwards (although where you'd get a replacement bone is probably a question in it's own right)?
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