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  1. 3 minutes ago, Legate of Mineta said:

    While I agree that this isn't the place for politics (unless it's game world politics :) )- let's also avoid personal attacks.

    Everyone can agree Dragons are bad, mmm-kay. Rhialto and Free may be exceptions. :)

    And me (Gotta get those Draconic powers!) . Though I do say that Avila is pretty restrictive in terms of content but what we have is pretty decent though the male Avila unique adventure does makes me rail against my own character. Probably cause I play my characters as more dismissive people toward others.

  2. hahhahah, the classic discard pile. I always found the idea portion to be the funnest among the writing process. Question. Would you be doing more situations revolving around the characters going into puberty? Not like the students themselves but the teachers seeing things that aren't really there. Like with the Katja and Male-PC in Where ever the Friend or Foe? Stage 3.

  3. I can imagine that nobles may marry rich commoners but they would suffer an immense prestige lost. The main branch of the family probably wouldn't unless they are extremely desperate. Though I am not sure that many commoners have the wealth in the first place.

    On the other questions. I don't think marriages can easily be broken considering that they are mainly made for alliances and unless both sides can amiably separate, I am sure the offended party would seek vengeance. So I guess the female noble would still be stuck in the arranged marriage even after having children (I am guessing 4+).

    On another note. If an foreign army marches on Elumia with enough forces to conquer the continent, how unified would the Empire be? Wait until a few early nations get crushed or never unite because of strong grievances?

  4. I could see it to be similar to the Imperial Chinese model where subject nations have their people travel to the Imperial capital to paid tribute and handle diplomatic incidents rather than the Imperials heading to their nation. Also if the Empire ever regains its strength, I am pretty sure they are going to attempt to retake all former territories. If they ever regain power.

  5. I agree with Metis. It is probably through the studio's inhouse updated tools that enabled the characters to be added into the family.

    In addition if the OP wishes to flesh out the character, a basic personality has to be built in that is remotely different from the vast majority of the student population as others noted, Simone sounds like a mash of characters put together.


  6. Are we talking about Smaug big or something else?

    Say we do attempt to kill a dragon, how do we kill it? I mean do we need a particular weapon or metal to pierce through the skin. Otherwise I have no idea how the Order would attempt to hold the Dragons back on the Wall.

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