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  1. Hello everyone, I have decided to restart this rp on my birthday. A total revamp though there will be similarities to the old version such as the extended prologue before year one starts. The new additions will be similar to a codex with family history and the family's homeland from the perspectives of an outsider and a local scholar. There will also be povs from the other students who encounter my character and depending on relationship values, they may be friends or enemies. That said lets start this journey from year one to year five.


    "The Magnificent and the Saintly" - Vernaris Motto

    Those who have fallen to darkness are looked upon with disdain for they are damned by their own choices. Through hard work and repentance, the fallen can come back to the light and rejoin society. However what happens when the fallen have been damned at birth without doing anything to warrant it? This is the story of Miron D'al Vernaris, a young boy who knows nothing but the hatred others feel for him. Can he find friendship and achieve great deeds to further the family name or will he go on a darker path that forever tarnish it? It doesn't help that he is a bit strange in the eyes of others.............









    Interlude Part I

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