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  1. Any idea what factors can influence their decision? Thanks for the quick replies, btw, guys.
  2. What I mean to say is that I don't skip detentions (EVER) and I do all available hall sessions if they crop up. Problem is, the game's set so that there's detention once a week and even during holidays the only available action is rest, as in it's the only thing in the list of things you can do. I can't do any spells or abilities whatsoever. Random events still pop up as they should but it's gotten to the point where I'm no longer allowed to choose Adventure at the very least. To elaborate, I've recently changing my action locations in order to have a go at gaining new research topics and maxing skills to 11. I've also recently just unlocked the gates school and I've also used the Mastery papers, so, yeah, I've unlocked two of the prohibited schools of magic. Not surprised if this somehow has something to do with me no longer being able to do anything besides attend class, detention and sleep.
  3. Not really sure if this is a gamebreaking bug or an honest mistake on my part but, I've been skip-alternating classes (morning on monday, afternoon on tuesday, morning again on wednesday, etc.) I've kept this up for a while now, getting along well with professors, along with good exam grades. I don't really mind one or two sessions of detention every week but during rest I can't do anything except rest. I'm already in Nivelos, few days after the feast of Iasos. Detention is scheduled up until the last day of the last month and even then I can't change my actions into adventure/shop or basically anything besides rest, attend class, detention or hall session. The thing is, I can't even use items, use spells or abilities. Any ideas if this is it for my character or temporary. This is a new game after I updated my version to accommodate the 16th dlc. Help!
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