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  1. Can you provide any in-game information that support this statement? And even if some revision spell can remain active for indefinitly long time - it is still merely one negation away from reversion. Or it might be not. As far as we know, only Gates magic has the power to create and alter self-sustained life (namely - through utilization of Heart and, possibly, Spirit phemes).
  2. For alterating features of mind to match transformed body. Also for forging and maintaning bond between transformed mind and transformed body. Mastery is all about manipulating mind and its connections with body after all. And it is still not enough. The main drawback of revision is the fact that it cannot alter "natural state" of anything, so everything revisioned is one negation away from reverting to its natural state. And we would need such modifications to last for a lifetime or until purposefully modified further. So really, the main function of Revision here would be sustaining of life inside body throughout the process. Actual modifications to mind and body would require Mastery (as above) and Gates respectively.
  3. Quite easy and quite useless, considering that such magic is limited in time, dispellable and reversible. What can be used here, I think, is combination of Revision, some kind of self-Mastery, perhaps other Pillars, enspelling and enchantment. And the ultimate goal should be not to simply revise oneself, but to change "natural state" of oneself. I think, that such change can be achieved intentionally - through different forms of magical self-modification - or unintentionally - as byproduct of regular usage of powerful and complex magic. Oh, let me disagree strongly on that one. You got sloppy, you died, you were brought back as cyborg. Such drastic change of your nature cannot go without noticeable effects on you (both in mind and body). If anything, Bioware severly underplayed such transformation of lead character.
  4. Well I tend to have this effect on people for no apparent reason Some say that it is impossible to argue with me and to agree with me is far too depressive. As for quote limitations - that is just my style. It is easier to trace points being argued this way as arguments get more complex. "Old" does not mean "powerfull" or even "exceptionally skilled". Just look at all those instructors in the Academagia, for example. They most probably have many ranks in study, maybe even in research of their selected disciplines, but are they really skillful? Do they have even 30+ skill ranks in their chosen pillars? I have seen nothing from them so far that would require such levels of skill. And considering how trivial are tasks they need help with... Also, has anyone ever conducted an autopsy of any "old powerful wizard"? There are many things you can hide under those robes (or whatever is fashionable these days among that crowd), I assure you And even more things can be hidden via vicarious applications of glamours and revisions. Pushing yourself beyond common human limits never comes without a price. And most probably there are few who are willing to pay it. That would explain why there are so few truly powerful mages in the world. You have hard beliefs, I have insidious arguments and speculations, but at the end everything is in hands of developers. I wonder whether they are reading anything of this Cosidering how development of spells goes in game world (according to lore) - through experimentation and collection of empirical data - magic is science here. And no, I consider things "in a potential mental, ethereal, or spiritual sense", I simply think that they are connected to physical world, they influence it and they are influenced by it. Doubly so when we consider living things. Triply - if said things are intelligent. Oh, please. Do I really have to point out how imagination can be used with Negation, Revision and Glamour? Or should I rise to new levels of magnificent bastardy with imaginative uses of Gates and Mastery? The fact that thing A can be used with thing B does not mean that they have any intristic connection. Not really. An astute theory, but Ride of the elements does not rely on Creativity, so you do not need an imagination at all for it to work. Suit yourself
  5. Well, I do not know - I have not come across any such scene yet. How can it be found?
  6. Quote block limitations... Oh, well. Or dragons may know them for a long time and simply choose not to teach them to humans. There are too many variants so I would not bet on this one. I think it has less to do with sheer amount of experience and more to do with adaptation to this kind of casting, which require deep knowledge of yourself, self-control and complete undertanding of magic you are casting. And, of course, willingness to lose some measure of your humanity
  7. And why exactly it is "not a physical change"? So far your argument amounts to "I disagree because I disagree". You vastly underestimate malleability of muscule tissue. It can change proportions of "fast" and "slow" muscule cells, change the level of innervation and density of blood vessels and so on. And all that - merely from real life physics, biomechanics and physiology. How much more can be achived when we have magic coming into play? Beliefs are not arguments. Knowledge is inherently inert. It is just an information packed in your mind - it cannot do anything by itself. Merely knowing something have no effect on you or world around you. Also, knowledge is represented by study level, not skill level. What allow you to generate phemes is you regular practice of incantation and adaptation of your mind and body to this practice. Nope. Pillars connected to mind are Revision (directed by Intelligence), Glamour (directed by Charm) and Mastery (due to its applications). Incantation is dependent upon Finesse, which essentially means that it requires exacting accuracy and concentration in both thoughts and physical movements. It is pretty much an antithesis of "imagination" and "emotion" - such things have no place in working with transformations of volatile energies. Those who think that they can order fire around with their anger quickly find themselves several extremities short. It is more tricky than that. Anger and annoyance are not necessarily connected with any desire to burn, yet you manifest fire phemes anyway. That is, I speculate (and I am oversimplifying here), because anger cause body to produce adrenaline, which cause blood glucose level to rise, which provide more energy to your brain. At the same time your brain flares up with excitation, powering up all its neural circuits and among them - circuits that allow you to form phemes. Such overcharge allow said circuits to manifest phemes out of thin air. Why fire, then? Simple - it is observer bias. Most probably you manifest many different phemes but fire phemes are the easiest to see and recognize even when hazy. Incantation per se has nothing to do with "simple destruction". Incantation is about transformation of energy, of taking potential and making it real. From Nothing, Knowledge spell is perfect example of this. If first and foremost you can do with it is "simple destruction" - it says something about you and not about Incantation. "Nonsense"? Oh so much negativity from someone who (most probably) were transformed into emperor penguin at some point of his magic career Turning into dragons is, of course, the simplest way, but I was hinting at something different. To continue with swimming example, consider this: fish are natural swimmers. Why? Because they have hydrodynamic-optimal body and fins. For you to be a natural swimmer you do not have to stop being a mammal and become a fish, but you would do well if you achive some measure of convergence with them, namely by growing fins (or at least webbed extremities) and making your body sleeker and your skin - tougher (if not outright scaled). Just look at all those marine mammals starting with dolphins. And yes, I know that such convergence naturally require many generations to occur, but duh, we are talking magic here - what are our limits anyway? Now returning to dragons. Dragons are natural spellcasters. They (as far as we know) do not need wands or any other mediums to create their magic. So they should have some kind of adaptation that allow for such streamlined use of magic. And so powerful magic-users should develop convergence towards dragons. Physical - to some extent. Mental - much more so. Where are you getting your idea that humans "had the ability to do [magic] all along"? I find it highly unlikely - humans do not have mental abilities to make such leaps of technique: from not having magic to having entire system of palettes, phemes, the works. Without dragons they would have no magic at all.
  8. Really? And I think that fire phemes floating around you is pretty noticeable (even if conditional) change to your appearance And this is from something as minor as Incantation 10 (nothing to write home about). Other Pillars may (and, really, should) have such effects as well. And those effects can get more serious at higher ranks of skill. But "expression of magical ability" is not in contradiction with "changing you or your appearance". Skills you internalize (and adaptations you evolve for this) unavoidably change you. Simple real life example: swimming - as you progress in this skill far enough, you body adapts to it and it appearance changes accordingly. But of course. Have someone around here envisioned dragon weaving wand anyway? As dragons are unlikely to have pockets or carry around any luggage - they are pretty much limited to either will spells into existence on demand or have phemes etched directly on their hides. All that is, of course, assuming that dragons need to manifest phemes at all for their spells.
  9. An interesting idea. Combine this with things like Ride the Elements - and you can see that even mere first 10 ranks in magic skill can start to alter you both mentally and physically. I wonder, if max skill ranks keep rising at speed 10/year - how would someone with like 50 ranks in all magicall and semimagical skills look like. I think he would be barely human-like. Remember, magic is the art of dragons - it was not intended to be used by humans.
  10. Your example is good, but it actually furthers my point "it is completly illegal to build or hold a bomb even in the Liberal US" - false. Demolition works, mining, fireworks and (of course!) military usage are etirely legal applications of explosive devices (also known as "bombs"). As you see, all you need is proper licence. And that is how issues of handling dangerous technologies (or magics for this point) should be resolved properly - through safety protocols, not proscription. Also I somehow think that you do not fully comprehend the extent of the thing called "Proscription". With bombs it would not be simple confiscation of homemade explosives. It would be dimantling of the whole industry of production of explosives, burning all chemistry textbooks that mention the process of, say, nitroglycerine synthesis, and branding all organic chemists as a potential threat to society. And there are many other things like that: electricity, automobiles, chemical plants etc. That "something is dangerous and can be used maliciously" is not an argument to Proscribe it. Yet somehow knowledge about how to create big shining balls of ever-burning flames of purgatory (a.k.a. Incantation) goes entirely under the radar How so? Suspicions cannot be used as arguments. You are mixing up basic knowledge and particular applications. It would be more accurate to say that Gates are essentially nuclear physics, trans-dimensional physics and synthetical biology. So, "nuclear weapon, a deadly biochemical weapon and tool to raise horde of soldier"? Yes, but also nuclear power, radiotherapy, radiodiagnostics, revolutionary means of transportation (and transmission of data, for that matter), new cures and ways to augment human beings. What's not to like? Firstly (correct me if I am wrong), there are no "first amendment" in the world of Academagia. Secondly, as it was mentioned, Mastery spells do not rob you of ability to think. Thirdly (and I think this is more interesting), if mental processes can be controlled and altered by magic - can they be deemed free at all? It something can be controlled - it means that this something abides by some set of laws. And if something is subject to unescapable laws - it cannot be considered free in the first place. Well, too bad. I think that those guys just asking for big hefty swarm of flame spheres in their general direction. Which again show that it is a political issue. Sure. And the longer it remains Proscribed and under-researched - the longer it remains too dangerous for regular use. Proscription does not solve this problem at all Exactly. Strong live by their own laws. Weak live as they have to. So in ethical dimension I would say that you have every right to learn and use everything you are capable to learn and use. Common law is for commoners, criminal law is for criminals
  11. "Dangers of overuse" and "safety issues" are reasons to institute safety standarts and protocols - not proscribing anything. And again: all magic (and many non-magic things as well) have safety issues and dangerous if overused. Good point. As the matter of fact, who was the creator of proscription and who authorized it? Anyway, mages that supported the proscription may have been pawns of non-mages or, indeed, power club that hoped to hog all power to itself. Well it is certainly the case of "Prudence being Prudence", but that does not neccessarily means that it is incorrect True, but that just means that we are free to speculate until we will hear the Word of God loud and clear And I find it much more amusing to think in terms of struggle rather than "holier-than-thou" ethical justifications, which, really, cannot survive any contact with logic. And I, for one, await to see the darkest parts of all magics. It is not fair that Gates and Mastery simply take all the cake - any Pillar can be shown as sinister, malicious and downright vile. But at the end it is all in the hands of the mage and the eyes of the observer.
  12. Well, as ethical arguments were alrady brought up here, let me add political argument to the issue of proscribed magic. Some say that Mastery is bad because "that kid can thoroughly dominate me with it". Well, that same kid can thoroughly murder you with simple dagger, and I do not see you proscribing daggers. Why, I wonder. And still the same kid can make you do what he wants with simple astrology(for information on your personal flaws)+glamour(for exploiting your personal flaws) combo. Same with Gates. "That kid can summon awful moster to fight us"? Well, that same kid can revise some golems (or just animate some furniture) to bring you around the same amount of pain. So by itself ethical arguments are nonsense here. They cannot be the actual reason for proscribing those Pillars. What are actual reasons then? - Simple. It is (as usual) power struggle within human society. Have you noticed how much power just a single talented enough wizard can wield? Yet human realms of this world are still not magocracies. So it naturally creates friction between the ones with real power - magic-users - and the ones with symbolical power - "representatives" of general population (bureaucrats, local nobles, whatever). Therefore this proscription had one goal: to smack magic-users and show them their place in hierarchy of power within human society. It is literally saying "screw you, magic-users, and all your power and knowledge, we are in charge here and we will decide what you can and cannot do, and you can do nothing about it." Why Mastery and Gates then? Because they were the easiest to turn into scare for crowds and cover this powerplay with some semblance of "wiil of the people". What should aspiring prohibited wizard do in such circumstances? Well, pretty much the same thing Orso Orsi himself do: ignore woes of ignorant and do your own thing but be smart enough to not get caught. Political winds come and go, but vast and solid knowledge can support you for a lifetime - several, if you are talented
  13. And on wiki we have "The sequel (Year 2) is aimed right now for a release toward end of 2014, maybe 2015 (well, "when it's ready") as revealed to a question in the forum." Can someone informed update that, please? As side note:
  14. Marat Advanced Reading 1 behaves strangely: once I try to improve The Everard Equation sub-skill with Intense Focus or From Novice to Master spells to beat that 18 roll - Marat Advanced Reading 1 simply disappears from both calendar and list of avaiable abilities (at the same time it remains in Abilities and Actions list).
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