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  1. Is it possible to enchant, say, a still..."living" isn't the word here, a still being used bone as one would a wand to achieve *insert magical effect here*, and if so, does that enchantment suffer anything like faster degradation because the bone in question grows/possibly breaks/etc.?
  2. What school(s) did that transference spell belong to? Or would if it was only a legend, I suppose.
  3. How old is the Last House of the West, and what level of "notable" would a story need to be to be spread far and wide through them? Also, semi-related matter, how long ago did Briardi assume her position as Durand's regent? Less than, say, 15 years ago?
  4. If something monumentally bizarre and newsworthy happened in one of the Empire's former territories, basically not some Gods-forsaken isolated end of nowhere, how long would it take for news to reach Mineta? I don't know to what extent magic can simulate phones/internet/etc., but at the same time I assume that such news wouldn't take weeks to filter through the airship trade routes either. Not necessarily, anyway.
  5. You should be able to publish it as a mod, as far as I know. It's been a few years since I last made any mods for Academagia. I've got no idea if it'll cause any issues if it's published as official content, for what that's worth. EDIT: Okay, after some experimentation I figured it out. What you need to do is: Open the mod tools. Go to File -> Create Mod. Enter the name of your mod, save, and create a new file when prompted to do so. This creates a .amm, or an unpublished mod file. Choose Academagia 1.0.0.amo on the screen that comes up next. This bases your mod on the 1.0.0.amo and is critical for the mod to function properly. Make whatever changes you want in the mod tools, as well as your mod's ingame name and author in File -> Properties. When you're done go to Tools -> Publish Mod, and select your mod's .amm file as the file you want to publish. Than enter a name for the .amo file, or published mod file, you want to create. Wait the required 8-12 hours for the mod tools to finish publishing. Yes, it's slower than molasses, but it'll get the job done. That that took me several minutes of poking and prodding to figure out is a sign of something, but I think I'd rather not figure out exactly what that "something" is, in this context.
  6. Can't check the attached files, but if you're basing this mod off of the latest functional mod base (which is, itself, two DLC packs behind by now) that'd be your first mistake - you want create a mod using the 1.0.0 .amo file and publish it against that same file, otherwise you'll end up with multiple issues somewhere down the line. If you need to mod something that doesn't exist in the 1.0.0 .amo file, than sadly you're out of luck until the Y2 mod tools are released. Assuming that they're functionally backwards compatible with Y1 (I vaguely recall that they're supposed to be?) and remain that way, of course.
  7. Compare Zoe Melis' student adventure with, say, the Task Force adventure (don't recall the ingame name, the one where you try to stop Gwendy, Girars and Kurt from murdering each other while they try to drag a herd of deer back to the Imperial Reserve). Maybe the Team has such a list on hand, but if they don't than I don't think anyone does. As for combing through the Writer's Corner you would be able to get most of it, but you'd definitely not be able to get all of it. The reason I say that is because my first...three? My first batch of adventures that were later added to the game in DLC 16 (Where Death Reigns, Mausoleum of Broken Ivory, and A Day in Incantation IIRC) are no longer on the Writer's Corner because I hadn't figured out how to post them properly yet, and so those are now gone. Not that you couldn't deduce which adventures those are, but in addition to that I actually never got the chance to post An Outing... on the Writer's Corner, due to deadline issues, although it was added into the game in DLC 16. So you'd have to use other topics to figure out that that particular adventure is mine. I've no idea if the same happened to anyone else, but at least as far as my stuff is concerned you wouldn't be able to rely on just the Writer's Corner to find everything.
  8. I think the closest you're going to get to that is playing the 1.0.0 version of the game, before any DLC was added, but I would not recommend trying that. The fan-added DLC, both in terms of the game's canon and in terms of programming, is so thoroughly blended together with the game's official stuff that the only way you'd be able to definitively tell one from the other is finding the original fan adventure posted in the Writer's Corner. In addition, even just the Team-added adventures aren't all consistent in terms of writing and vision. Things definitely changed over the years, which you can see if you compare some of the student adventures with the DLC 17-added Team adventures. As for just skipping the relevant adventures, that wouldn't really work unless you also avoided the fan-added skills, random events, and even students by this point.
  9. History: Descended From Heroes, specifically.
  10. Any chance of VB launching by May? Because if so the team will have only missed their initial deadline by three years.
  11. It shouldn't be impossible to fix, engine-wise, just some pointers that need to be changed. It's just a question of whether Y1 will see another patch at this point, though I personally do suspect one will be necessary (or at least helpful) to smooth over any issues with Y2 save imports that are on Y1's end. If so the Legate can add this to the list of things to fix.
  12. That sounds like a bug. I really can't imagine that being able to get Diavesque and than turn him down in the adventure is intended. Well, minus the "random legendary item" opportunities, but that I'd also call more bug than feature.
  13. The Lion Seeking Fish, stage 13: If it wasn't clear by now, I'm relying on players filling in the time they spend off-screen to fill in the gaps that the adventures don't cover. Although maybe I should work on a series of applicable REs to fill in those gaps a bit more? Hmm...that'd be an easier question to answer after I see what Y2 really looks like, as well as this whole adventure chain. Assuming it even gets added in the first place and everything. In any case, that's the extent of it you'll (likely) see in Y2. More is of course planned, and decisively not planned (bonus points to anything who manages to suss that out, as I belatedly did) but part of the whole thing anyway, maybe. Possibly. We'll see...eventually...
  14. The Lion Seeking Fish, stage 12: Here's to hoping this whole "taking sides" thing actually fits with Y2's intended theme(?), even if it comes too late to really do much of anything with until Y3.
  15. The Lion Seeking Fish, stage 11: This is indeed the stage where effort went to die, yes.
  16. The Lion Seeking Fish, stage 10: Rest assured that this will come up again later. Maybe. In theory.
  17. The Lion Seeking Fish, stage 9: Sure hope this whole idea actually works. Although that's a ship that set sail a long time ago anyway.
  18. The Lion Seeking Fish, stage 8: And so it begins. Let's see if I manage to not mess this one up.
  19. The Lion seeking Fish, stage 7: That was a nice vacation while it lasted. Now, back to words. Many, many words...
  20. Metis

    Academagia Wiki

    Taking the non-Dedication exit in stage 2.
  21. Metis

    Academagia Wiki

    Quick check reveals that what the wiki currently calls stage 4 is actually stage 4a. Taking Dedication during stage 2 leads to 3b and 4b, which is not on the wiki, but what you get if you take that option.
  22. The Lion Seeking Fish, stage 6: Next stage is when the victory lap ends and things go back to being, for me, an ordinary adventure. I'm sure that I'll end up missing these really basic and simple to type stages sooner rather than later...
  23. As I'm sure I mentioned before, but I feel is worth repeating here: A Y2 news update is going to silence the people clamouring for Y2...for about a week, maybe less. Unless the Team is willing, and able, to do consistent updates I feel like it's better to not do an update in that vein at all.
  24. The Lion Seeking Fish, stage 5: Unfortunately no option to Gates the fish to the Academagia, because of course someone would notice that happening.
  25. The Lion Seeking Fish, stage 4: I sure hope Wikipedia didn't lie to me about the characteristics of carp, because otherwise I'm about to look like a massive fool.
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