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  1. Okay I thought so I was just saying I understand why they have been working on it for so long, plus they have other projects as well.
  2. I thought year two still wasnt out yet?
  3. Oh gosh this is all so confusing. How do you guys develop these games? I would die. I see now why Year 2 has taken so long to come out. You guys have tough jobs.
  4. So to raise a subskill by one I have to train 2 times?
  5. Oh I don't suppose you guys added any requirements for training like a roll or knowledge of a certain skill? Sometimes when I try to train something, say for example glamour phemes, I won't gain a step in that subskill. I thought training was sure to give you a level?
  6. Oh I did it! As an American teenage girl with terrible computer skills, I feel so accomplished. Thanks for suggesting unzipping the file first, that helped and then when i copied that file and pasted it, the message to overwrite the files finally popped up. Thank you for the help
  7. So I am probably going to sound really stupid but I am having the hardest time getting the DLC and the patches to go into the folder. I am extracting. I know you said to just copy and put it in there but it didn't do anything when I did that. So I have been trying to extract from the zip file to the file academagia.exe is in but it says I don't have access even though I am running as the administrator. I'm so sorry that you have to help me with this when everyone else seems to have understood it right off the bat. Also I'm unsure of what you mean by overwrite the folders in there already. If you just copy and paste or drag the files into it you don't really have the option to replace or update the files. At least I didn't anyways.
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