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  1. Looking back at your stalking question from this angle then it would be difficult to do anything against it! Because what is stalking?


    1) Stalking is following a target around but isn't that just observing a competitor a perfect fine practice that should be encouraged?


    2) The more extrem cases isn't that just bullying that is also perfect fine in the inter-collegial competition? Especial if you look at what Vettor do with his water magic! Isn't this water magic already sexual harassment combined with damaging or even destruction of countless library books, homework and study material?

    Well I guess that is why it is up to the Regent of the College to handle the situation but knowing most of them, yeah its going to be unresolved. I can see this being a problem as the years go by especially as hormones start messing with people.

  2. Sometimes I forget that Miron is actually a broken boy. This chapter takes place before his negation and something darker lies below. Mimicking his voice to pretend to be his thoughts.


    Interlude Part I- The Design

    When the Red Moon Child was growing up, it believed that it was alone, lost in the void known as life despite having several voices speak in its head. Its parents possessed a dual nature alternating between loving and utmost contempt though the child would eventually know that they only possessed contempt.

    At first the boy was split between two identities. The Monster known by all to be nothing but a monster that would bring destruction and chaos. The other was Miron D’al Vernaris the lonely boy that attempted to win the affection of his family only to receive none in return, disavowing the voices in his head. Caught between two worlds, both offering punishment. As the Monster the voices offered comfort only to abandon him when he became Miron D’al Vernaris who nobody wanted or do with unless he does something they deem wrong or misinterpret it to be so. The reactions of his parents was worse.

    Growing up, his parents fought alot especially when they believe that the children would not overhear. The twins naturally blame their youngest sibling as their parents were happy before he was born. Cassia was the cruelest using both physical actions and emotional abuse to get her point. Cassius on the other hand joined in until he felt too uncomfortable to participate. Miron told himself that it didn’t hurt despite the pain he felt.

    One day as he waited outside his mother’s chambers to tell her something he accomplished, something heroic only to hear his father and mother arguing.

    “I told you many times before!”His mother’s voice could be heard from within. “That monster should be sent far away from the palace as possible. To another island perhaps. To one of your cousins who left the island.”

    “He is my blood!” His father yelled which surprised the boy. “No Vernaris should be exiled to another place even if they are the spawn of the void itself.”

    “Don’t be ridiculous. Do you want to hear one day that the Monster kill our children as they slept.?”

    “You are the one being ridiculous! You know what I have enough.” His father’s last remarks were before storming out, presumably towards his study.

    Lady Alaine walked out to see her husband turn the corner unaware of her son who stood nearby.

    “Did I made you and dad angry?......again.” She heard her son spoke, rattling her nerves before she composed herself.

    “No. Of course not. What possessed you to believe such a thing.” Lady Alaine told her son, giving him a beaming smile. “We were just talking.”

    “Are you going to send me away?” Miron said softly. “I didn’t do anything lately.”

    “What makes you think we are going to send you away?” Lady Alaine asked.

    “You said that the monster had to be sent far away.” Miron answered holding back tears.

    “You are not a monster.” Lady Alaine reassured her son, even embracing the boy. A once in every five years event. “What make you think you are one?”

    The boy just remained silent for awhile. Because you always believed so. “Because....because.....never mind.”

    Lady Alaine smiled. “Go on then, go to your room.”

    Miron nodded before running away back to the South Tower, his refuge in the world. The boy was on the roof standing on the ledge with the open night sky being welcoming with the stars twinkling. Thoughts rolling around in his head.

    They are going to send me away. What did I expect after all? They don’t want me. Of course they don’t. I didn’t do anything lately. Does that even matter? What should I do? Do I go and pretend nothing happened? No. I will stand my ground. But that won’t change anything. I should work more to be worthy of my forefathers. No don’t be ridiculous. Instead I should go on a different path. Be my own. That wouldn’t change anything but make them hate me even more. They already hate me. Nothing would ever change that. I just don’t want to be alone. But I am not alone. The voices, they are my friends.....My only friends. If only they never left me. They left because I am not worthy enough for anyone....

    The boy walked upon the ledge staring at the stars above, one misstep and he would have fallen to his death but the boy didn’t care. He had done this before. If he was to fall nobody bat an eye but if he didn’t then the world still wanted him.

    One can argue that this behavior and thought pattern was dangerous. They are right just as how it makes one mind easier to change. Afterall I mold his mind into my design..

  3. Oh come on! This is like a reversal. Are you just waiting for me to reveal this scenario in one of my chapters? Just as I am waiting for information about this type of situation.

    Okay. How about foreign cuisine? Is there a cuisine enjoyed more by the nobility than others? Sorta like the commonly seen French cuisine as one of the more famous ones.

  4. Hmmm unexpected but nice to know. Though I suppose Olivia Solari would still choose Cyrus over the band. If you say otherwise then I have no choice but to assume the Pheme-nomenons are using Mastery to control their fans and disguise it through use of glamour.

  5. Interlude Part I- The Monster

    “Mama, I don’t want to marry him.” Lady Alaine begged her mother. “Anyone but him.”

    “You have no choice.” Her mother said. “Our family’s survival depends on this.”

    “But you told me the Vernaris line is nothing but monsters and madmen!” Lady Alaine cried. “Don’t do this to me!”

    “And I said. We have no choice.”Her mother said firmly. “We will not go the same route as the Calderas, the Tyvias, the Mathias, or the rest of the old families that refuse to acknowledge the truth. That the Vernaris rule over this island.”

    “Why not a cousin then?” Lady Alaine asked. “Merry would be happy to marry those monst-”

    An audible slap could be heard throughout the room causing several of the servants to flinch.

    “Ma-mama” Lady Alaine started.

    Another slap to the face.

    “Don’t be stupid child!’ Her mother yelled. “You think they will be satisfied with a cadet. No it has to be the mainline and unfortunately for you, your older sister is being married off to the new lord Salus.”

    “But mama.” Lady Alaine plead.

    “Not another word! Look at you. A complete disgrace to the name of Amelion.” Her mother threatened. “Women of the Old families do not cry but accept their fate. Are you not of the Old Families?!”

    “Yes mama.” Lady Alaine said. “I am.”

    “Then act like it.” Her mother said motioning a nearby servant to pour some wine. “Cause you behave like one of those new family harlots. You leave tomorrow, end of discussion.”

    Lady Alaine began sobbing more as her mother left the room drinking. The servants rushed to help the daughter of their lord. None knowing how to comfort Lady Alaine but place a hand on her shoulder, telling her that everything will be fine. But that didn’t stop the dread in her heart and thoughts that race through her head. Life has turn for the worst. A young woman alone in a nest of dragons.


    Long ago in the land forsaken by the Maiden of the Sun. There was a proud kingdom ruled by the descendants of the Old King. Life was good as everyone knew their place. As the King Aznable held court, the doors opened to reveal a Monster.

    This Monster was shorter than the average man, wearing mismatched rusty armor with a cloak made of leaves and flowers. The only thing that seemed to be of high quality was the sword on its belt. The only symbol it bore was on the tree bark that served as a shield, a sapphire winged fairy.

    “Why did you come here stranger?”King Aznable questioned.

    “Oh King Aznable, do you not know that it is impolite to not feed your guests?” The Monster said in its melodious voice.

    “You are no guest, Guards throw him out for his intrustion!” ordered the king upon realizing him.

    As the guards moved to remove the Monster, the Monster tapped the floor with its foot and the guards became ensnared in vines. Their bodies began turning into wood. With this the Monster gave out a small laugh.

    “Do you not know why I came?” The Monster said smiling. “The Forest Council has sent me to deliver our demand.”

    “Demand?” asked the king. “What sort of demand?”

    “Sacrifice, Sacrifice, Sacrifice! The voices call for blood of anyone but the council calls for someone from the castle!” The Monster stated in maniacal laughter. “Hahahahha, Old King. Who would you sacrifice? A daughter? A son? It matters not but sacrifice must be done.”

    “Is that all?” King Aznable questioned thinking of a way to escape the current demand.

    “Oh! I know that look.” The Monster said. “A game, a game. You guess my real name and I would leave. Tell the council that you avoid the sacrifice by beating me at my game.”

    “Deal. Give me three tries.” The King said confidently. “Three tries.”

    “But that is not fair.” The Monster complained until it realized something. “Three tries but each time you fail, I get one more person.”

    King Aznable was playing with a dragon now, he had three tries to guess the Monster’s name but if he failed...if he failed three people would be condemned.

    “Done. Three tries and if I fail each time, you get one.” King Aznable said.

    The Monster left and the court began to discuss among themselves, seeking to deliver their rivals into the creature’s hand. But of all the king’s courtier, only one individual was not scared. The Princess Selene, eldest daughter of King Aznable, decided upon herself to find the Monster’s true name. Her first thought was the forest, seeing as the Monster was arrived from there but there was no clue to the identity of the stranger. It took her all day and with no results Selene was ready to give up until she overheard something.

    “What fun a great game is!” The Monster exclaimed. “Can people even guess my real name? The fools the lot of them.”

    It began to dance around an open flame. “Old Ver Naris has tricked them. Oh my friend, three souls to your liking for tomorrow I feast!”

    Selene listened intently, Ver Naris was the creature’s name! The people of her city was safe. She rushed home quickly to tell her father, not knowing that the strange creature suddenly stopped dancing.

    “Is she gone?” the Monster spoke out loud. “What would I do without you, Great Devourer. Fools, three offers to our plates!”

    Silence filled the air but the Monster did not care, quickly entering into a conversation with a creature only he can hear...one from the other side.

    The very next day, the Monster returned to court eager to obtain his prize.

    “King Aznable! Are you ready? Are you ready?!” The Monster laughed. “Remember one person for each failure.”

    “I’m ready foul creature.” King Aznable said, hiding his emotions.

    “Well, what is my real name?” The Monster asked.

    “Vernin Cas.”

    “Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.”

    “Char Aznable.”

    “My king are you trying at all? Two to the forest come!”

    “Ver Naris.” Princess Selene loudly and confidently said.

    “H-How?!” the Monster exclaimed. “How did you know my real name?!”

    “I overheard you while you were dancing around the fire.” Selene smugly said. “Perhaps you should have been more careful.”

    The King smiled and was about to speak before the Monster lifted one hand up.

    “Well, well. I suppose that I lost......if that was my real name.” The Monster said tilting his head. “You lost. I will take my three!”

    “Liar, that is your name!” Selene argued. “You lost. Go home!”

    The Monster laughed and laughed. “No, no my dear!. You have been tricked! Tricked!”

    “No. I have decided. I will not honor our deal if you insist on playing.” King Aznable said. “Begone, and tell your....council that you failed on account of your actions.”

    “A DEAL IS A DEAL!” The Monster boomed with rage. Its melodic voice turning vile. “WE HAD A DEAL!”

    “If you want blood so much than care for a duel?” Sir Vihil Caldera challenged, the brave knight eager for action. “To the first blood. I injure you, you go home.”

    The Monster was still seething though it nodded.

    The two circled around each other and began fighting but Sir Vihil Caldera was no match for the being’s inhuman speed, losing his head in the process. As the man’s body began to fall, the crowd began to turn upon each other, not wishing to die next.

    “Hold vile creature! I will be your next foe.” Sir Tyvia said.

    The Monster did not even allowed him to draw his blade. “Two for three. Who will be the third one?!”

    No one was brave to stand against the creature of the forest. No one had a death wish.

    “I will fight you.” Princess Selene said after a long silence.

    The two entered a stance and prepared to fight. The Monster suddenly lounged but Selene had studied his technique and managed to dodge. One strike to the helmet and the face of the creature was revealed.

    It wasn’t the horrid imitation of woodland creature but that of a young man. He was pale with raven hair though streaks of white was visible. His gray eyes shocked at someone even hitting him.

    “There, done. You lost!” Selene said as her people cheered.

    The Monster’s face quickly went from shock to a scowl. “You have not won! You have not won!”

    “I just did, now begone!”

    And so the princess saved her people only to make a permanent enemy of the person known only to them as Ver Naris. What she did not know was that the fates of the Old Families were sealed with her actions. The war for the island was about to begin.


    It has been several years since Lady Alaine’s marriage to the now Lord Protector Inrell D’al Vernaris. It was an unhappy marriage at least on her part but there were moments of happiness such as her two children, the twins Cassius and Cassia, the only true things she owe in the world. It helped that they resembled her more than their father and they prefer her company over him. But not even their love is good enough to prepare her for the death of her latest child.

    Oh her son was still breathing but it was not her son. Instead a monster has taken his place. The boy bore more of a resemblance to her husband’s grandfather than her. The same raven hair with streaks of white hair and his eyes...his eyes were the same pale gray as the stories told of the infamous first Lord Protector. All the Lady Alaine could think of is that any day the Monster would reveal itself but instead every day it pretended to be a little boy.

    She always had feelings of unease around it but she smiled in its presence, attempting to fool the creature. The effects of doing so unknown. Sometimes she believed that the Monster bought her deception.

    Lady Alaine always had to deceive people a skill earned just by being born in the Old Families, and if she had to pretend to love that monster....well by all appearances. She will. The laughter of her children brought her back to reality and she eagerly went to find them. Unaware that the Monster was observing her actions before disappearing into the dark.



    Happy New Year people!

  6. Another interlude story. This time dealing with the story told to children of Isla Vernarae and the basis for a very popular folk song enjoyed by all.


    Interlude Part I- Of the Maiden and Fairies

    Long ago perhaps before even the dragons were banished from the Sunlands. There was a island. It was similar to nearly every island that floated high above the lands of Cyve except for one thing. The Maiden of the Sun never shined her light upon it. She didn’t have to since there was no people but wilderness and animals foul. That would soon change.

    Somewhere far away in the Sunlands, a mighty king ruled. His kingdom was vast and its holdings rich beyond compare. But all of it would have gone to waste without a queen. He didn’t want just any woman but the fairest in the world.

    One day as he looked up at the sky, he noticed something or rather someone. A beautiful young woman in the sky dancing with not a care in the world. It was the Maiden of the Sun herself in all of her radiant glory.

    “There!” The Old King said. “There is the Queen my people deserve!”

    And so he had his people prepare a great monument to entice their future queen to the land. But she never came. Desperate, the King gathered his court magicians and ordered them to help him ascend to the sky so the fair maiden can hear his proposal. So they did and when the time came, he flew straight above to the sun.

    The Maiden of the Sun never had visitors before so she allowed this king to reach her. When the man did, she blushed for this king was fair beyond compare. Seeing her made the man’s heart race and his words almost stumbled upon each other.

    “Fairest Maiden in the World.” The Old King said. “I ask for your hand, to be my queen. For my people deserve you more than other.”

    “But Your Majesty. How can I ever leave my beautiful home in the sky?” The Maiden asked. “How can I ever be free tied to the land? I must say no.”

    “Please.” The Old King plead. “Do not reject me. Only you can make my kingdom more renowned than ever.”

    The Maiden gave a sad smile before turning away, leaving the Old King to despair. In his grief he flew down and down towards the ground but when he landed, he realized he was nowhere home but on a different island. That spot would be later known as Fair King’s Descent.

    Faced with this new reality, the Old King bellowed to the sky.

    “Harpy of the Sky! You leave me in such pain. But know this, one day you will notice me again. I built one great kingdom, I can build an even greater one even if shrouded in darkness!”

    The Old King went to work, leveling forests and shattering mountains to build the foundation for the new kingdom that was to be formed. Unaware that his descendants would shatter and formed their own petty kingdoms. But as he worked. The Maiden of the Sun caught someone else’s eye.

    The rich would always desire their mates to be beautiful. No more than merchants as well. There was one greedy beyond compare and this merchant boasted that his wealth bought even the daughters of kings to his bed. Tired of his boasts, the villagers in his home town gathered around him and pointed to the sky.

    “There is one woman that would deny you no matter your wealth. She lives above in the sky.”

    The Greedy Merchant licked his lips as he looked up and saw the very maiden they spoke of. Quickly he began to find a way up and he did. Though he spent a huge fortune to do so but he didn’t care. As he approached, the Maiden of the Sun saw the lust in his eyes.

    “Oh Fair Lady, I desire your hand. I can buy you the greatest luxuries in the world. Accept my offer for none would compare!” The Greedy Merchant said.

    One long look and the Maiden of the Sun flew away. And so the Merchant fell down. When he awoke, he found himself in a strange land. It was shrouded in darkness but he can see the lights of civilization in the distant. However he had one thing to say before he went.

    “Prudish Maiden! I spent the lifetime of hundreds to build my great wealth. Completely gone to chase you. In this dark land I will become wealthy again and you will notice me!”

    And so the Greedy Merchant moved towards civilization while marking the way with stones. The Great Road was established that day.

    When the Greedy Merchant reached the town, The Old King greeted him and the two agreed to work together to create the most powerful kingdom in the known world.

    At the same time, another fell in love with the Maiden of the Sun. A farmer who prayed for a wife, one worthy to be the stepmother of his children. When he looked to the sky, he felt that his prayer was answered by the gods.

    He didn’t have the tools of kings or the wealth of merchants but the gods were on his side and sent him flying to meet the lady of his dreams. The Strong Farmer made a gift. A fine carved wooden horse but in truth it was not enough.

    “Oh fair Maiden. The Gods have granted this opportunity. I ask that you be my wife and stepmother to my children.”

    The Maiden of the Sun smiled sadly.

    “I can not. Two greater men have came before you and I have rejected them. You are kind and strong but I will not be tied down even for one as great as you.”

    She flew away just like the other times though she gave a few glances. The Strong Farmer fell just like his betters down to the earth below. When he awoke just like them, the man found himself in a dark land but the Old King and the Greedy Merchant worked fast. Paved roads awaited the farmer who made his way to civilization. There he met the two founders.

    “Hail friend” The Old King greeted and the Strong Farmer knelt in his presence. “Do not kneel, we are all equals here. Scorned by that Heartless Harpy in the sky. Take my hand and help us build a great kingdom.”

    The Strong Farmer instantly got up and began to work, creating vast fields for the crops to feed this new kingdom in the world. The Old King went to divide his lands to the various noble families and the Greedy Merchant sought to expand his wealth. Each unaware of the last one who desired the Maiden in the sky.

    It was a young man with nothing to his name but the clothes on his back. He was a slave and desired nothing but to be free. That was the case until saw the most beautiful woman in his life, more beautiful than the wives and mistresses of his master.

    And so the young man worked a way to meet this divine woman. He prayed daily but the Gods ignored him. Instead something else helped him. Something from beyond. A voice that called to him. His only friend in the world. This friend granted him the ability to ascend and thus he went to the sky to meet the Maiden of the Sun.

    The Maiden however was in no mood to meet another suitor and groaned as the young man approached. As the young man spoke, she rolled her eyes and pushed him down towards the ground. And he fell into the darkness.

    When he awoke, the Young Man saw a great kingdom that laid before him but he was not in awe. He panicked, believing that he would return to chains and under the advice of his sole friend, the Young Man ran into the forest. Where he cried and cried until a fairy took pity on him as his tears watered the flowers at his feet. Eventually their union spawned the man known only as Ver Naris, founder of the line of Vernaris.

    This is the story of our first ancestor......

    “Dad. That’s a boring story!” Young Cassius complained. “You promised a grand story, one with magic and knights.”

    “Those are more boring. I rather have dad tell me stories about princesses and handsome princes.” Cassia said.

    “Yuck.” Cassius said while making a disgusted face.

    Inrell D’al Vernaris sighed in disappointment which caused his children to quickly become quiet. They always hated it when their father did so. To be a disappointment to their hallowed line.

    “This story is important, it tells how our family came to be.” Inrell said. “One’s familial history is important. Interacting those of inferior lines or traitorous ones can easily bring one’s reputation down.”

    “My dear husband, they are just children.” Lady Alaine said while stopping to get some rest. Her belly swelling with the latest in the Vernaris family waiting to be born. “Leave the tales of past ancestors to the tutors and tell them adventures.”

    “They have to learn about their legacy, Dear wife. And now is the perfect time.” Inrell stated. “Their future sibling will bear the same mantle.”

    “We will look after him dad, train him to be a great knight!” Cassius yelled excitedly while running to his mother. “Won’t we Cassia?”

    “Who says that it would be a him? Could just be a girl as well.” Cassia said.

    Lady Alaine laughed as she embraced her children.

    “You will look after your sibling no matter what. Promise?” Inrell said to his children.

    “We promise!” The twins said simultaneously.

    As Inrell began to tell another tale to the Vernaris, one about the Starry Maiden of Vernaris, Lady Alaine rubbed her belly feeling her baby kick. Her children promised they would look after their new sibling but that was not enough. Lady Alaine promised to the baby that would soon be born that she would love him or her no matter what until the end of days. Better to be the sympathetic fairy than the heartless Maiden of the Sun.


  7. The first part of the interlude between prologue and year one proper. In these portions, Miron D'al Vernaris will take the back seat as other characters come to the forefront even ones shrouded in myth. Hope you all like it. Also Adrian, you are wondering what Pazzi does when Miron is gone? Here is a little taste.


    Interlude Part I- The Loyal Man

    Pazzi has always been a loyal person. Granted many would tell him that his loyalty has been misplaced. Before his service in the castle his loyalty was to his street gang, The West Harbor Phantoms. That changed when he got conscripted into the Vernaris army during the Hartly Uprising and due to his age assigned to the Child of the Red Moon, Miron D’al Vernaris. Given that he barely knew the family it seemed risky that they would allow a total stranger to guard and be a servant to one of their own but the way they treated his lord, the situation was obvious.

    It has been a few days since his lord departed into the Sunlands to attend an school of magic called the Academy of Magic of Mineta. Maiden above, he heard enough about it over the course of several years. It was one of those things that entered their conversations over the year. A smile emerged on his face remembering the old days before someone broke him out of his spell.

    “Pazzi? Pazzi of the West Harbor? Is that you?”

    Pazzi turned to the voice and was surprised to see who it was.

    “Kathie! How long has it been?” Pazzi happily said.

    “Three years, three long years since you got taken away by the Fairies.” Kathie said before embracing Pazzi in a long hug. “We thought you disappeared during the fighting.”

    “Wasn’t much of a war. Got a new job.” Pazzi said as he broke free.

    “Oh yeah? What you a captain now?” Kathie asked.

    Pazzi laughed. “No, I am a knight now.”

    “Get out of here! You can’t be a knight.” Kathie asked astonished. “You serious, an actual knight.”

    “Yeah, happened about two years ago. My lord told me that it wouldn’t be fitting for his first standard bearer to be common.” Pazzi answered. “Then I became a knight. All official and everything. Even got a coat of arms.”

    “Well look at you. I guess you have been too busy to see your old friends.” Kathie said. “Harlon has been looking for you.”

    “What does he want?” Pazzi said as a frown emerged.

    “Come to the old hideout in three days and you will find out.” Kathie said before kissing Pazzi on the cheek before running off.

    Pazzi stare at her disappearing into the crowd, wondering what exactly does his old buddies want. He found out three days later.


    “So I hear you are a Knight now.”

    “Yeah I am.”

    “Then I guess you just forgot about your family.”

    “My family is fine, doing better even.”

    “They are not your family, we are.”

    Pazzi glared at Harlon, his old gang boss before sighing.

    “Kathie said you been looking for me. What do you want?” asked Pazzi.

    “Straight to the point then. We couldn’t find you. Most of the old crowd came back and you weren’t there. We spent three years looking for you.” Harlon answered

    “Why three years. You can do many things in the meantime.” Pazzi questioned.

    “I promised your sister I would find you. Of course that was before she moved to the Sapphire District. I thought she was working as a servant or something like that.” Harlon said. “After all we are family. Now I learn that you spent the last three years up there with the highbrows. What? You too good for us now.”

    “I got my parents to consider.” Pazzi said. “But really what do you want?”

    “I got an idea. One that involves you. We planned a heist in the palace.” Harlon smiled. “Only our ideas to get in failed but you being a knight can let us in with no problems.”

    “You want me to betray the noble I swore loyalty to?” Pazzi said with an incredulous look on his face. “Throw away all I done for old time stakes.”

    Harlon got up with visible anger. “So you became a dog. I knew it ever since Kathie told me.”

    “Who are you calling a dog?!” Pazzi yelled. “At least I am doing something with my life.”

    “Oh and what a wonderful life it is.” Harlon shouted back.

    The door opened with Kathie holding a concerned look. “Everything alright?”

    “No!” both boys shouted.

    Harlon began pacing back and forth as Kathie took a chair before finally speaking. “Look all we ask is that you get us in. We take a few things to feed our families then we leave without suspicion falling upon you.”

    “Please Pazzi, we really need this. My little brothers haven’t eaten in awhile.” Kathie begged. “For old times sake?”

    “That or we handle your sister.” Harlon muttered.

    Pazzi stared at the ground for a period of time before speaking. “Give me time to think about it.”

    “How much time?” Harlon asked.

    “Sundown, I will give you my answer then.” Pazzi answered before leaving.

    Pazzi walked and walked until he reached the Sapphire District. The guards moved to block him before they realized who he was and let him through. After that debacle, Pazzi reached his small home that his lord gave for his service. Inside were his parents sitting at the dining table.

    “Whats wrong?” His father said as his parents took in the dark look on their only son.

    “I met Harlon and Kathie again.” Pazzi told his parents. “They want me to let them in the palace.”

    “So?” His mother said. “What is the harm in that?”

    “Don’t be stupid Clara. They intend to rob the place. They were always up to no good.” His father said. “You said no right?”

    “They threatened Jen if I don’t. Also I feel tied.” Pazzi said. “You brought me up to honor our deals and be loyal no matter what. What happens when those two loyalties clash.”

    Pazzi’s father stroked his beard before shaking his head. “Do the obvious thing. You think Harlon and that Kathie gave us this. No. No it was you showing loyalty to our lord’s family.”

    “Whatever you plan to do. Just know that we will support you no matter what.” his mother said.

    “Just make sure it has to do with our generous master.” His father said before lighting his pipe. “Can’t be seen as too ungrateful.”

    “When do they want their answer.” The man continued before coughing.

    “Tonight. They want it tonight.”

    “You got time but you know son. Some loyalties are not worth keeping.”


    “You sure this will work. I mean us disguising as servants.” Harlon complained.

    “Of course, whenever has Pazzi’s plans failed us.” Kathie said. “Though these clothes are too tacky for me.”

    “Quiet......Palace servants don’t talk that much.” Pazzi said. “We are almost there.”

    “I gotta hand it to you. Never expected that you would come around that easily.” Harlon said. “I thought you would say no.”

    “As you said we are family.” Pazzi remarked. “Just let me do all the talking.”

    The rest of the West Harbor Phantoms nodded as they reached the gates. The two guards at their post looked on with suspicion.

    “Sir Pazzi. We weren’t expecting a crowd.” Guard One said.

    “Well, I told the Captain that my family was recruiting servants. Here they are.” Pazzi said confidently.

    “Yes mysir but not in these numbers. We were expecting maybe four not ten individuals.” Guard One said.

    “Are you questioning me?” Pazzi stated with a hint of malice. “After everything I done for the Vernaris family.”

    “No, not at all mysir but....”

    “But what. I can vouch for them. Now let us pass.” Pazzi ordered.

    Guard One looked at Guard Two who nodded in confirmation.

    “Fine.” Guard One said while opening the door. “Have a nice day mysir.”

    The West Harbor Phantoms walked through the gates to the Sapphire Quarter, with Kathie being amazed at their surroundings.

    “Wow! I never thought the Sapphire Quarter would be this beautiful.” Kathie said astonished. “I mean I heard it's beautiful but not at this level.”

    “Just stay focused.” Harlon said. “We are not in the palace yet.”

    Pazzi snorted. “Technically we are in the Palace.”

    “Whatever!” Harlon snapped back. “When do we reach the servant’s entrance?”

    Pazzi turned around near one of the service entrances and did a small flourish. “We are here. Don’t steal too much.”

    “Oh we won’t. Just a little.” Harlon smiled as he hugged Pazzi. “Perhaps I shouldn’t have doubted you. Welcome back to the family.”

    “Yes....thank you.” Pazzi said, taking out the dagger his master gave him at his knighting ceremony. “I know who I should be loyal to.”

    Harlon laughed just as the dagger pierced his side. Said laughter quickly became cries of pain.

    “Pazzi?!” Kathie screamed as she rushed to Harlon. “What have you done?!”

    “Fulfilling my duty.” Pazzi told her as guards began to surround the group.

    “Well done mysir. Well done.” The Captain of the Guard said emerging from behind the door. “Your lord will be proud of what you done.”

    “Traitor!” Harlon screamed while grasping his wound. “You betrayed your family.”

    Pazzi looked at the other boy sadly. “No. I am protecting mine and that of the one I swore to do.”

    “Ignore them. Come. Let me present you to the Lord Protector so he knows who thwarted this plan.” The Captain consoled Pazzi, placing his arms around the young man as the two began walking further into the palace. “Loyal knights go far in the court even if they are servants to the lesser of Lord Protector’s family.”

    It was a while before they reached the throne room where the Lord Protector was. The Captain cleared his throat, motioning for the guard to open the door.

    “Presenting, Sir Pazzi K’al Pazzi. Founder of House Pazzi. Swore knight of Lord Miron D’al Vernaris. The Steadfast Knight!”

    At that moment. Pazzi knew he made the right decision.

  8. Well here is the final part of the prologue after some six months. The ship to Mineta has finally set sailed. Miron's journey begins at last.





    The day has finally come. Miron D’al Vernaris, youngest son of Inrell D’al Vernaris is leaving the home island for the first time to attend the legendary Academy of Magic of Mineta. To the lands where the Sun burns brightly. At first glance it appears all of the nobility attended the departure ceremony at the Capital’s Harbor. Though Miron knew that such a gathering was there because custom demanded it whenever a member of the Lord Protector’s family was leaving the island.

    “May the Maiden of the Sun bless this child’s journey into the Sunlands....” The Head Priest chanted, breaking Miron out of his daydream. “May his journey be safe from all dangers both foreign and near.”

    Blah blah blah was all Miron was hearing after. All he wanted to do was get on that airship as soon as possible but the clergy is known for their long speeches. When the man was finished his family approached putting on the display of familial worry or at least his mother was.

    “Son. A legacy of countless heroes rest upon your shoulders. Do not embarrass us.” Inrell D’al Vernaris stated with a small hint of malice. “Do not give the school cause to send you back here in the middle of the year.”

    “Husband, you fret too much. All that matters is that he stays safe.” Lady Alaine said hugging her youngest son. “Make sure to write every so often so we know what is going on. Promise?”

    Miron looked into her eyes for what seems to be a long period of time. Is she serious?

    No. No. No she is not. The Conspirator’s voice echoed in his head. All lies.


    “Yeah well make sure you do. You know how mother gets.” Cassius joked. “Though I suppose you will be having too much fun.”

    “Please Cassius, I don’t think our brother knows what fun is.” Cassia exclaimed. “He is probably going to get in trouble all the time when he is not doing boring things like painting.”

    “I don’t know. Our little brother has some surprises in him. Not that you would know being concerned with dresses and boys.” Cassius retorted with a big grin. “One would think...”

    “Don’t finish that line! I know what you are thinking.” Cassia angrily said.

    “Enough.” Lady Alaine ordered. “The whole island can see.”

    She turned back to her youngest son and gave a peck on the forehead. It was time. The boy was finally leaving.

    “May the Sun shine on us when we meet again.” His mother’s last words were though the falseness in them can be detected.

    “If only the Maiden wasn’t heartless.” Miron quickly said before turning to head towards the ship. He can already hear the footsteps of people leaving and with one quick glance, noticed his family was the first to go.

    When the ship left port and began sailing, Miron walked up to the top to see his home for the last time before he return. Granted it wasn’t much of a home to him but you can’t choose where you think home is. The harbor was emptying as the last stragglers of the nobility began to leave except for one individual.

    Standing alone was Pazzi clad in the finest clothes he can afford with Miron’s banner in one hand. The young man waved when he saw his lord on the top deck. Miron waved back though half-heartedly. It felt like he was abandoning Pazzi, which he was, and resolved to send his letters to his loyal servant. The young man deserved as much.

    Pazzi continued waving until Miron gave one final wave and head back downstairs. The young man stood on the harbour until the vessel that carried his lord disappeared into the horizon before turning to go back home.

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