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  1. Varus

    use whole screen

    yeah some parts can be enlargened. the parts that werent problematic unfortunatly. the choices are hard to read, not the text. and the most terrible is the item description in shops! i cant read this at all. can send you guys screenshots but you can certainly find that part yourself. i dont understand why you use such a big border on all sides, it serves no purpose and you could use much larger fonts and pictures that way. a strange design decision. im useing 1280*1024 resolution and no awfull big monitor. old one is still working, so no need to waste money.
  2. Varus

    use whole screen

    Hi just bought the game on gamersgate, sounded interesting. but the text is so tiny i get a headache reading this and the whole screen isnt even used so no wonder the text is hard to read. are you planning to fix this in a future patch? maybe just remove the useless borders on the sides?
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