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  1. Even if year 1 is getting older if there is a good engine/program for the following games there is always the option to port it over and either release a remake or include it as part of the following games. And if there is a mod system in the following games even if the studios doesn't do it then the players could always make a mod that does it.
  2. I am also a peeper and not much of a talker, i too appreciate the usual posters which makes it interesting to come back here and check every few weeks. Probably gonna keep coming back for a several more years and check for year 2 because i love the stories and the gameplay breaks it up in a fun way that keeps you engaged. Would be fun to hear a dramatic slow read of a thread like this yeah, i hope you put the drama dial to 11. ^^
  3. That should hopefully be a link to the announcement https://store.steampowered.com/newshub/app/955900/view/2779241325221000047
  4. Just wanted to mention that the official 1.0 release and the english language release of Amazing Cultivation Simulator are both going to be released 2020.
  5. This is great, i was hoping someone would make the several adventures in a time slot cheat, thanks!
  6. Gamefront is stupid xP Had to get a program that changed my IP to a US one to download the cheatmod. Oh well xP
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