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  1. Well Steam reviews will be Steam reviews. Some complaints about bad writing but that could be medium deaf or desire for a linear story. Or they just hate a whimsical theme. Anyway perhaps there should be a mention of the main adventures in a FAQ. I mean if we make one.
  2. Star-Crossed seems to be a new adventure, liking it so far. Of course I barely do adventures so it would be new to me anyway.
  3. I found within "The Ring" adventure, that Luciana does not say your name but &Player Name& instead. A light error but still one.
  4. Does anyone know where we submit problems? I found within "The Ring" adventure, that Luciana does not say your name but &Player Name& instead.
  5. Now I wish the mod tools are out along with the new mod base so I can find out for myself.
  6. Oh no. I got the worst random event, Amanda Kiffer, Olivia Solari, and Sima Venesico are competing for the fairest of them all. Cyrus! You know not what you done. Props to the writer.
  7. Well the requirement seems to be that you have to be a page. I wonder if the other backgrounds provide new adventures.
  8. The Painting adventure unless it was part of DLC 16 and I never tried it. Seems interesting so far.
  9. Ah the menu music, the nostalgia feels coming back.
  10. Cool if it is. I would probably finish what I need to do before then.
  11. I actually can't wait for tomorrow especially once they verify my previous purchase. I get to go home early from school tomorrow, thus more time for me to play Academagia. I only hope I don't have to wait long when I return.
  12. Disguises. Sure. What is next? The Plastic surgery area called Revision town.?
  13. Say can we walk into this place in the future like in an event in later years? I mean before the guards or shady people throw us out of course.
  14. So a revamp which is to: give new or improved form, structure, or appearance. Or as an act of improving form, structure or appearance of something. That is the case it is mostly UI work. Which it is right? or did the team add more than just the UI.
  15. Oh cards drop despite what you do in gameplay. So if you just leave the game on for a period of time, you still get the card. But yeah, they have little to no value unless you get to sell them for around $0.23 cents. I got lucky once with a $2.46 card but those are rare. I really don't give a damn about achievements though I still see them as potential guidelines for alternative gameplay routes though that usually only apply to rpgs.
  16. The cards unlock badges if every one is collected. All it does to my knowledge is increase your steam profile level. However I would not know considering that I sell them for steam cash.
  17. Makes sense given the advancing level of tech and the constant attempt by Microsoft to force windows 10 on us. We can send proof of purchase now? Or wait closer to release.
  18. Oh welcome to the forums. Hope you got a great time here.
  19. We can send our proof of purchase now right? I can't wait until it drops for release.
  20. 11) How would a child that barely know Elumian as in know how to write it but not speak it well be treated by staff and students? I expect students to make fun of them but what about staff?
  21. Come to think about it but the screenshots for the new ui look similar to the concept art involving ui way back when Academagia. Did we went back to original concept for the redesign? It looks great, more regal and distinguished.
  22. Well congratulations to the team for continuing the original game for so long. We finally approach the end date (For year one).
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