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  1. Wow, it has been quite some time since I've touched this, but I do suppose reworking her into something of a crusading lawyer type would make more sense, even if I know that suggestions are probably being put on hold for the game and all that. And rather than being a direct Alesfan immigrant or ambassador of Alesfa, it might make more sense, if Simone were to remain of Alesfan descent, that her family has simply immigrated to Mineta two or three generations prior, leaving her primarily Minetan in terms of cultural upbringing. But who knows! Alternatively, she can be something of a fair-weather activist: energetic and highly passionate about a given cause...although she changes causes every other week. Her concerns range from the frustratingly broad to the strangely specific, but the one constant is her dedication. And her flightiness. To go with that, her upbringing in that character route would likely being her being the descendants of Alesfan artists/pilgrims who came to Mineta in search of divine inspiration, and as such stand at odds with Simone's activism. Even if that activism is ineffectual at best, and actively distracting at worst.
  2. Hmm, that does seem like an interesting idea. It would incorporate her existing interests of Dialectic and Law, still preserve most of the spirit and temper, and serve to differentiate herself from most of the cast. It could definitely work! Just let me like ponder this.
  3. I mean, Rikildis is much better at what Simone aspires to be, in things like Journalism and Charm and such, but Simone is quite talented at things involving Dialectic and Law, as she is much more booksmart than she is really great at persuading others.
  4. Ya, that's why Simone is not gonna be in the best position social ladder-wise in the game. Rikildis is just all-around more competent than Simone, so it's really gonna be an uphill battle for her, even if she's not part of the newspaper.
  5. Well, I guess with Simone, I'm really trying to create a character that desperately wishes to do good, so people will focus more on that rather than anything else regarding her. Unfortunately, she kind of sucks like that, but that's like the ideal she's constantly striving for. It's also a big part of the reason why she's somewhat angry at Mhadi, because she thinks he's way too overzealous about defending any "slights" towards Alesfan culture. As i write this now, I realize that in some ways this is quite similar to Miya, but IDK anymore. And to answer @Schwarzbart's question, I really just came up with this thing as a concept. I don't know if Simone is ever going to actually become a full-fledged character in the game, I just wanted people's feedback on her. The more I'm thinking about it, if this character seems to be decent, her most likely inclusion is as DLC for Year 2 or something. Also, @Metis, that's why I'm thinking Simone is probably going to spend most of her time not really succeeding at being a journalist, which is part of the reason why Rikildis dismisses her as an actual threat, which she is mostly correct to do so. While Simone can do logical reasoning and things like that, she simply isn't that cutthroat, just prone to short-sightedness, which obviously doesn't serve her well.
  6. ALSO VERY TRUE. But, okay, this is forcing me to flesh out my character, so let's keep on going. While Grainne is admittedly also quite focused on using Conversation and Storytelling to get information, I imagine that Simone's strongest skills would also revolve more around using Reason, Sleuthing, and Flattery in order to get people to open up, which also means she's much more likely to try to buddy up to Professors in order to get on their good side. With her stuff from Dialectic and Grammar, she's also quite interested in trying to be an investigative journalist of sorts, which means that her methods really tend to be piecing together information, which can end up being misinformation. Sigalis is also part of the newspaper, is she not? But then again, Sigalis also just hates people in general, so eh. Because of Rikildis' obvious distate of her, it might also make sense for Simone to really just be kind of a failure at being a journalist, meaning that she doesn't really have any influence among the school body, and also that she'll probably gravitate towards people like Tulia Faspalla who are more obvious targets rather than her. In that case, her adventure would probably revolve around trying to find breaking news that no one else in the school knows, or something like that.
  7. I mean, in the end, Simone may end up not being actually that different from Rikildis. Her version of the truth is still gonna be altered by her biases, which means that as much as she likes to talk about honesty and pride, she's still not exactly a fair person. And, the thing is, Simone isn't exactly another "prideful Black Alesfan", because she isn't really overprotective or defensive about her heritage. Instead, much more of her focus is on simply fitting in, and being part of the crowd. The reason why she argues with Mhadi is because she doesn't appreciate that he pretty much ends up fighting anyone who makes the slightest slight against Alesfan culture, and he's angry that she doesn't seem to be doing much of anything to like protect that culture. While all of these concerns are quite valid, I'd like to kind of address them one by one. While Lambert also tries to gather information, he mainly does so by skulking around and popping up in unexpected places, while as for Simone, she more often attempts to talk with people to get the information she needs, because she isn't exactly the best at sneaking around. As for Rikildis, I've been thinking about this, and I realized it may be better if Simone didn't have her own paper, but was instead part of the School Newspaper. This means that she'd largely be an ineffectual force for "nicer journalism", for lack of a better word, but also means that Rikildis mainly perceives her as a nuisance than anything really amounting to a threat, as Simone really lacks the foresight and deft planning to put up an organized resistance to Rikildis. Hope these help to at least sort of address your concerns, and ask more questions!
  8. Yes, I did mean people of color in general, like people who aren't white. But ya, there's like a grand total of one black character, which i get, but I would imagine in places like Mineta there's like a larger immigrant population. But seriously, Simone isn't gonna be like super full of morals about diversity and shit, I really just want to make a character that adds something different to Academagia, which is that of like the sorta-friendly journalist, which means that if she tarnishes your name and it's false, it's probably by accident rather than something calculated.
  9. So, hi guys! I've recently been reading up on Mikka's guide on creating new students for the game, and so I was thinking of creating a character, either as a mod, or as a potential transfer student for year 2! So, let's get to the actual character. This character is Simone Imose, who i've decided to create because I realized that aren't really that many students of color at Academagia, which i understand but still, and also because I wanted to create another Durand student and a counterpart to Rikildis von Kiep. Simone is the granddaughter of Alesfan immigrants to Elumia, and has grown up her whole life in Mineta. She's always been interested in finding more about her history and culture, but also about the acquisition of information. She aspires to become a journalist in the future, which is why the subjects she's most passionate about include Grammar and Dialectic. She hopes to do proud by her college and embody Durand's motto, but she plans on doing so not though magical or physical deeds, but by ensuring that the truth is always spoken, and fairness can reign supreme above all. In reality, this translates to her being a well-meaning but nosy person who tries to find out details about other people's lives. Not a stranger to practically forcing her way into social groups, Simone is not known as the most subtle person, and has a quick temper when it comes to any kind of lying. Due to this, she does not get along well with Mhadi, as they tend to argue on how to best showcase Alesfan culture, as well as both of them being quite defensive in arguments. While Simone tries to prevent herself from jumping too quickly to conclusions, her thirst for information means that she doesn't always take the time to ensure all of her facts are straight, meaning that as much as tries to distance herself from what she calls the "petty gossip and rumors" of Rikildis, the content of her reports tend to amount to the same thing. Due to this, she believes wholeheartedly in the Aranaz-Durand rivalry, which she mainly uses an excuse to argue with Rikildis, either through words or in person. Among her friends and potential sources of information, Simone is a great advice-giver and confidant, who prides herself on being able to listen to others. To those she detests, Simone is a stubborn girl who refuses to make amends, firmly believing that she is in the right, because she said so. Those who form a close bond with Simone is that she is somewhat more vulnerable than she is on the outside, with some insecurity surrounding her feeling out of place due to her heritage, and in general feeling stuck between two worlds, her Alesfan heritage, as well as the Elumian society she has grown up in and been surrounded by.
  10. Well, I'll keep on working at it, and update you with anything new. Anyways though, at least the new UI doesn't showcase the entire portrait most of the time.
  11. So, theoretically, if I were to convert the original portrait into a png, and then replace it, it should have a transparent background?
  12. How can Academagia read the file, though? Can it read .jpg and .png files?
  13. So, I've figured out how to replace portraits with my own ones, but I'm still confused as to how I can get rid of the white corners in them while playing the game. Any help?
  14. No, I mean, for the guide to make corners transparent, it's a guide about making rounded rectangle corners.
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