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  1. Good to hear, will look forward to seeing this fabled Y2 beast...
  2. Approaching final exams in my second run, but I think I've run out of steam. My "big" suggestion from this run is the need for some sort of better feedback at the end of the year. Does it really matter whether I just skim through my exams or score 300s? Does it really matter if everyone loves me, or everyone hates me by yearend? Zero glory or 25+? There needs to be some type of accomplishment tracking and/or scoring system. Otherwise you get to the end and after all that it's just... meh.
  3. Yeah, funny you should mention Aveline - the defames have started in my current run. She's like the opposite of a cheerleading team. Was thinking it would be nice to knock her out of commission. At least a little. With that in mind, I just attempted a Positive Alteration of Organic Matter. But it comes up aimed at me, with no option to aim it at anyone else!! Is there a trick to this, or is it a bug?
  4. Yes on Vista. But I just tried it again with this method and it didn't trigger. Drat, thought I had it pinned down, but I guess not. Not sure what I'm missing.
  5. I've had some problems with saving games, and I think I may have figured out how to reproduce it. I tend to make saves at the beginning of each week, and keep a running save per day. So if I first save and type in something like "Week 1", when it completes the text "Week 1" is still there in the field. Now if I click on a previous save to save it again (overwriting), let's call it "Daily", bad things are going to happen. First of all "Daily" is going to be lost. Also, ability to save any newly named file ls lost. Only way to fix that I've found at that point is to exit and then restart the game. I have the option on to verify when saving over an existing file, in case that matters.
  6. Whoops, my bad I did mean to say Fitness not Finesse. Yeah, detentions start to pile up a bit too much if you completely ignore classes. Last run through I was mostly in class up to midterms, and then quickly switched over to almost never in class afterward. That balance seemed ok, not too many detentions. And it seems you can learn stuff in detention, so it's not all bad.
  7. I bought a Weedsuckler from Geru's Greenhouse. However, it doesn't seem to be triggering a Pet slot for me to equip it in. (I don't have another pet at the moment.) Am I right in thinking that's how it's supposed to work?
  8. I'm almost at midterms on my second run, and have been spamming Longshade like crazy. Concentration isn't maxed yet, but only because of the number of steps required per level (at 8 presently I believe). I didn't plan to have high Luck this time, but it's ended up quite high - I had some surprise boosts near the beginning of the year. Got the planning boost at 2. My planning is actually almost maxed... I'm working my compete skill up to make it easier to keep Durand at the front of the Merit race. Starting with high Finesse I used potentially crippling runs to max running and boost Finesse even a bit more, worked my wrestling up and pushed money to about 6k and glory to 20 using grapple for the crowds. Curious to see if I can notice a difference with that level of glory, since it's not clear what glory does. Grapple also helped me hit max (or very close) in intimidation, manipulation, flawless timing and willpower. Oh, and competition too. Very nice when you get it to work. Started out with work until you drop, used that until test-taking hit 10, and by about then I think I had Longshade available. Tough choice whether to stick in classes or not, especially once you already have high scores in class subjects. I have noticed classes hand out an extra skill, pheme or location but not very often.
  9. Thanks Metis, good to know. It's rather confusing that password thing - would be better to allow visitation to the cave, but not allow the ability until you have the password. Good explanation of how the skill steps thing works... I only JUST figured that stuff out. I was so excited to get that question ability that gives 5 steps in return for the loss of a level in a random skill... until I learned that the steps don't carry over into extra levels. Meh....
  10. Excellent, Year 2 is sounding very nice...
  11. Hi there, ran into another possible glitch. I've been traversing the Chauranglaith Path locations, and I can't see an option to visit the Cave showing up anywhere. I made sure to increase my Leadership (up to 4) thinking that might be the problem, since it's supposed to subtract 3 from Leadership, but it made no difference. This is with the most recent CP3/128 patch in place. Thanks!
  12. Hey thanks for the quick replies! Yes, I have the most recent patch installed, thanks for checking on that. And yes Metis that's the book I meant. Saving a day's actions - ok thanks, that makes sense now. Were keyboard implementations added too, or just the tabs?
  13. I just finished my first playthrough, and had one suggestion I wanted to share. (I haven't looked through the 144 pages of this thread, so this may just repeat what others have suggested.) The implementation of food (and possibly other consumables) just didn't make any sense to me in the game. The idea that a third of my day could be taken up by eating a caramel chew or whatever is just... well silly. I collected a variety of food items and there was never a time when it made sense to waste a schedule spot to use one (at least the ones I had). (I never experienced a duel though, I'm not sure if they actually become helpful in that context.) So I'd like to suggest adjusting them to be instant use instead! That would make them a much, much more useful part of the game. Thanks!
  14. Hi there, I'm just starting my second playthrough and have run into a problem. From the legendary item character option I received the Mother of Monsters book, but there doesn't seem to be any way to activate it. I further noticed in a forum post from a few years back that someone else reported this along with a couple of other Gates related issues. The other issues were responded to, but this one wasn't - missed perhaps? I also have a question about the user interface for the game. The right information panel has a series of tabs along its left side. I've tried fiddling with them, but can't figure out what they are. By the end of my first playthrough they looked like orange tabs peeking out from behind the panel, and at that point clicking on them didn't seem to do anything. Could someone please explain? Thanks!
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