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  1. Behold! Ronikai's triumphant return to Academagia!!!
  2. Has there ever been a case where someone was mastered without even knowing it? As in they lived their life normally, but the whole time they were also mastered? Or does all mastery result in a "glazed over eyes" kind of situation?
  3. What did teachers do when a student accidentally mastered themselves Legate? Stuff like that must have happened pretty often right? Is there a way to reverse the effects without damage? I'm assuming if someone masters themselves their minds might turn to jell-o
  4. Plus, as far as we've been told, there isn't a protection spell against Mastery using Mastery. The way you would protect yourself using Mastery is the Master the Master Mastering you (heh heh, try saying that hecka fast)
  5. Oh! Okay. Does the "descended from" backgrounds also decide location?
  6. Rhialto; The problem with the idea of "I'll learn Mastery so I can protect myself" ends up a pretty weak argument in of itself since you'll definitely use the skill sooner or later. Mastery has a way of getting control of its user, especially if they are inexperienced or just a generally weak spellcaster. There's also the issue that no matter how much you study there is always someone more skilled than you are. That's why legally that argument doesn't stand a chance, and from person to person it just sounds morally dubious. That being said, you COULD have serious willpower and never use Mastery, but there's always societies "what if" fear
  7. Were we ever told if True Speech would be something we could learn in later years?
  8. So that means that we won't be able to participate in the other backgrounds, just the priority ones? So if secret background with athletic, you only receive the secret background adventure?
  9. Do dragons have some sort of education system, or is magic just natural to them?
  10. Then I have no idea how I started off with those languages. Maybe froma different background? I have no idea
  11. When I chose the background heritage for Strozza I got Oncestrian as an automatic skill as well
  12. I mean, you do GET the skill despite not having any points in it. So if you choose the Meril background you have Merilien right off the bat. Although it does add some hilarity considering that you were born and raised there and your Merilien can't pass the "Je m'appelle" stage (which is what I consider a zero skill level)
  13. How does Schohanwicht handle expulsion? It can't be simple considering its secrecy
  14. So sounds like the dragons have a pretty advanced civilization with a heirarchy. Can you shed any light on it? Do they have leaders or representatives? Are they a DEMOCRACY? Plot twist the Praetextia was made by dragons everybody. Elumianati confirmed
  15. Aesthetically I feel that gates fits in well with Morvidus. Maybe it's all the green... Or the eccentricities of the student body of Morvidus that just looks well with Gates, as odd as that sounds
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