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  1. Any news on friendship endings yet ?
  2. I have 64-bit OS (apparently) if that helps, checked last night but didn't manage to get online to do the rest of the stuff. Will try over the weekend. Thanks for all your help guys. Been dying to play this for a while so I'm pretty excited if this works!
  3. I just figured OS means operating system haha. how would i check the .net thingys exactly? got a windows 7 computer if that helps at all. If you could kindly let me know as I'm not sure I'll be able to check tonight. Thank you lovely people!
  4. ok, in "I'm pretty stupid with computers" terms what does that mean haha? I'm also in work at the moment (oops) can't check but will do so tonight.
  5. Thanks for the quick reply! Well that's one way to make me stalk the forum haha! thanks very much
  6. Can someone suggest to me where I download this game from? I recently bought it off gamersgate but it wont play! Seems to download fine but when I open the application up it tells me an error has occurred and terminates the game. (currently trying to get a refund as I'm guessing this isn't normal behaviour ) suggestions anyone?
  7. .....1932? Please tell me this has been started now? I LOVE 1931 and can honestly say it's my favourite game at the moment! I even made myself a stupid little chart so I can track which endings I have so far . ( I have heard 2 different ways to obtain a friendship ending 1. dont pick to spend christmas with said boy/mummy but have the relationship with them higher than your family dream. 2. Choose to change your dream to them but have a higher relationship with another boy/mummy.Could you clarify as I must fill in my chart ya'know )
  8. thank you for your time and im sorry for being such a fool >.<
  9. last question, I swear! is there a problem with downloading the actual patch? its been going for 25 mins now and keeps swapping between 18 mins and then back up to 30 something :\
  10. Thanks I was just wondering about the whole overwrite all files. does it mean everything?? (sorry im a complete newb Dx)
  11. HiHi! Will be downloading the game this weekend after wanting it for months! Never had a game with DLC before so was just wondering if you could let me know how to do it so I'm not messing up? Thanx xD
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