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  1. Metis, thank you for the instructions ^^
  2. So I installed the DLC first, and then used Schwarzbart's patch, which replaced some of the files. Was it a right thing to do?
  3. Legate of Mineta, ah, I found out what i was doing wrong - I moved Content_##_2 from the "Update" folder to the "Mods" one. I think this was the problem. Thank you for your advice ^^ And do I undertand it right, that this patch included all released DLC`s, which means DLC 16 will include all updates from other patches and DLC`s? P.S. Finally I can enjoy new features in game >< All this time I was playing the "Third Interlude" version.
  4. Good evening ^^ I`m sorry for disturbing, but can someone explain what am I doing wrong? I have installed this patch according to the notes in the first message of this topic. But 'The New and the Returned' DLC didn`t appear. I only have the following:
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