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  1. Well Steam reviews will be Steam reviews. Some complaints about bad writing but that could be medium deaf or desire for a linear story. Or they just hate a whimsical theme. Anyway perhaps there should be a mention of the main adventures in a FAQ. I mean if we make one.

  2. So a revamp which is to: give new or improved form, structure, or appearance. Or as an act of improving form, structure or appearance of something.

    That is the case it is mostly UI work. Which it is right? or did the team add more than just the UI.

  3. Oh cards drop despite what you do in gameplay. So if you just leave the game on for a period of time, you still get the card. But yeah, they have little to no value unless you get to sell them for around $0.23 cents. I got lucky once with a $2.46 card but those are rare.

    I really don't give a damn about achievements though I still see them as potential guidelines for alternative gameplay routes though that usually only apply to rpgs.

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