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  1. Yeah those were the shooters one with the N64 titles. The PC ones before 2000 were the best in the series.
  2. Anyone remember the old Army Men games. You know the one with "Real Combat, Plastic Men" slogan. I am talking about the old RTT ones, not the shooter ones. Anyone or is it just me?
  3. Eh doesn't matter much to me, same old same old of people buying before reading and looking clearly. I learned long ago that the steam forums are cancer. At least here people are critical in a professional sense without resorting to character bashing of the other person. I mean here if I disagree with someone I would probably get frustrated while over there I am more willing to bash them in the face repeatedly if I know their identity.
  4. Elumia has any patois or creoles? Like around the border regions of the countries. Also legate, I sent a pm with some questions.
  5. The problem is that those character skins are very much beloved characters but I get your point. Yeah, I don't think much people know that the Steam version is DLC 17 plus base game. There are posts about the developers abandoning this project which is hilarious as DLC supported the game for what seven years?
  6. Oh I remembered that Droid Factory thing causing me to go: What? Or what seemed to be a contrived fight between companions with no explanation unless you have cut content restored. I think I never had a problem with the UI and the cash grab part is hilarious. If this was a cash grab then I suppose the Injustice game series is outright theft considering that they already lock character skins behind a paywall.
  7. Eh people be people. Doing things they hate. The only thing that really bothers me is when they claim the game is unfinished just because only year one has been released and year two has been development for like seven years and that Academagia has been abandoned by the studio. Now in the grand scheme of your character's career, yes it is unfinished but the game could stand on its own. For complaints about none of the stories end is complete BS in my eyes. While some adventures have open ended endings, they are still resolved. Some of them just stubbornly refuse to play it until all the years are released and insult anyone that goes against their thinking by claiming them to be diehard fanboys. The worst was calling people illogical for different thought while themselves being illogical and at the same time saying we have low standards. I do for entertainment because it isn't vital but when it comes to food, you bet I will rail against anyone that takes away even slices of bread. IDK I could just be getting old or out of touch with those with means.
  8. Oh yeah, Steam is mixed between the Old Guard and newcomers that enjoy it against those that hate it or don't understand it. One video review I saw had the man stopped playing even before the intro sequence with Greta's letter was finished. Also some people that outright refuse to buy it due to absence of Year two, claiming that the game is incomplete. Some legitimate concerns while others seem outright trolls considering low steam level and outright bizzare logic. Academagia though really is mixed. Its a very niche type of game.
  9. Oh yeah it does. Just tried it with Try to Solve the Block Puzzle. same thing.
  10. Well it seems you can add stress bonus to an ability up to stress maximum. Just tried it with befriend action with 1 charm with a fitness of 1. Stress bonus up to 3 and no further. Succeeded.
  11. Through ignorance? I probably used it without knowing unless it requires you to manually click. I don't usually make cliques, usually go lone wolf that occasionally help students. When I do make cliques it usually only have two npc students and that is it.
  12. Oh. No I have not encountered such a thing yet. I can try it and get back to you.
  13. I think there is but it is only temporary. During my latest playthrough, I used an ability that increased stress maximum temporarily. But I don't recall exactly. I will try to find out what it is when I play again. (and yes. Complaints about the new ui are out of this world considering what we had to deal with.)
  14. So poor Miron D'al Vernaris would be seen as a madchild and under draconic influence at worst or deluded at best.
  15. I wonder if Star Worship would be accepted considering that Astrology is accepted in Elumia. I guess unless the faith also praise dragons it would be allowed. Having the Sun personified as the antichrist would be hilarious though considering that people would be like: How could the sun be evil?
  16. Well its always nice to see more people experience the game for themselves for the first time. I really hope you do enjoy the game for years to come as I have. And you are not alone in desiring Year 2, I decided to do an rp in the forums that span from my characters early life to the end of Year 5. Needless to say it has been a long long journey. I haven't even started on the chapter on where the character arrives at Mineta yet.
  17. Speaking of deities or other supernatural creatures. How would the other students view someone of a completely different religious faith. Suspicion? Outright contempt? (I assume from the insanely devout.)
  18. Oh I wouldn't be concerned considering most of my characters are black sheep. Unless you are implying that we get screwed over.
  19. You think parental approval and competing should be added? I know its relatively minor mechanics that people sometimes use or not at all but it could be beneficial for someone to know that parental approval increases allowance. Unless they choose black sheep.
  20. Yes add it to the steam discussions forum. Have a lot of questions there from people who probably not coming here.
  21. Like a hahha light push that means we should be more than friends or like a hahaha light push that means stay the hell away. bonus points if anyone know where that comes from. Or bribes. I would take bribes. I mean gifts.
  22. yeah but did they have a developed personality.
  23. Oh really? What were they like, the test student? I think my first clique member was Neta. Don't know why though.
  24. Oh yes they are. I remember when majority of the options were purple. Did not end well
  25. Yeah I know. Just thought main adventures should be added to a guide or something so those preferring a goal can know.
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